Virgo Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

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If you’re in love with a Virgo, or you’re trying to make a Virgo fall in love with you, the first thing you need to do is learn all about this “species”. Sounds obvious, but there’s enough to be aware of. You probably figured their birthday is between August 23 and September 22. If you want to be in a relationship with someone, knowing all about their personality and quirks is a great first step to making it happen. So, let’s take a look at what Virgos are like and what it’s like to be romantically involved with one.

Things To Know Before A Date

They Have High Standards

First of all, Virgo is an earth sign, and they are super organized and neat. Virgos can be linked most successfully with a Taurus (April 20-May 20), Cancer (June 21-July 22), or Capricorn (December 22-January 19). Even Virgo’s symbol, the Virgin, is unique because it’s a person and not an animal. Virgos are sincere, diligent, and dutiful. When they’re in a relationship with someone, those traits really shine through. One of the things that makes Virgos stand out is their insistence on having high standards in every part of their lives. They never settle for “averageness” like many other people do.

They Are Organized

Many Virgos are nearly obsessed with achieving perfect health, and they are very devoted to their chosen profession. They also have a strong sense of service and helping others, which is a great trait to have when in a relationship. While some Virgos are not all that neat, most of them are. In fact, most of them insist on the “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” philosophy. If you visit a Virgo in their own home, you’ll notice this trait of neatness and organization right away. If your house is always messy, living with a Virgo might be a bit of a challenge.

They Show Love With Gestures

When a Virgo is in love, it might be more subtle than other signs. Simply because they are “earthy” and their sexiness comes more from action than from words. If a Virgo loves you, they love you solidly and faithfully. You can count on a reliable mate every time. They tend to prefer deep, meaningful relationships over one-night stands. While they don’t always show their love with words, they definitely show it with gestures and actions. It’s easy to be attracted to a Virgo because of these traits, even though they’re not “in your face” traits.

They Know How To Chat

If you date a Virgo, you’ll have plenty to talk about because Virgos make great conversationalists. They are super intelligent and tend to know a lot about numerous subject areas, meaning you can talk to them about almost anything.

The “Opposites Theory”

A Virgo tend to like partners who are the opposite of them, although this isn’t necessarily a requirement. A Virgo who is shy and hard-working might adore a partner who is outgoing and a little on the flirty side. However, since they are so smart, they can pretty much relate to any type of mate, whether that person is just like them or a complete opposite.

Try To Avoid Drama

Virgos value smartness. That being said, they’re also smart enough to appreciate traits in other people that they don’t have themselves. Their personality makes them appreciate a partner who doesn’t make a big deal about a minor crises. They themselves tend to remain calm during a crisis and handle the situation with finesse. Virgos always prefer substance over drama. When you’re dating them, focus on important things and don’t overreact to everything. This is the best way for their love to grow.

Other Traits You’ll Notice With Virgos

If you want a Virgo to be your partner, there are some things you should be prepared for:

  • They are perfectionists. They want everything to be done correctly, and they expect perfection out of their partners as well. Don’t get nervous about this. It doesn’t mean you can’t fail, but heaven forbid if your Virgo feels like you aren’t even trying.
  • They are practical people. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, so they are great communicators. If they sense that you want a serious relationship, they will never string you along. Instead, they’ll decide if they want to be a part of your life and go with that decision.
  • They are very analytical. This goes along with their perfectionism and their practicality. If you’re on a date with a Virgo and they start talking about their job or their hobbies, you’ll immediately notice how devoted they are to those things. 
  • They are very detail-oriented. Virgos miss no important details, whether at work, participating in a hobby, or in a relationship. They notice everything, and they consider no detail to be unimportant.
  • They are very picky. If a Virgo wants to go out with you, it means you’ve done something right. Virgos are picky about everything, including who they date. If they’ve chosen you, consider that to mean you are something special!
  • They get things done. Virgos go by the saying, “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” If you find yourself moving, you can count on them to help you pack and get everything stored in the moving van. If they say they’d like to take you to a movie on Friday night, you’d better be prepared to see a movie on Friday night!
  • They sometimes need space. Virgos are very independent and never clingy. Whether you’re dating a man or a woman, expect them to need time to themselves every now and then. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to be with you – it just means they occasionally need their space.

Independent, intense, and totally committed to whatever they do in life – including their relationships – a Virgo is an easy person to love. They’re so honest that you’ll always know exactly where you stand with them.

How To Score Points

Homemade Gifts

If you want to get to know a Virgo because you’ve just started dating them, try doing a project together. It could be a hobby, a volunteer activity, or even home-improvement chores. Remember that they love homemade (from-the-heart) gifts. You’ll definitely score points if you make something by hand just for them.

Show Them They Have Your Attention

Notice their likes and dislikes, and they will love you for paying that much attention to them. If you don’t like to cook, don’t worry because most Virgos are a whiz in the kitchen. Because of this, if they invite you to their house for dinner for your first date, prepare to eat something delicious!

Be Patient

Finally, when it comes to affection, don’t sweat it if Virgos give you the impression they don’t want to be affectionate with you. This isn’t usually the case. Virgos are cautious at the beginning of a relationship and will wait until they get a sign that it’s all right to show you some affection. Remember, they are not ones for short-term, uncommitted relationships. They often wait until the relationship shows signs of moving forward before showing you too much affection. They also love consistency, so once you get their affection, you’ll likely have it for a very long time.

Final Thoughts

If you manage to date a Virgo, we’d definitely say you’re in luck. Sure, every start requires effort and dedication, not to mention time. But if you’re patient and give them the attention they deserve it could all work out extremely well. Don’t rush into a relationship. A Virgo is more like a “quality over quantity” type. In other words, probably no one-night stands with this sign.

For a first date we’d suggest to show up with a homemade gift. Don’t think that an expensive present will impress them more. If it comes from the heart, that means it’s original. You’ll score some good points if they know you actually put some effort into it, instead of just buying the “regular” flowers. Try to figure out what it is they like, inquire with friends, or just use your imagination. You’ll come up with something. If you really have no idea, check out this website where they talk about zodiac signs and their common hobbies. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration there, even though it’s not as personal as actually knowing someone.

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