Capricorn Traits

capricorn zodiac sign

Within the Zodiac we find Capricorn at number 10. The sun enters it’s domain between December 21st and January 21st. It’s ruler is planet Saturn and it belongs to the element of Earth. Let’s take a look at the symbol first and continue with it’s traits. Further down below we’ll talk about compatibility towards other horoscopes. First of all a quick summary of famous Capricorns.

Top 16 Eminent Personalities

Stephen Hawking, Tiger Woods, Bradley Cooper, Elvis Presley, Jim Carrey, Muhammad Ali, Isaac Newton, Hrithik Roshan, Mel Gibson, Shawn Johnson, Swami Vivekananda, Ben Kingsley, J.D. Salinger, Rudyard Kipling and A.R. Rahman.

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Capricorn Sign and Symbol

The sign of Capricorn is illustrated by the so called “Fish Goat”. The picture above should pretty much explain what we mean by that. It’s face and upper body have the anatomy of a goat whilst it’s rear belongs to a fish. If you’re interested in the background of this story you could search for Enki (the god of water).

The symbol looks a little different as you can see in the image below. Think of it as being a simple drawing to represent these combined animals. The horns at the top with the curled tail underneath can be seen with a little imagination. Symbols are also known as “glyphs” and are often used in astrology charts and merchandise.

capricorn symbol

Capricorn Traits

In order to understand this horoscope we provide a list of the most important traits. If you want to figure out a Capricorn it’s good to know what their personality is all about right?

capricorn zodiac traits


One of the most important characteristics of the “Goat Fish” people is their independent brain. They have the ability and talent to manage things on their own according to their personal wishes. Sometimes you could even classify them as control freaks. A Capricorn doesn’t rely on other people to show them the way but instead take power into their own hands. Amongst all zodiac signs this one in particular is extremely capable of learning from mistakes. When they fall they stand back up and this process just keeps on going. They aren’t afraid to take responsibility because they believe in themselves. In the end they will reach their goal which gives them a boost to keep on going.

capricorn eminent personalities


When a Capricorn plans to do something there’s almost nothing that stands in their way. They can literally follow their agenda even though it may be too stuffed with plans. Recognize that moment when you come home late from work, you’re tired, but you promised yourself to go to the gym? Well, they’ll go anyways even though the couch seems more attractive for the time being. The plan is to get in shape so there’s no excuse!



When starting on a certain taks or job be prepared for a “full in” mentality. Their mind is the boss and overrules some of the physical boundaries like getting tired. A Capricorn is the kind of person that’s willing to stay at work late because he or she is in total focus. Sometimes they even prefer to work alone because there is no distraction whatsoever. Off course, like everyone, eventually they will get tired. But they will go to bed already thinking of the next steps to make.



To almost every problem they will sooner or later come up with a solution. Life experience, imagination and rational thinking are mixed through their minds until an answer pops up. It’s a blessing to have them as a colleague where troubleshooting is required. But also in private they can suddenly come up with a genius idea on how to fix a problem.

imagination solution


Capricorns are very passionate about past memories. They remember many moments which they try to “relive” on a constant basis. Especially the feelings that they associate with that particular situation (like a holiday or a party) are of big importance. When being with friends it’s very likely that they will grab some old photographs to start a conversation. Revisiting travel destinations from their youth is not uncommon either.

memories capricorn


One of the side effects that derives from their imagination is the fear of demons. By this we don’t mean actual horror figures but an inner voice that can be scary. Whenever something unpleasant happens, a Capricorns mind is able to overcomplicate the circumstances. A worst case scenario could be repeating itself over and over again between their ears. They can’t just “simply” let it all go since it keeps their mind too busy. Over time they understand this negative cycle and try to live with it. But it’s really not an easy task to get rid of those “doomsday” voices.

capricorn fear of demons

Few Friends

Quality over quantity is what they are all about when it comes to friendship. Most Capricorns don’t need loads of people in order to be happy. They are loyal and serious towards their “true amigos” and they expect the same for themselves. Only then does this result in a lifelong companion. Whenever someone treats them bad or puts them in an awkward position they won’t forgive just like that, especially if they just met that person. They are capable of moving on and their reliability will always attract new buddy’s. Having a couple of trustworthy friends is more than enough.

few friends


Usually you won’t get a clear impression of their deepest emotions straight away. They don’t necessarily need to share them with others since they’re perfectly capable to deal with them alone. Why share your thoughts and feelings when you have everything under control? Towards best friends and family this is slightly different as they feel more comfortable.

emotions and comfortable


If you want to date a Capricorn be prepared to put some good effort into the relationship. It will take a while before you get “approved” for the long term. But once you make it that far you can be assured that it’s for real! They prefer to stay with the same person throughout their whole life.


Capricorn Compatibility

The top 3 zodiac signs to match with are Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. Actually there are a lot of other good matches that follow. Leo in particular seems to do a pretty good job as well. A few say that Cancerians should be added to the list from a romantic point of view. In the end everyone stands a chance with a Capricorn!

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