Virgo Symbol: What Are They All About?

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Between August 23rd and September 22nd the sun takes it’s path through Virgo’s zodiac constellation. So, if you’re born in between these days your horoscope is Virgo. The sign as presented above refers to the virgin even though some prefer to call her the maiden. Now before we get into all of the Virgo characteristics let’s first take a look at it’s symbol (also known as glyph). Every zodiac sign has one as you can see in the picture below.

virgo symbol explained

What Does The Symbol Mean?

Symbols in astrology are an easy sketchy design that reflect on the horoscope in a more simplistic way. You have probably seen them hanging on collars, earrings or other jewelry. For Virgo it is a very simplistic drawing of a maiden carrying wheat. Yes, we agree that there may be a question mark coming to your mind right now. It’s not the most obvious illustration ever, is it? But we’re not joking if that’s what you’re thinking. That’s why we found another picture in a slightly different style. We hope it’s more obvious now how her hand is holding the wheat?

virgo carrying wheat

Virgo Personalities

Let’s take a look at some of the most appealing characteristics of this horoscope. It belongs to the element of Earth (just like Taurus and Capricorn) and it’s ruler is Mercury. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with elements or rulers, you can still read the article and understand everything just fine!


One of the most appealing traits you’ll find in a Virgo is their sensibility for detail. They analyze any aspect of their lives in order to make the right decision. In a way everything seems new and must be approached with caution. You won’t often find them taking risks because of their careful nature. Being in control and thinking within the bigger picture is how they get the job done.

virgo analyzing


Thanks to their constructive and down-to-earth state of mind you can expect a Virgo to have a practical and organized lifestyle. Even when a situation seems a little stressful they always find their way back to their original plan. They use practical reason to decide how to go forward and won’t complain just like that. Always good to have them on your team as they like to be of help.

practical personality


Virgo’s are trustworthy and devoted people. They are very loyal to friends and family but they need to be able to trust you. If they do then be prepared for a long-lasting and stable friendship. If they don’t then they won’t give away their true inner self. They reserve that only for the ones they bond with. Towards a partner this loyalty involves a deep and passionate physical connection. They love it!

virgin loyalty

Kindness & Loving Life

You’ll find a lot of kindness in a Virgo! They are great friends to have and you can expect their support at any given time. Disappointing others is something they absolutely hate and try to avoid as much as possible. However, just like their loyalty, this kindness only blossoms for the ones they care about. A first impression usually doesn’t reveal this to it’s fullest. It’s something to be aware of when dating a Virgo.

Learning new things and enjoying beauty is another appealing characteristic. Studying or attending courses is something they love. Just like reading books and having interesting conversations. Looking pretty and wearing charming clothes is a way to express how much they love life.

kindness and love


High expectations and perfection are a part of their attitude. However this can sometimes make them too critical. Not just towards themselves but also towards others. They might expect too much from you. You may be surprised about some of the things a Virgo can be worried about…things many others wouldn’t think about that much.

worried virgo

So Why The Virgo Symbol?

Good question! Now that you understand some of the basics we can conclude that a Virgo has a very careful and critical personality. Their thoughts and feelings consider every last detail, as if everything is new in life. This perception of discovering life events for the first time over and over again is where the symbol Virgin comes from.

discovering virgo symbol

Anything Else?

We hope we provided a short and sweet summary in order to comprehend the Virgo. If you’d like to read about other horoscopes you can click here to return to the homepage. Also, in case you’d like to read your daily horoscope we believe the one provided by Yahoo is a good choice.

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