Scorpio Eminent Personalities, Traits And Compatibility

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Scorpio is the 8th sign in the Zodiac and meets the sun from October 23rd until November 22nd. The constellation is actually known as Scorpius and the people born under it’s presence are known as a Scorpio. Just like Cancer and Pisces it belongs to the element of water. It’s rulers are Mars and Pluto. If you’re interested in horoscopes you are probably a little familiar with this star sign. In this article we will cover it’s eminent personalities, traits and best matches.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Scorpio is the most common zodiac sign in the U.S.?

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Top 15 Eminent Personalities

Leonardo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway, Shahrukh Khan, Bill Gates, Ryan Gosling, Julia Roberts, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Pablo Picasso, Caitlyn Jenner, Aishwarya Rai, Christopher Columbus, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Cook, Marie Curie and Condoleezza Rice.

scorpio zodiac traits


If something or someone grabs a Scorpio’s attention you can expect them to go “all in”. They analyze the situation very carefully and find all necessary resources to reach their goal. On this journey there’s not a lot of room for fear or distraction. They take control and turn into brave and motivated leaders. Getting involved in an argument or making hard decisions are both things they can handle. Staying alert and courageous helps them to follow their own path.

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Being a leader doesn’t mean that a Scorpio can’t have emotions. In fact they’re very emotional and sometimes even get stuck in all their feelings. Towards the outside world however they have the tendency to not always show this sensitivity. In a way you could say that they can come across as being a little mysterious. You will find it hard to help a Scorpio that suffers or that’s hurting. It’s not that they’re afraid of their emotions, it’s more of a learning curve for them. At a certain point they will express their feelings and emotions because it start to get tiring inside. When they come out of their hiding place you can be assured that they tell you nothing but the truth.

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Next on the list of Scorpio personalities is a suspicious attitude. We’re not saying this is the most prominent characteristic nor that it’s the same for everyone. Some may carry this trait more than others. One could say however that a Scorpio can experience some difficulty when getting used to other people. Everyone acts differently and it’s not always an easy job to acclimate to that. Approaching humans with a suspicious mindset comes naturally to a Scorpio. It also adds to the mysteriousness we talked about before. Once trust and respect have been established this could all turn around into a lifetime friendship.

suspicious and friendship


Once a Scorpio trusts you and you’ve become friends or colleagues you can be sure they will express their faithfulness. They are great friends to have and will do anything within their power to help you out. Your secret is safe with them but they expect the same from you. At work both managing skills and project dedication will be of great help. Problems could arise when someone treats them disrespectfully and harms this special bond. It won’t be easy to restore the damage!

faithful scorpio character


We talked about this a few times already but we think it deserves some more attention. Whilst they seem cool and relaxed from the outside it must by now be obvious that on the inside there’s warmth and emotions. Chances are that people ask themselves “What’s going on in their head” or “Is there anything they’re not telling me”. It takes time and especially trust to gain access to their true self. Until that point the mystery continues.



Especially within a relationship there could be some jealousy in the air. It’s probably a combination of the things we summed up already. And it’s really not surprising actually. Dedication towards a relationship and gaining that trustful bond is something to cherish. Being in control of that is not always an easy task. Especially after you let someone enter your true inner self. However don’t blame them, they just mean the best for the both of you. Over time a Scorpio will trust you and let you in on his “secret” feelings. Talking about them will make things balanced out again. Remember, their dedication allows for a faithful partner.

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A Scorpio enjoys intimacy BIG TIME! It’s one of the zodiac signs that places love and passion high on it’s wishlist. One crucial element to keep this interesting is to tease and seduce him or her from time to time. Mystery can be a very attractive feature in people, especially for this sign. It keeps that special bond thrilling and a little puzzled at the same time. Making love to show that deep inner connection could go on for hours and may result in little sleep. Be prepared for the alarm the next morning!

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The Scorpio Symbol

Just like the zodiac sign Cancer the hard outer shell functions as a protection layer. It protects a Scorpio from new people entering their world. If you can’t seem to get their trust they won’t show their true personality. Once you get along and there is faith in one another it’s important to keep it that way. If you betray them they can sting you like a scorpion and close all doors. You don’t deserve to be their friend anymore and the question that remains is if peace will ever be restored.

scorpio symbol


From an astrological point of view some horoscopes match each other when it comes to love. Please don’t take our word for it, it’s “simply” based on some of their dominating traits. Scorpio matches Cancer pretty well. Not just because of their shell but because of their intimacy and ways to communicate with one another. After that we have Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces as a good match. Some say that Taurus matches better but others have their doubts about that.

If you have feelings for a Scorpio, head on over to our Scorpio dating tips. Not only do we share some tips, but we also focus on relationships with this sign. A long story short, prepare for a loyal and lasting relationship once you gained their trust

If you have a partner and you’re excited to compare life and astrology in a fun and entertaining way maybe the bingo cards can be of help. We’re just saying. In our opinion all kinds of matches can be a good fit, it’s what you both make of it. So stay cool and go for it!

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