Taurus Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

taurus dating tips


Taurus dating, whether men or women, is all about true love. It’s about devotion and trust. No matter if it’s a first date or an existing relationship, this sign is faithful.

However, you need to gain their trust. They want you to be honest and loyal. They could seem cold from the outside, but they can be quite sensitive. If you’re patient but dedicated, you could find your partner for life.

In this article we focus on the zodiac sign Taurus, and explain all you need to know about dating them. Together with a few examples you should be all set for that lovely date!

1. Don’t Cancel

Be Sure About The Day

If you plan a date with a Taurus, be absolutely sure to show up. Of course, there’s always a possibility of something else coming up by surprise. However, don’t pick a day because you think you’ll make it. No no no! Make sure you’ll be there, with minimal risk of a cancellation. A Taurus needs commitment and hates to be left in second place. Yes, they can get very jealous.

Don’t Seem Chaotic

A Taurus needs to trust you. Since they prefer stability and security in their life, anything chaotic will most likely annoy them. They plan things, they commit, and they require the same from a possible partner. If you’re all over the place, or if you change your mind too often, things won’t work out. Chaos doesn’t fit their structured lifestyle.


Like we said, a Taurus commits to things. When it comes to a partner, they are one of the most loyal signs out there. You’ll know they’re there for you. In return, they expect the same thing from you. Show them you’re committed to your (first) date, that you’re looking forward to it, and that you made sure there’s nothing standing in your way.

2. Wining And Dining

Make It Romantic

Ok, this is very important. A Taurus loves luxury. But don’t worry: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on that luxury. Even simple gestures like candles on the table or maybe a flower will do the trick. Show them that you put some effort into the date and they’ll appreciate it a whole lot! Find a way to decorate the table so it looks inviting to take a seat. Lighting and music can help a lot as well.

Tip: If you’re not sure about the music, go ahead and read our article about zodiac songs.

Make It Tasty

Taurus people have a very fine taste. They love and appreciate quality, even if it’s not expensive. A few small tasty snacks before dinner could work really well, especially if they’re not the typical supermarket bites. Try to find and create that delicious sauce like you would expect in a restaurant. Or how about that exclusive and tasty desert?

You definitely don’t need to take a Taurus to the most exclusive restaurant in town. They’ll prefer a self made dinner without loads of people running around. Home is where the heart is, especially for a Taurus.

Make It Special

Make sure this sign feels special. How do you do that? Well, it’s quite simple. You just need to show you did your homework. Think of it this way: What did you do to distinguish yourself from other dinners? One example that came to our minds, and what we’d do, is this: We’d try to figure out which wine (or any other drink) they prefer. Maybe you know one of their friends, or maybe they left some pieces of information on social media. If you serve their favorite drink you’ll score points. Especially if they wonder how you managed to figure that out.

3. Home Is Where The Heart Is


We mentioned this already, but you definitely don’t need to take a Taurus to an expensive restaurant. Make them a fine dinner at the comfort of your own home. They like stability and don’t prefer to hang out in places with chaotic bartenders or waiters. It’s as simple as that. Crowds of people don’t match their feelings anyway, so if it’s just the two of you they’ll feel like a fish in the water.


What’s more comfortable than your own home? You have the place to yourself, you don’t need to wait in line, and you definitely don’t need to argue about the bill. There’s no waiting line at the bathroom, there are no kids jumping around, so yeah stay at your own place. Stick to some of the tips we already mentioned and your living room or kitchen will make them feel at ease. Besides that, having a good conversation won’t be interrupted. No better way to get to know each other if you ask us. A Taurus loves to be at home, cosy and warm.


A home provides security as well. It’s just the two of you, nobody else is watching. Even at a later stage, being at home feels extremely comfortable. Yes, a small group of people or friends is fun for them, as long as the amount of people is acceptable. Security is of big importance, like for example a partner that’s always there for them. If they can count on you, and if you’re able to hang out together, that’s a great base to build upon. And hey, you can count on them as well. Should make you feel secure and at ease too, right?

