Cancer Zodiac Sign Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

dating a cancer zodiac sign


Dating a Cancerian, whether men or women, is mostly about taking it easy and feeling relaxed. This love-expressing sign is usually a blessing to be around with. If you ever get the chance to date a Cancer, consider yourself lucky.

In this article we provide a good amount of tips for both first dates and existing relationships. Of course, if you’ve been seeing each other frequently, you’re probably an expert on the topic already. Or who knows there’s still something to remember. Whatever the reason, let’s help you make this date a lovely experience.

1. Stay At Home

It’s Comfortable

If a Cancer loves something, it’s often the comfort of their own home. The saying “home sweet home” is definitely applicable to this sign. If you ever visited them at their house, you probably noticed how much effort they’ve put into it. If you spend so much time at home, why not make it as comfortable as possible? Well, if you invite your Cancer date to your own house, try to make them feel at ease! Make sure it’s tidy and that it provides that feeling of being welcome.

Make Them Feel Safe

Your own living room or kitchen can be ideal for your (first) date. Especially if you made sure it looks cozy and inviting. Jut the two of you makes this zodiac sign feel safe. There’s not a lot going on in the background like you would expect in a restaurant. Just relax and enjoy your quality time together. It’s ideal for proper conversations as well. If they’re able to talk, or listen to your stories, things should be just fine. Yes, a lovely home provides a lot of freedom.

Romantic Setting

If you can, try to surprise your date with some romantic details. A quiet melody in the background, a few candles here and there, maybe some flowers…just some ideas to get you started. But you get the point. Have a glass of wine, or whatever you prefer, and just enjoy your time together. Little details can often already do the trick. If your place has that relaxed and welcoming touch to it, together with some romantic elements, a Cancerian will appreciate it very much.

2. Be Patient

Closed Personality

If you date a Cancer for the first time, you might find them a little closed. It’s not that they don’t like to open up, it just takes a little time for them to feel at ease. Give them time to get used to both the location and your presence. They’re often full of love, but they need to understand whether or not to show that to you. Just be yourself, give them time and don’t judge too fast.

Start The Conversation

In order to open them up, try to start a conversation. Or multiple ones. Something that’s easy to talk about, like a hobby or your most recent trip. Don’t rush from one subject into the next, but take it nice and slow. Like we said, make them feel comfortable and safe. They’ll open up sooner or later, especially if they enjoy your company.

Express Your Pros And Cons

We all have our talents and our weaknesses. Sure, it’s usually more fun to talk about anything we’re good at, but that’s not a real representation of life. If you’re not good at something, or you made this silly mistake a while back, tell them. If they know you’re not perfect, and you’re an open minded person, this could avoid that weight on their shoulders. They’re more likely to speak if they know you don’t set the bar too high.

3. Don’t Play With Their Feelings

They Are Emotional

This zodiac sign is often filled with emotions. Sure, some more than others, but it’s definitely not uncommon for them to be sensitive on the inside. As a result, they can react to a lot of different situations or conversations. Try to give them time and to understand that maybe they’re struggling with different feelings. If they seem happy at first but then sad a little later, don’t start to immediately panic.

They Can Seem Moody

All these emotions can make them come across as a little moody. But hey, aren’t we all moody at some point? Just remember, a Cancer’s emotions could be a little more active than yours. They can’t help it and usually don’t mean it that way. Therefore, try to understand this characteristic. It’ll help you to be patient and to let them be emotional for the moment. It’s a temporary thing, which shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your interesting date. Teasing can be fun, but be careful. Something may seem like a joke to you, but this zodiac sign could interpret things differently.


These up and down emotions are nothing new to a Cancer. They often know about this trait and may be even working on it. Not that we need to change them, but they themselves could find it annoying. Therefore, if you’re dating a Cancer with a good amount of life experience, maybe their emotions are somewhat under control. Like we said, we don’t expect them to ignore their feelings, but not every Cancer is the same. Who knows your date isn’t as emotional as we often expect them to be. But we thought you should at least know a little bit about possible mood swings.

4. Have A Listening Ear

Talk About Their Emotions (And Yours)

Whenever a Cancerian talks about his or her emotions, don’t ignore what they’re saying. For some of us it’s not always ideal to talk about emotions, but at least try to give it your best. They want to be heard and to share what’s on their mind. However, if someone isn’t listening, they won’t fully open up. Life is all about ups and downs, and so are emotions. We all have them, so be honest and express your sensitivity as well.

Don’t Pretend To Know It All

Especially on a first date, try not to respond to emotions by “simply” offering a solution. They have something on their mind, and all they want is a listening ear. Sure, if you experienced the same thing, you can always talk about how you dealt with it. But we’re all different, and we handle emotions differently as well. Time heals all wounds they say, so give them time and space whenever emotions start to arise. By showing your support, you’ll make them feel even more welcome. Just avoid a simple solution to their feelings, it’s not as simple as that.


A conversation is not only about you. It involves two people with an individual mind. If your Cancer date shared something they’re dealing with, or a certain feeling they need to understand, join the conversation. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. It’ll make them open up and feel appreciated. If you’re too rational or egoistic, this could be a hard time. However, if you can and if you’re seriously interested, show your support. In the end that’s of big importance for a serious relationship as well.

5. How To Handle A Conflict

They’ll Try To Avoid The Subject

Let’s face it, a conflict can arise at any moment. Probably (and hopefully) not on a first date, but you never know. Whenever it occurs, chances are that your Cancer date will avoid to spend too much time on it. They just don’t like conflicts, however, they are a part of life unfortunately.

