Sagittarius Eminent Personalities, Traits And Compatibility

Sign number 9 within the Zodiac is Sagittarius. The sun passes it’s constellation between November 23rd and December 21st. The symbol represents the archer Chiron, a Greek legend. It’s element is fire and it’s ruler is Jupiter. In this article we will focus on the horoscope Sagittarius and explain it’s personalities. We’ll list the main traits you have to know about which will only take a couple of minutes to read. First some famous people.

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Top 15 Eminent Personalities

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Bruce Lee, Pope Francis, Frank Sinatra, Walt Disney, Ozzy Osbourne, Woody Allen, Nostradamus, Mark Twain, Raj Kapoor and Andrew Carnegie.

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One of the most important personalities of a Sagittarius is the love for freedom. Feeling free gives them a set of wings that can literally take them anywhere. Let the winds take you wherever you want to be and get ready for new and exciting adventures. You’ll find them going on a holiday whenever possible in order to broaden their knowledge and really feel alive. They love to be a part of this world and discover the treasures to be found in nature. In a way they are interested in the meaning of life and traveling encourages that passion.

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In addition to their love for freedom there is a good amount of curiosity within the Sagittarius. No wonder why they tend to travel so often. They are genuinely interested in what life has to offer and taking new steps isn’t a big problem. In fact they are pretty ok with making some changes here and there in order to enhance their learning curve. They can keep asking you about stuff that fascinates them so be prepared for that. Educating themselves is of big importance which could result in long and thoughtful conversations.


Having fun also marks the Sagittarius horoscope. Again this also reflects on their wish to discover the world. Meeting people from anywhere and exchanging stories can be big fun. But also at home or with friends it’s important to enjoy some laughs and good jokes. They love to enjoy themselves and so they highly appreciate their social life. Meeting someone on a holiday could be a pen pal for life if they share the same kind of humor. Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine, preferably with some laughter!

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Because of their motivation and fun loving personality you’ll find this zodiac sign to be very energetic. They love life and want to learn so much more. You may be wondering “Where do they get this energy from?”. Well they just adore to keep on going and gather new information all the time. We’re so happy to be here right now, so let’s enjoy it as long as we can!


A Sagittarius will absolutely fight towards a certain goal they have in mind. They won’t give up that easily and boundaries will be pushed away to keep on going. For whatever reason they have the ability to influence people and come around as very convincing. This probably derives from their optimism and desire to enjoy life to it’s fullest. So make sure to be careful when telling them something can’t be done! Some made it all the way to the top and became famous influencers. Believe in yourself is a thought that runs through their veins.


Even though Sagittarius people take their career very serious it’s not all about the money. Simply because they are aware that there’s more to life than buying stuff. Off course they enjoy some luxury and taking a vacation isn’t exactly free! So they make sure to get a reasonable income. However work shouldn’t put them inside a closed box. In that case they will look for something else that allows a good balance between career and wealth.

Over The Top

All the excitement and fascination can sometimes go into the extremes. We’re not saying this is a bad characteristic, but it can stand in their way. Every now and then words may pop out of their mouth without taking a good moment to think it through. Whoops, that was a quick reply! Are you sure Sagittarius? Or are you caught up in the moment? This also goes for challenges that seem possible at first but may be out of their league in the end.

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Their adventurous mind is also noticeable in their love life. In the bedroom they can be very lively and cheerful. You can expect a Sagittarius to be flirting a lot and teasing you with a few jokes here and there. New experiences are very possible and add to their thrilling nature. Their passion could result in reading a book about all the possibilities 😉

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In astrology there are 4 zodiac signs that match them best. They are Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius. Some say that Gemini fits into the list as well, especially when it comes to romance. However this doesn’t mean that any other horoscope doesn’t stand a chance. There’s more to every Sagittarius in the end.

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