Aries Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

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Got that first date set with an Aries? Or maybe the relationship is already growing and you want to arrange something special? Well, we got you covered!

This article is all about Aries dating, for women and men. Not only do we share the most important things to be aware of, but we also talk about arranging that perfect day for them. Together with some examples how we’d do it, you should be all set to go.

1. Plan An Adventure

Avoid Boredom

No lazy afternoons on the couch for an Aries! If you’re planning a (first) date, make sure things get exciting. And hey, don’t worry, it really doesn’t need to be expensive. A fun time with someone they’re interested in is what they’re after. They can be quite energetic, but only pick an activity you enjoy as well! If they find out you didn’t enjoy the day, they’ll be disappointed.

Something Different

Sure, this sign does sometimes visit the movies or enjoys the occasional bowling afternoon. But for a date, you need to think of something original. Especially if you just met. They’re not exactly a “follow the crowd” kind of person, so make sure you think out of the box. An Aries loves new impressions.


You could impress an Aries with a fun activity. There’s loads to choose from, like hiking, kayaking, climbing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, you name it. But it doesn’t always need to be extremely fancy. You could just as well impress them with an off-road car ride in order to enjoy that spectacular view like you see on postcards.

2. Find A Challenge


It’s important to understand that an Aries is often very competitive by nature. Not everyone is the same, but it’s a common trait. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to run and scream “Whoever reaches the top first” (even though you could). You could just as well come up with a question, like “Do you know how high these mountains are?”. Let them guess, give them clues, things like that.


An Aries is known to be the bravest zodiac sign. They dare to get involved in new challenges. Again, find something you’re comfortable with as well. Maybe there’s a rock that you can climb, or who knows an abandoned cabin to explore. Or how about a quick swim in the ocean? Whatever you decide, make sure to stay safe. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself on that special day!

Feel Alive

If you managed to make an Aries feel alive, you’ve done a very good job. To them, life is full of adventures and surprises. That’s what makes them feel good. So yes, feel the energy, celebrate that you’re having an awesome day. Tease them to dance, or to shout out loud into the wild. Grab a bunch of tree trunks and align them in the shape of a heart (if you start to really like them). It’s all about enjoying every moment of the day!

3. Time For Conversations

Take A Break

Aries people like to talk and to share their ideas. We’d advise you to take a break from all the fun and to just relax for a moment. Find a spot with a lovely view and maybe have something to drink. You’ll soon notice (if you haven’t already) that they are quite talkative.

Share Thoughts

Since this sign has so many thought to share, try to listen carefully to what they’re saying. And just so you know, they’re very interested in your thoughts as well. However, it’s important to let them speak and to not continuously interrupt. They’ll respect your time of speech just as much once they finished their story. Especially if you have something interesting to share, or something they didn’t know already.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Like we said, conversations are not only interesting, but also of big importance. Tell them more about yourself, what you like to do, how you view the world…things like that. It’s important for an Aries to know who you are, so they’ll be able to respect your preferences and boundaries. What do you have in common? What’s totally different between the two of you? Finally, don’t worry about serious topics. An Aries has a talent for entertainment and will show these qualities in conversations as well.

4. Be Yourself

Be Honest

It may sound obvious, but being honest isn’t always as easy as it seems. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and don’t try to act as if you like everything he or she is saying. Give them your honest opinion because that’s what they highly appreciate. In case they figure out you weren’t telling the truth, be prepared for serious disappointment. Yes, their moods can suddenly change, just so you know.

Be Direct

Not only honesty, but also direct and clear talks are preferred by an Aries. Try not to talk around a subject, but make your point. When they know how you behave and react to a certain situation or comment, they learn more and more about you. And that’s very important in case you stay together for the long run. Even though they might try to find your limits, they’ll respect your decisions if you give it to them straight.

