Sun vs Moon vs Rising Sign

sun vs moon vs rising signs

Background Information On Numerology & Astrology

Nowadays a lot of people are keen on numerology and astrology. Even though they have a few similarities there is a fundamental difference. Numerology uses numbers to determine in which direction someone’s life is heading and what’s awaiting them soon. Astrology however uses stars, constellations or planets and how their positions affect our lives on earth. The sun is a dwarf star in the center of our solar system. It’s position determines our zodiac sign at the moment we are born (read this article to learn more as this is a very simple way to put it). In astrology these dates are categorized into 12 horoscopes (read here why some prefer to use 13 in stead of 12).

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Sun Sign

Your zodiac sign is also called your sun sign. Let’s say you’re an Aries born on April 10th. Being an Aries means that at your time of birth the sun was closest to the Aries constellation. Constellations are a group of stars that seem to be close to each other and form a kind of “team”. There are many of them across our universe of which some have been given a name. Especially the ones that the sun seems to pass throughout the year. The traits of each zodiac sign can be found in your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope.

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In the ancient past astrologers were practicing different forms of astrology such as Chinese, Tibetan or Vedic. According to astrology there are four basic elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All of the sun signs belong to one of them. These elements symbolize a vital energy that we carry inside of us. Sun signs represent everything people can see from you. That’s why people love to read horoscopes, either their own or the ones that belong to their partner. It’s all about your personality and the way you act.

Moon Sign

Unlike the sun sign, the moon sign has nothing to do with personality. It’s based on the position of the moon and which of these constellations it passed at your time of birth. For example, your sun sign could be the Capricorn constellation (because it was closest to the sun) whilst your moon sign is the Scorpio constellation (which at that time was closest to the moon). The moon sign is about your emotions and inner feelings. Thanks to the moon sign you can find out more about a person’s needs. It tells you his or her ability to communicate with people and how they think relationship wise. If you want to calculate your moon sign you will need to know the following: Your full date of birth, the actual time and the location. If you don’t know the exact time of birth it is not a big problem though. The moon normally stays at each sign for around 2 days. There are easy to use calculators online that will determine your moon sign in a minute, like this one for example.

Sun Sign vs Moon Sign

Sun signs and moon signs might have some things in common but they also differ in many ways. Your sun sign is the most dominant and connects to your personality. A moon sign deals with feelings and emotions. The sun sign is easier to be determined, you just need to know someone’s birthday. For moon signs the situation is different since you’ll also need the exact time of birth and the birth location. Sun signs (zodiac signs) can be easily found in all types of horoscopes. And we all know horoscopes are everywhere these days. You can read them in magazines and newspapers or listen to them on TV. However, moon signs are often kept out of sight. People with the same sun sign might have similar personalities, but thanks to their moon sign they can differ from one another.

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Rising Sign

The rising sign, also known as The Ascendant, rises in the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. You have to remember, the rising sign is changing constantly. Astrologers say it is different every two hours. If you want to know your ascendant you have to know your exact birth time and your birth location. If you are curious you can find out yours here. The Ascendant can have an impact on your looks and the way you treat other people. It is believed the rising sign presents your ability to cope with various issues. The Ascendant is connected to the planets and it indicates people’s usual reactions to diverse situations. These could also be encounters with other people.

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The Signs In Daily Life

Even if you don’t consider astrology and numerology serious studies you may agree that they can be interesting. Many people these days take their horoscope very serious and even use it to get an impression of someone else. Especially when a friend or colleague seems a little mysterious it could be interesting to at least figure out their sun sign. Astrology fascinates people at all ages but seems to be more popular amongst women. Moon signs can be a little tricky but could be of help to some as well. Examples would be your love life or emotional situations.

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