4. Living The Good Life


We touched on this topic already, but let’s get into the details. This sign just loves luxury. And like we said, not necessarily expensive. They enjoy perfumes, nice clothes, a spa, things of that nature. You don’t need to buy them gifts, but you could. The gesture will make them enjoy the moment, even if it’s something simple. For a date, try to find a few ways to spoil them. For example, how about a flavored candle? Or maybe you have a special wine glass around? Another idea would be fresh and jummie smelling hand soap.


Make-up, hair products, lotions, you name it. A Taurus loves all these things! If you can, try to wear something nice and to use that perfume. Do your hair, take care of your hands and nails, or maybe even a facial product if you feel like it. The world is beautiful, and so are you. This sign will appreciate you for taking care of yourself, because they do the exact same thing. Elegant napkins, appealing accessories, anything will do.


Pay attention to what they are saying and give them the attention they deserve. Hey, you’re not having dinner in your own living room by coincidence. No, they need attention because they want to be absolutely sure you like them. Avoid to chat with other friends on your phone, or to share that special moment on social media. This moment is dedicated to your Taurus date, and that’s how it should be for now. They did their very best to show up in style, so you better show your appreciation.

5. Be Patient

They’re Cautious

A Taurus won’t just throw themselves into a relationship. They’re very cautious about who they pick. You must tick all their boxes before they’ll even consider to start something serious. They require devotion, which takes time to figure out. No playing with feelings for this sign, but security and long term stability are what they think about.

They Think Long Term

When it comes to dating and relationships, a Taurus is not exactly in a hurry. They want to be absolutely sure that you’re a good match, so they take their time. If they know you’re honest and loyal, and if they like you a whole lot, they’ll pick you. Not just for fun, but preferably for a lifetime. However, they demand the same amount of commitment from you.

Only True Romance

Like we mentioned, once they want to be with you, expect this to be a very serious decision. True love for the rest of their lives is what they’re after. It’s incredible how much love they are able to give, and they want that in return as well. Prepare for a lot of physical contact. They enjoy to be close because that makes them feel secure and appreciated. They want to be your absolute number one, so you should be able to show that. If you’re not exactly talented to show love, well, maybe things won’t last for a long time.

6. They Will Choose You

They Know What They Want

This sign has a clear vision of what they want in a partner. You can try to change their mind, but good luck with that. Sure, it’s absolutely possible to get your message across, but they need to be extremely passionate about another person. If that’s you, you’re in luck. And by the way, you should feel honored if they want you. Because they want you deeply.

They Are Persistent

If you try to play “hard to get”, expect a Taurus to go all in. If they want you, they really want you. That’s why you need to be honest, so they know exactly if you’re worth chasing after. Maybe they come across as a little “lazy” or as the “stay at home” kind of person. However, don’t forget, once they have their target in mind the hunting season is finally open.

They’ll Let You Know

You can try all you want, but you probably won’t change their idea of an ideal partner or relationship. Patience is key. And yes, it can feel a little frustrating if you want to get more out of this first date. But that’s just not how a Taurus views things. Good thing however is that they’ll let you know whenever they’re ready for that next “serious” step. Once they’re ready to commit, you got yourself a loving and trustworthy partner.

7. Hidden Sensitivity

Jealous But Loyal

Even though a Taurus is usually comfortable and relaxed by nature, their moods can swing. Since they commit to you and want you for life, chances are they get extremely jealous at times. They won’t hide this feeling from you. Like we said: Once you step on this bull’s sensitive feet, you could get in trouble. Just remember: They are so loyal to you that they’ll always fight for the relationship. Good intentions so to speak, even though your first reaction could be “What’s going on”.


Since they are sensitive, they want to feel comfortable. This means comfortable with you as well. They can be very demanding. For example, don’t be surprised if they expect you to sleep in with them and cuddle for hours. They want you a whole lot, and will protect you whenever necessary. Make them feel safe and make sure you’re there for them.


Beside honesty and loyalty, this relationship is based on trust. They need to trust you, just like you want to trust them. If there’s not enough trust, things could end in disaster. In case you read all the above, you should know that even a first date is based on trust. No fancy talk for this sign, just the truth and showing you care. If you expand on that trust, you’ll make a Taurus feel at ease and maybe they don’t want to ever leave your side in the long run.