Stay Cool

In case of a conflict, try to stay relaxed. You definitely don’t want to react in an extreme way. This will damage that “safe” feeling a Cancer prefers to have. Therefore, avoid aggressive behavior like screaming for example. Instead, show you’re an adult who’s able to deal with conflicts. Nothing wrong with showing that you prefer to talk about it. That’s probably wiser than leaving it on the table.

Express Your Support

If you feel comfortable to talk about a conflict, no matter how it started in the fist place, you’ll show your date that you’re there for them. Let them express their feelings or emotions. We’re all different, and we’re all humans in the end, so let them be themselves. Try to understand the fact that you could have a different opinion about something. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be supportive. If you show you care, no matter what, they’ll know you’re there for them. Even in the long run.

6. They Can Be Quiet


If you read our article about the quietest zodiac signs, you already know that in our opinion Cancerians are the winner. Of course, that’s just our conclusion, but there’s something to it if we may say so. A Cancer often thinks a lot and they sure like to prepare whatever it is they’re going to say next. Their emotions play a big part as well, and could require a certain amount of time to settle in. Therefore, this sign could come across as a little quiet, even though they’re seriously interested in what you’re saying.

Anticipating Your Questions

Since they often try to prepare for whatever it is they’ll be saying next, their thoughts can also go one step further. They could be thinking about what you’re probably going to ask them once they start talking. Again, this takes time and could result in a moment of silence. Just remember, this is part of their nature. No bad intentions, and silence therefore doesn’t always mean that they’re not interested in you or the topic you’re discussing.

However, Once They Speak…

After all the thinking and anticipating, be prepared for a good amount of talking as well. Now that they know exactly what to say, and how to phrase it, expect some long and thoughtful comments. This could even come across as a little “systematic” or even boring. Don’t be surprised if after a long silence they’ll be talking “for ages” in order to get their message across. If you’re the patient kind of person, and you enjoy whatever it is they’ve been thinking about, all should be just fine.

7. When Things Start To Become Serious


Once you get to know this zodiac sign a little better, you could feel a little insecurity within them. Sure, we can all be a little insecure from time to time, and not all Cancers express this equally. However, it could certainly happen. They can also worry about things you haven’t even though about. That being said, there’s a good chance you’ll be talking a lot about how they feel and what’s on their mind. And yes, once again, this is why they enjoy that “safe” place filled with love and support.


We gave Cancerians the second place in our list about the most jealous zodiac signs. Of course, most of us enjoy to hang out with friends or to send that joking text message. Even though this is a normal thing to do, and very common if you think about it, there’s a chance your date will express some jealousy. They’re able to worry about a lot of different things, even if there’s nothing to worry about. Try to take their thoughts seriously and let them know how much you care.

High Expectations

It’s not uncommon for this sign to have a few expectations on their partner. Maybe this is noticeable or maybe it’s not. But it could happen. Often, this is a result of overthinking. They really mean well, but certain expectations could be a bit too much for you. As always, talk about it, even if they seem a little annoyed or disappointed. Nobody’s perfect, and even though we all have our preferences, good communication is key to stand the test of time.

8. Relationships

Love And Support

By now you should understand that a Cancerian is able to love deeply. If you make them feel secure and if you’re able to love them back, this sign will stand by your side for eternity. By supporting each other though thick and thin, and by respecting each others thoughts, expect a true and enjoyable relationship for the future.

They Are Very Giving

If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t only take, but certainly gives a lot, this sign could be a great pick. Sure, love works both ways, but a Cancerian is definitely not selfish. If you’re able to give back, security is established. If you’re not selfish either and don’t require a lot of “me time”, this relationship could bring a lot of love and joy.

Emotional Freedom

How important and liberating does it feel to have a partner who’s able to understand and talk about your emotions? Someone who listens and really cares a lot about how you feel. You don’t have to be shy to talk about anything that’s stuck between your ears, and you certainly don’t need to keep it to yourself. If this works both ways, the bond you established will continue to grow.

9. In The Bedroom

No Hurry

A Cancer won’t just share the bed with anyone. However, if you manage to get the relationship going, expect a lot of attention. They’re not in a hurry and enjoy to have that special quality time together. You’re their secure partner, and they love to express that. Take your time, because they do too.

Comfortable And Romantic

We started this article by mentioning romance. Yes, this sign enjoys to spend time in a romantic setting. Make it cozy, create that special atmosphere, you get the point. A big and comfortable bed suits them very well. Maybe you’re able to pay attention to small details, like background music or little flowers. A massage wouldn’t harm them either as long as it’s soft and relaxing.


Don’t be afraid to touch, cuddle or simply be close. Not only your minds seem to be great friends, but your bodies deserve the same attention. That physical bond only adds to your trustworthy relationship. You’re there for them, and you get to show it in a lot of different ways. Being intimate is one of them, and should never be forgotten.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Cancer is mostly about love, sharing emotions and feeling safe together. Whether you date a man or a woman, this zodiac sign is able to establish and maintain a serious relationship.

If you’re planning a first date, consider to create a tasty meal in the comfort of your own home. Make it romantic and have an open mind when it comes to talking about emotions. Once things turn into a serious relationship, expect their love and support for a lifetime.

If you’d like to discover more information about this zodiac sign, consider to read some of the most common Cancerian traits. That’s where we tell you more about the crab sign, together with an easy to understand video.

From an astrological point of view, it may be interesting to read more about zodiac sign compatibilities. Compatible Astrology explains this very well on their website. If you’re a scorpio, consider to also read our article about cancer and scorpio compatibility.

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