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Hello and welcome everyone,

We are Jemma and Monica. Actually we are twins but we decided to go by the name “The Astro Gals” on some of the social networks. We wouldn’t want to be mistaken for one of the most famous astrology twins.

Since we were young we’ve been inspired by astrology. Reading our horoscope and drawing their symbols in art class was how it all started. Now, years later, we have learnt a whole lot more. And we’re still learning whenever we get the chance to grab a book or watch some videos. We also started to get a little into numerology because we’re always looking for signs  wherever we go. Unfortunately not that many have shown up so far. However it’s still fun to learn more about the topic.

A few months back we were on a holiday and one of the ideas we came up with was to maybe create a website. We have been bookmarking a whole lot of other websites, articles and merchandise that we ended up losing in the end (no, we’re definitely not techy). So “How about a website?” was the question we asked ourselves. One of our friends helped us out and here we are with a design that’s not too bad if we may say so.

We guess most of our articles are pretty easy to follow if you’re new to the spiritual aspect of life. Maybe a few are exceptions, possibly. But we always do our best to make the topic interesting for newbies. That’s how everyone get’s started right?

Oh by the way, we live in the Netherlands so excuse our english whenever it’s not perfect. We went to an international school so we manage pretty well in general. But we wanted to explain our background and why we may sound a little “cheesy”…it’s because we’re from cheese country!

About some of our links. We sometimes buy astrology related clothes or books as it’s pretty easy to scroll through all the shops these days. Sometimes we come across a cool product that we believe is worth sharing. In order to make our website a little beneficial we use what are called affiliate links. This means that in case you buy something through our website we may receive a small compensation. Usually only a few percent but it’s enough to pay the website bills. And maybe a new pair of shoes once a year if we’re really lucky! Anyways, just wanted to let you know.

You can also find us on facebook, pinterest and twitter. We’re not the most active on those but every now and then we share a picture or a story that may be interesting. We recently started a youtube channel but don’t get your hopes up too high on that just yet. We’re definitely camera shy so for now we let someone else create those for us. It’s still our own article in our own words. But a summary with voice and pictures can be entertaining as well, right? Feel free to subscribe, who knows we’ll make it to 100 followers in the far far future 😉

We hope you enjoy our website. We answer e-mail questions whenever we can but we don’t have the time to check our inbox every day. We’re busy sometimes 😉

All the best!

Jemma & Monica


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