Libra Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

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Libras, born between September 23rd and October 22nd, represent their sign (the scales) extremely well since they’re very balanced individuals with a strong sense of right and wrong. They usually make decisions with both their heads and their hearts. You’ll often find them working or volunteering for organizations that promote justice and fairness.

When you’re dating a Libra, be prepared for the ultimate commitment! They’ll put their heart and soul into every successful romantic relationship.. Let’s take a look at the characteristics to be aware of when you’re trying to attract or date a Libra.

Traits That Could Influence A Date

They Find It Hard To Make A Decision

Just as with any other astrological sign, a Libra has personality traits you’ll love and dislike. For instance, Libras are givers, not takers, charming and graceful. Their ability to look at both sides of an issue makes them very easy to get along with. On the other hand, they sometimes have trouble making up their minds, simply because of this desire to look at everything from many different angles. If you’re deciding where to go for dinner, asking your Libra partner might not produce any results!

They Can Suddenly Be Quiet

Sometimes, in the desire to please everyone and make sure everyone is happy, Libras will push their own needs to the side. In other words, they sometimes ignore their own desires. This can lead to frustration on their part and sometimes even resentment. If you’re dating a Libra and notice that they’re a little quiet, you might have to work hard to determine what the problem is.

They Can Be Mysterious

To make matters worse, Libras don’t like to approach difficult subjects. Therefore, if you suggest a restaurant where they were dumped in a previous relationship, they might give a strong declining reaction. Chances are they won’t tell you the reason why.

General Dating Tips

Fashion And Flirting

Libras are intelligent people who tend to be fashionable. When you combine this with the fact that they also enjoy to be a little flirty, it’s easy to understand why they’re so charming and attractive. They can also take an awkward situation (such as spilling a drink on them) and turn it into a lighthearted, much less serious one. If something happens to make you feel awkward or uncomfortable on your first date, don’t worry! Libras will turn it around and make it much more comfortable. Since Libras are ruled by Venus, they appreciate beauty and love. When you go on that first date, pick a place that has a nice interior and maybe even some fresh flowers.

What To Talk About

While on that date, you should try to look nice yourself (duh!) because it’s these small things that Libras appreciate the most. Keeping things simple is often the smart thing to do. Libras would much rather hear you laugh and tell a good joke than brag about your career or how much money you make. Feel free to share any personal or work-related problems. This sign is great at troubleshooting! They really know how to turn the situation around and make it better.

No One-Night Stands

If you’re lucky enough to have a Libra fall in love with you, get ready for a totally committed relationship! Libras go “all in” when it comes to love. And when it comes to intimacy, be prepared to take your time because they like it slow and very sensual. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a one-night stand, you might want to avoid people born under this sign. If you find yourself in a physical relationship with a Libra, you’ll feel as though that person only has eyes for you. The perfect ingredient for a meaningful and long-lasting relationship!

Dating At It’s Finest

Remember the word “Balance”

As you can tell, Libras are great people to date because they’re unselfish, extremely giving, and definitely romantic. However, they do expect the same thing from their partner. Libras dislike people who only care about themselves. They prefer a person who is just as devoted and kind as they are, especially when it comes to romance. They might seem wishy-washy at times, but that’s only because they are pleasers and non-confrontational. They try to keep the peace in a romantic relationship (as well as in their relationships with friends and family members). Remember that they like balance in everything.

Dating A Libra From An Astrological Perspective

If you’re wondering whether or not you’re compatible with a Libra, let’s take a look at an astrological approach: You will get along with a Libra especially if you’re another “air” sign. So, if you’re an Aquarius things could work out pretty well from an astrological point of view. The same goes for a Gemini. An astrological “opposite” could be an Aries (the Ram). They generally don’t like to work with others, partially because they don’t prefer to be part of a group. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid Libras if you’re an Aries, or vice versa! It simply means that this type of relationship is going to require a little bit of work from the both of you. That being said, it’s always important to find that middle ground in order to make your relationship flourish.

Be Patient

As we previously mentioned, one of the few challenges of dating a Libra is their sometimes sudden silence. Why do they show this behavior? Because Libras like to handle problems themselves, partially because they’re so unselfish. When this happens, it’s easy to think your Libra is mad at you, but this is rarely the case. It’s important to be patient and to not immediately draw any conclusions.

Instead, it’s much more likely that your partner is trying to figure out a solution to a problem. They just don’t want to bother you with these thoughts. When this happens, just give them some time and let them know you’re there whenever they want to talk.

Having A Discussion

Libras are very social people who prefer an intelligent conversation with others. No shallowness for them! If you’re trying to attract a Libra, show off your intelligence a bit by explaining what you know about current events. They are good at discussing various topics with others and are usually interested in your point of view. Just remember, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to change their minds. They trust their own intelligence as well.

In The Bedroom

Nevertheless, Libras are open people who enjoy a great conversation about a variety of subjects. If you’re dating or attracted to a Libra, congratulations. Libras are unselfish givers who love to please. This characteristic even extends into the bedroom. You’re definitely going to enjoy your time below the sheets a whole lot when dating a Libra.

What If You Don’t Want To Meet Again (Or End An Existing Relationship)

Need to break up with a Libra? Make sure to be tactful! They are sensitive people who take everything to heart. It’s best not to go into too much detail regarding the exact reason why you’ve decided to end the relationship. Just make the breakup announcement fast and move on because this will work best.

Final Thoughts

If you’re dating a Libra, be prepared for a great listening ear, a giving personality and a little flirting here and there. They’re very talented at having a conversation, but once they start to overthink there could be a sudden moment of silence.

More information about their characteristics can be found in our article about Libra traits. Another interesting and helpful resource is the astrology comparison chart. That’s here they compare the different signs in regards to their “matching” abilities. You can find the chart here.

In the end, a Libra could be a great match for anyone! This article is meant to give you an idea of what to expect. Of course, nobody is the same. So go for it if you have those butterfly feelings in your belly!

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