Be Independent

An Aries is quite an independent person. They also need time for themselves. In case you have friends and family you sometimes hang out with, tell them. They won’t blame you and won’t try to change that. If you have hobby’s that are important to you, just say so. It’ll make them feel good, because they prefer some quality time for themselves as well. In the end, they’ll like you just as much, even if you both need your own space. If it’s in your nature to claim a person, this sign may not be your best choice.

5. Don’t Judge Too Fast

Short Mood Swings

Maybe “mood” is not the best way to describe this, but an Aries can switch personality quite rapidly. Fortunately they’re optimistic and loving most of the time, but don’t get scared if they have a moment of pessimism. They don’t last that long. And hey, they usually blame themselves for not being nice and acknowledge it was their mistake. Unless you provoked it of course, that’s a different story.

Forgive And Being Forgiven

Let’s face it, arguments or irritation can happen in every relationship. Whether it’s on a first date or after 50 years of marriage. But why not forgive each other within a reasonable timeframe? Now that’s an Aries thought! Like we said, they’re able to admit their flaws. Try to forgive them, because they will also forgive you. Did you plan that dinner weeks ago but on the day itself you are caught in a heavy argument? Well, chances are that it’ll all be fine just on time and your evening out will be fun as always.

They’re There For You

No matter what happens, an Aries is loyal and always there for you. Ok, on a first date that’s not really noticeable, or maybe it is? Whatever the situation, they’re someone to count on. Give it some time to figure this out yourself, because it’s a lovely trait. Knowing that someone cares for you deeply, even when times are difficult, could be a good reason to not judge immediately.

6. Understand Their Impulsiveness

Living In The Moment

An Aries can suddenly come up with an idea. No wonder why they took the 4th place in our craziest zodiac signs list. Sure, spontaneous can be fun, but it can also be tiring. Especially if that idea doesn’t really match your interests. Just try to understand that it’s in their adventurous nature to come up with creative ideas. And yes, sometimes they will be fun for both of you. Just make sure to not immediately judge and to give it some thought. They don’t mean it in a bad way, they’re just super creative. Have a talk about it and tell them what you think.

It’s OK To Say No

These impulsive ideas are nothing to be afraid of. We talked about honesty before, and if you tell them how you feel, they’ll understand. As long as you are honest, things should turn out just fine. By now you should know that they like challenges, but there’s no fun for an Aries if their date (or partner) feels uncomfortable. Just remember, you can be yourself with an Aries. They appreciate you like that.

Making Decisions Together

Out of all these impulsive ideas, there should be a few that you’ll actually enjoy. Or maybe you come up with a fun thing to do. The more ideas the better, right? Think of it this way: Everybody can share their (impulsive) ideas, and everybody can give their honest opinion. As long as you stick with this strategy, there should be something fun to do sooner or later. You can also decide to make a compromise. An Aries will support this approach.

7. Have An Open Mind For New Things

Give And Take

You can’t expect to always get what you want in any relationship. Like we explained, it’s perfectly fine to say “no”, but with an Aries it’s beneficial to have an open mind. If you both give and take, you’ll be able to work things out. If you only think about yourself, well, a first date or even a relationship could end at some point.

Understand Their Ego

Yes, ego sounds quite negative, but we don’t mean it that bad. Their energy however makes them come across as such, and to a certain extent they are. Since they are natural born leaders, they like to involve you in certain activities. They sometimes want to prove themselves and show what they’re capable of. We’re all different, and we can’t expect someone to ignore their feelings. And by the way, ego is not the same as egoistic!

Share The Fun

Keep in mind that an Aries wants you to have fun too. If you’re a “Look at the bright side of life” person, you’ll understand that they only mean well. And this intention is key. Think about it…if you both wouldn’t have met you might have never discovered certain aspects of life. If you’re open for new things, that’s awesome. If you’re willing to share the fun, that’s great. However, if you prefer to stay on the couch and let life pass you by, chances are you’re not the best match.

