Leo Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

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Dating the zodiac sign Leo, whether men or women, is mostly about attention and affection. They are people-loving folks, but how do we date these natural born leaders? In this article we provide some helpful information about first dates and lasting relationships. In both cases, a date should be fun with a little challenge here and there.

A Long Story Short

If you’re going on a date with a Leo, make sure the theme is based on something they’re good at. Pick something they really like, because this leader wants to impress you. Let them steal the show and be impressed by their qualities. Encourage them to express their talents and wait for your turn to receive the attention you deserve. Their hidden sensitivity can lead to arguments, but they’ll love you no matter what.

1. Pick Something They’re Good At

Know About Their Talents

Before you go on a date with a Leo, try to figure out what they’re good at. If it’s a first date and you have no clue, ask some of their friends. And hey, tell them to keep it quiet. A Leo will feel comfortable whenever they’re able to do something they either like or they’re very good at. This sign doesn’t mind to show off, and in case there’s a competition involved they’ll try to win big time. Just make sure you have a decent amount of interest in the activity you’re about to plan, because it needs to be fun for you as well.

Alternatively: Let Them Plan The Date

If you really have no idea of what to plan, and if a Leo’s friends can’t help you out either, you could leave the decision to them. However, just as a reminder, they’ll probably pick something they’re extremely good at. There’s a chance you might not like the activity in the end, which would be a shame. But well, maybe you’re the easy going kind of person who cares more about a possible relationship than how the day turns out to be. And that’s a lovely characteristic to have as well.

2. Give Them Attention

They Like To Be Winners

As natural born leaders, a Leo enjoys to show off a little and win any challenge they come across. It’s their way of grabbing and gaining your attention. This feedback provides them with pride and contributes to their winning attitude. So go ahead and show them how much you’re impressed, as long as you mean it of course. This sign loves attention, especially from someone they like deep down inside. On a first date, maybe this won’t be obvious immediately. Just applaud whenever they did their best to grab your attention.

Avoid Boredom

Even though a Leo needs a little rest here and there, on a date that’s probably not the case. They’re excited to spend the day with you and will do anything to make it fun. Therefore, if you can, try to avoid too much boredom. There’s always something to do, or something to talk and laugh about. Make it exciting, because this sign loves to share excitement as well. Lazy moments on the couch are for later.

3. Let Them Steal The Show

Natural Born Leaders

Like we already mentioned, this zodiac sign knows how to lead the pact. Not only do they have this leading desire, but it comes naturally to them. They don’t mind receiving the attention a true leader deserves, so let them steal the show and enjoy the ride. They’ll do all within their power to get the show going, and they’ll definitely do their best to achieve whatever it is they’re chasing after. So yes, try to understand that it’s in their nature to be the star of the event.

Chasing Their Dreams

There’s almost nothing that holds a Leo back whenever they chase their dreams. If they go for something, they’ll go full throttle. You could be thinking that they’re doing it all for you, but in the end they’re also doing it for their own ego. They enjoy to be this way, so remember that. They don’t mean it in a bad way, they just don’t easily give up. If you’re able to be supportive, and by that we mean in an honest way, you could be a great match.

4. Hidden Sensitivity

Understanding Their Ego

Within every leader there’s a certain amount of sensitivity. One Leo could express this more than others. It’s not always easy to figure this out because they’re very good at hiding this side. This sensitivity could be provoked whenever their ego is harmed. You could be thinking that your Leo date has suddenly changed from a superhero into a moody mystery. If they know you respect them, don’t worry. They’ll be fine again very soon.


Moody situation could occur whenever a Leo feels hurt. If you or someone managed to harm their ego, expect a moody lion for a certain amount of time. Like we said, this is nothing to worry about immediately. If you’re having a fun day, and if your date already realized they managed to impress you, things will be back to normal shortly. Playing with their feelings and talents could really bother them, just like making them jealous. Not that we should all just follow the leader, but we thought you should know.

5. How To Keep Them Satisfied

Show Your Appreciation

Whether or not you’re always impressed by their leadership and “stealing the show” skills, there’s nothing wrong with accepting and appreciating their effort. Since they usually mean well, an honest gesture of appreciation might not be a bad idea. This keeps them satisfied and contributes to a fun date. Maybe you’re someone who prefers to stay in the background. Well, a Leo might just spice things up just the way you like them to be.

Show You’re Impressed

A leader loves to impress other people, it’s just how they play the game. And even though they enjoy to steal the show, it’s not exactly rewarding without any audience. So, if you can and if you feel like it, there’s nothing wrong with being impressed. Some show it with gestures, some with words, some by laughing, that’s totally up to you. Sure, you can express your limits whenever they crossed your line, but don’t judge too fast. In the end it’s quite an honor if someone tries to impress you, right? Let’s face it, it could be a first sign of their serious interest in you.

6. Honesty

Strong Personality

You’ll find a good amount of confidence in your Leo date. They know what they want and they’re not ashamed to admit it. They’re honest about their goals and whatever they need to get off their chest. Again, the comparison to a leader isn’t exactly a coincidence. The tiger symbolizes their strength and confidence as well. This being said, if you prefer an honest and confident partner, a Leo could be a good match.