8. Don’t Try To Change Them


By now it should be obvious that a Taurus is a loving and trustworthy person. However, if you mess with them, be prepared for a good dose of aggression. They can also be very stubborn. In other words, don’t challenge or annoy them if it’ s not necessary. Certain situations can always pop up, so yes, we all get annoyed from time to time. This sign could react al little more aggressive than you’re used to. Just be patient and understand this is their nature.


Whenever you have an argument with a Taurus, be prepared to lose. It’s very hard to change their mind and chances are you need to accept that. If however you feel the need to convince them about something, there’s nothing wrong with reminding them of that fact over time. Even though in the short term it could be hard to change their mind, you could be lucky in the long run. No guarantee. Just remember that arguing is everything but easy.


From time to time, even on a first date, you could conclude that your Taurus friend seems lazy. They are one of the laziest zodiac signs out there. And yes, they certainly can be lazy. Hanging on the sofa watching a movie, sleeping in for hours, you name it. They even made it into our Top 5 list of the quietest zodiac signs. If you can’t stand that, well, that could be hard. Like we said, they love the comfort of their own home and enjoy to just rest. That’s why they don’t necessarily need to go to a busy market or club or whatever.

9. Be Prepared For Routines

At Home

We mentioned the example of sleeping in together already. Home is where the heart is, remember? Well, lots of home habits will continue on a regular basis. If they have a favorite dinner, they could be serving it every week. They could just as well order food from the same place over and over again. If it’s good, why not? This is where their security could come into play. If something is good, why change it?


The same goes for outdoors. Even though they don’t necessarily need to go out for dinner constantly, they could choose the same restaurant whenever they do. Maybe you prefer to try something else, but good luck convincing them. Or let’s say you visited that awesome hotel for a weekend. Well, whenever it’s time for a little trip they’d love to go there again. It was nice before, so why not return?


Maybe you read our article about Aries dating. We explained how much these people enjoy to experiment in the bedroom. A Taurus is totally different. Since they stick to routines that have proven to satisfy them, your chances of experimenting could be minimal. Who knows you can convince them to try something different, but chances are they prefer to stick with your usual intimacy. Even though this can be fun, or maybe enough for you, we thought you should know.

10. Finances


A Taurus likes money and likes to make financial plans for the future. They like to spend money, but they’re very aware of the long term. That’s why they are good at saving money for later. They won’t just buy any gadget that’s new on the market. This sign thinks before it spends. Having money on the bank makes them feel secure, who knows what happens? Always good to have a savings account.

Work Hard

In order to have money, you usually have to work hard. A Taurus is perfectly capable to do so. Having a job that provides a source of income makes them feel secure as well. Some money flows towards necessary things, some to luxury, and some is saved for the future. It’s important for this bull to have a partner that thinks the same. If you have the same financial goals for later, that’s even better.

Spend Wisely

Again, this sign doesn’t overspend. They think before they buy anything. Of course, they like their bottle of perfume or a comfortable pair of shoes (read our zodiac sign shoes article to understand their style). But whatever they can save, they will save. If you’re going on a first date they will definitely appreciate that delicious chocolate with their cup of tea, but don’t think that buying an expensive gift will please them. That’s a waste of money. We’d get that lovely bottle of wine, or that bubbly champagne, and leave it with that. They know you spent a little money on something luxurious, but you didn’t just throw all your money away.

Final Thoughts

Whether you go on a first date, or who knows your relationship is already serious, a Taurus is a loving and dedicated partner for life. If they commit to you, they absolutely mean it.

They prefer to have stability and security in life, not only financially but also in daily life. A serious partner that loves them deeply, a home they enjoy to be in, the necessary luxury to make life comfortable, things of that nature.

A Taurus can also be jealous or even aggressive at times. Arguing with them will often be quite hard and chances are you’ll lose. They like their habits and routines, which aren’t easy to change.

In the end, this sign is full of love. They are honest and loyal. If you prefer a partner for life, a Taurus could be a great choice.

If you’d like to learn more about Taurus traits, read our article that comes with a short video. There’s so much to learn about each sign, we’re just pointing you into the right direction. If you enjoyed this story we think that you’ll also like this article we found online. It’s a list of tweets that people shared with the world. And yes, tweets about dating a Taurus.

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