Sagittarius Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

sagittarius dating tips

Sagittarius people are born between November 22nd and December 21st. If you’re dating a Sagittarius (or trying to date one), let me provide some helpful tips. I share information about their romantic side, what makes them tick and how to get a relationship going. Let me categorize everything to keep things as simple to understand as possible. Ok, let’s get this started!

The Basics About Dating A Sagittarius

Have Thick Skin

To understand what type of romantic partner a Sagittarius would make, you have to first understand their basic personality traits. For starters, Sagittarius people are born under the fire sign. Their symbol is the centaur. Because of this, a Sagittarius is extremely intelligent and usually knows a lot about a variety of subjects. That being said, it can be hard to have a discussion with a Sagittarius. Many of them make it their mission to teach the other party something new over and over again. So you better have some thick skin!

Understand How They Flirt

A Sagittarius is also very passionate about many different subjects. Once you start a conversation, watch out, because there’s no telling where that conversation could be going. Just so you know, they’re usually very enthusiastic about holding up their end of the conversation. A Sagittarius is often very well-versed, no matter the subject. It could even seem as if they’ve forgotten about dating or flirting in the first place. If you’re trying to catch a Sagittarius’ attention, and all you’re getting is a list of facts and figures about the subject, don’t worry! Sometimes this is the only way a Sagittarius knows how to “flirt”!

Deep Conversations

A Sagittarius is independent, bold, and very truthful. While they don’t expect everyone to have a PhD, they do expect you to hold up your end of the conversation. Let me rephrase that: A little intelligence is really helpful. Since they can talk about a variety of subjects, they expect you to be able to do the same. They especially love putting all the facts and figures together to help them explain the “bigger picture”. As a result, it can be challenging to attract a Sagittarius.

Tips For A First Date

Conversation Starters

If you’re trying to attract a Sagittarius, it really does help if you show him or her that you have a broad interest (like they do). Obviously it’s best if this trait comes from the heart, because if you don’t mean it what’s the point? Anyways, if you’re open to learn new things, that’s a great start. Like I said, a Sagittarius is often very intelligent and could be expecting the same from a possible partner. If you’re in doubt, or if you don’t know where to start, let me give you a little hint: You could visit one of their social media accounts to see what interests them. Do you have that same interest? Well, that could be a great conversation starter.

Making It A Success

So how do you plan a date with a Sagittarius? How could you make it a success? Well, there are several things you can do. First of all, pick a quiet place. This allows the both of you to have a personal conversation, which is key at this moment. Share ideas and opinions and go from there. Another thing you can do is this: Grab their attention. For example, try to wear a blouse with a story behind it. Wear accessories that show your interests or where you grew up. You’re not doing this to test their fashion style, but it all acts as another conversation starter. They’re intelligent and interested, so why not give them a few hints?

The Atmosphere

Since a Sagittarius is a fire sign, you might want to suggest a restaurant with a fireplace, or an open kitchen. It may sound funny, but this could definitely grab their attention. You can also choose a restaurant that has lit candles on their tables, or order a flaming cocktail of some type. This helps them to relax and to feel comfortable. Look at it like this: You want to trigger their senses, which makes them feel good. Just don’t forget that a great conversation is about to follow, so be prepared for that.

Limit Small Talk

You should also keep in mind that with a Sagittarius, small talk is a no-go. They want to discuss subjects in depth, and they want to do this right away. If you decide to talk about jour job, talk about the type of work you do (and not your salary or fancy title). Sure, you can brag about something you’ve accomplished on a professional level. Don’t be shy!  It shows that you’re able to develop and learn. Just avoid small talk if it’s not really necessary.

So What Happens After That Date?

Attention And Love

Once you’ve fallen in love with a Sagittarius, be prepared for the thrill of a lifetime. You’ll be in for a surprise because your partner is always looking for new and better ways to prove their love to you. Their constant thirst for knowledge is something you will benefit from, in part because they’ll want to know everything about you. They’ll ask you about your childhood, your interests, your future goals, and so on. They’ll ask you tons of questions and give you time to answer all of them in detail. In other words, it’s going to be all about you, not them, once the relationship moves up to the next level. Well, of course they need and deserve attention too. But you get my point.

“Know It All”

At this point, you’re probably wondering if there are any downsides to dating a Sagittarius. Unfortunately, there are a few, but that’s no different than with any other astrological sign. It’s usually in their nature to act as if they “know it all”. They can even sound like a professor who’s trying to lecture you on something (ok, that’s a really extreme example). However, if that happens, make sure to occasionally remind them that you’re not their student.

In The Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, well, expect this “honeymoon phase” to pass quickly. But don’t worry just yet! Sure, one Sagittarius is more romantic than the other, but there are ways to keep things exciting. You could buy a book about being intimate, and how to explore (and learn!) each other from head to toe. A Sagittarius sometimes just needs that little push. You may have to initiate intimacy more often than you wish, but it’s going to work out just fine. It’s not uncommon for them to stay up late, so that’s a good thing. And even though they enjoy that late night conversation a whole lot, you’re definitely able to turn that into some quality time in bed. It’s a matter of practice.

Final Thoughts

Now that I talked about some of the basic Sagittarius traits to be aware of, you could go ahead and do some more research about the astrological side of things. If you’re not familiar with astrology, there are so called “compatibility charts” that explain how one sign could be a match for another. If you’re curious, more information can be found here.

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