Through confidence you can often expect someone to not only be honest, but also straightforward. If a Leo has certain ambitions, they’ll tell you. However, when it comes to dating, there could be a littlele “thing” to be aware of. They could decide to simply tell you how much they like you. And yes, we get it, some of us prefer to leave that question open for a little while. But with a Leo, chances are they’ll just give it to you straight. And that’s worth something as well.

7. Be Patient

If You’re Waiting For Attention

Sometimes it seems as if a Leo is too busy chasing their dreams or maybe even challenging you in multiple ways. Let’s say you go mountain biking on that first date. Chances are they’re all excited and lose themselves in the moment. Don’t judge just yet. They’ll come to rest later and shift their total focus towards you. Therefore, have a little patience and that “quality time” will follow soon.

They Care About Friends

A Leo is able to love deeply, which we’ll cover a little later on. Towards friends, they’re very loyal. Friends are of big importance. That’s what makes them great leaders in the first place. They’re perfectly capable to give you their attention like we just explained. So yes, a Leo will care for you. A whole lot. It’s just not always that obvious since a leader needs to spread his or her energy into different things. They can’t just do it all at once, if you know what we mean.

8. Having An Argument

They Can Be Dramatic

Even though this leader prefers to chase goals, be honest and straightforward, or even enjoy your company to it’s fullest…there could be a moment of drama. Yes, this sign can be dramatic about something you didn’t even think about. For example, let’s say you flirted with someone without any meaning behind it. Well, a Leo could make a big deal out of it, even though you just felt like having a little tease. Oh, and by the way, did you know that a Leo can perfectly flirt as well? They do, like we explained in our most flirty zodiac signs article. Now there’s a thing to talk about!

They Always Try To Win

Let’s say you find yourself in an argument. To continue on the example of the fact that you flirted with someone else, expect your Leo date to dive into the discussion. They’ll try to “win” and to convince you about their opinion, that’s simply how it works for them. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t defend yourself or that you shouldn’t explain it meant nothing, sure, please do. Just keep in mind that these discussions could take a while, especially if you stick with your argument. Because they’ll probably stick with theirs as well. Something to be aware of.

9. Long Term Relationships

They Love Deeply

The loyalty and commitment of this lion comes to show whenever it comes to a serious relationship. Yes, a Leo will love you deeply. They love to be in love, and they take your romance extremely serious. That’s one of the reasons why making them jealous isn’t exactly the best idea. This sign even made it into the top 5 of our most jealous zodiac signs list. If they love you and if you start a romantic relationship, their love comes straight from the heart.

They’re Very Loyal

Like we mentioned earlier, this sign is honest! Looking for a supportive partner? Someone who prefers to stay with you for eternity? Consider a Leo. Their loyalty should be obvious throughout your dating phase, and their commitment to you is worth a whole lot to this leader. In a way, your relationship could be considered a new goal to work and fight for, which is what a Leo prefers to do. Never giving up and staying together is worth the effort for this sign.

10. In The Bedroom

Challenge Them

We started this article by saying that a Leo likes challenges, and tries everything to come out as a winner. Well, if you’d like some new adventures in the bedroom, try to challenge them. If you have a certain fantasy, your Leo partner could just be the person you’ve been looking for. Now there’s a win-win situation for you right there. We already explained that they’re honest, so if you tell them your honest idea and fantasy, it’s very likely they’ll accept the challenge. Sure, not everyone is the same, but there’s a good chance to explore the sheets together.

Improving Intimacy

Another thing we already talked about is to avoid boredom with a Leo. It’s not only challenges they need, but mastering a certain skill is just as important. Therefore, expect this partner to do his or her best to keep things interesting in the bedroom. There’s always something new to talk about, and if it turns out to be even better than before, there’s your champion. So, if you want to keep things exciting, a Leo could be just the right pick.

A Long Story Short

Dating the zodiac sign Leo is fun, adventurous and challenging. Once your friendship grows into a serious relationship, expect true romance and a partner for life.

Your Leo partner will probably enjoy to prove himself or herself every now and then. That’s what leaders do. Maybe they’ll even be a little dramatic from time to time. However, if you’re both committed, it’ll result in an honest and lasting partnership.

Final Thoughts

Every person is unique in his or her own way. Sure, Leo traits can occur among many people that belong to this sign. In the end however, they’re not necessarily all the same. Some may show the characteristics of a leader more than others. At the same time, some could express sensitivity more than others. Being a great match and enjoying each others love is what matters in the end.

If you’re a little familiar with astrology, you’ve probably heard of the compatibility between signs. Yes, this is a great way to discover if your date is an astrological match. Even though nothing is set in stone, certain zodiac signs could have a better chance to stick together for the long run. If you’re curious, we’d advise you to visit this article and learn more.

If your Leo date is already planned, or if you’re making plans right now, we wish you a great and exciting day! Remember, everyone deserves a chance, no matter their zodiac sign. If you really like someone, we’re sure you’ll give him or her a chance.

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