8. Surprise Them

Keep Things Interesting

You definitely don’t need to go into any extremes and you most certainly don’t have to spend a fortune. But little sweet surprises could make things thrilling. An example: Let’s say you hiked for quite a bit, and it’s time to rest for a moment. Opening a pre-made sandwich wouldn’t really excite an Aries. Instead, how about a little barbecue party (if the area allows you to)? Chances are they didn’t expect this to happen, which adds to your adventurous journey. Just a few bites will do, because who knows dinner will be waiting later.

Tip: If the situation allows for a little music, go ahead and learn everything about zodiac songs. We explain their taste so you know exactly which tracks to play.

Be Different

If an Aries knows you put some thought into your surprise, like the barbecue we just mentioned, you’re about to score some points. Let’s say it’s a snowy day and everyone’s chilling inside. If the two of you are having a small self-made dinner outside, well, prepare for some compliments. You see, an Aries enjoys to do something different than the rest of the population. Whatever it is you decide to so, as long as it’s original, you should be just fine.

Show Them How You Feel

If you’re enjoying yourself, say so. Not everybody is able to express their feelings or emotions, so feel free to do so. You’ll distinguish yourself from “the rest” and an Aries likes that. You being you is the best present you can give. Remember, you’re perfectly fine as you are. We’re ll humans in the end.

9. Understanding Leadership

New Opportunities

Some of us are introverts, some of us are extroverts. Or maybe somewhere in between. If you usually stick a little to the background, but you’d like to explore the word, an Aries could be a great choice. They’re able to lead you towards new goals, new adventures, and new opportunities. Sometimes you just need someone to start the action. And hey, leaders often mean well with their loved ones!

Not Following The Crowd

Personal choices and unique inspiration can make life extremely interesting. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with going to that popular restaurant that everyone’s talking about. However, a leader could inspire you to try something different. Not necessarily a bad thing in our opinion. As long as intentions are good, the whole “leadership” idea will fade to the background.

Good Intentions

The word “leader” could scare people away or even make them feel uncomfortable. However, a leader usually has good intentions. And hey, you don’t necessarily need to follow them on a date. A leader is often impressed by new ideas, especially things they didn’t come up with themselves. If you’re both adventurous, or if you like to explore life to it’s fullest, a leader could just bring your imagination to life.

10. In The Bedroom

True Love

If you click, an Aries will love you deeply. Looking for true love? This could be your chance. Even though they can be teasing, they love you from the bottom of their heart. Once you established that trustful connection, you’ll feel their commitment and seriousness all over the place. And hey, don’t forget about those passionate kisses here and there. Yes, you matter a lot!


We have no idea if you like to experiment in the bedroom, but an Aries often likes to try new things. Once again, their adventurous mind and desire for new experiences comes out to play. So be prepared for that! You could surprise them in a variety of ways, whatever speaks to your imagination. Some decide to wear something teasing whilst others prefer to try a new gadget. Sooner or later you’ll both come up with some fun ideas.

Over And Over Again

An Aries has a high sex drive, which means they enjoy to spend some quality time under the sheets. They believe it’s a natural thing to do, and nothing to be ashamed of. Having an open mind would help, but of course it’s important that you share this interest just as much. Be prepared for lots of new adventures.

Did you know that Aries are considered to be one of the most flirty zodiac signs? You can click the link which will forward you to our article about how and why the signs flirt. But it doesn’t just end there. This sign has also made it to our top 5 hottest zodiac signs!

Final Words

Dating an Aries has to be fun! Make sure they don’t get bored, but be yourself and honest at all times. They prefer you that way.

Don’t let their leadership stand in your way. Possible mood swings are usually temporary. If you communicate properly, everything should work out just fine.

If you’d like to know more about this sign, feel free to read our article about the Aries traits. Of curse, anyone could date an Aries. However, from an astrological point of view, you could also learn more from a zodiac sign compatibility chart. One website that explains this very well is called Compatible-Astrology.

Whatever you plan to do with your (new) date, we wish you all the best. In the end it’s important that you both enjoy that beautiful day.

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