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zodiac usernames

Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are huge these days. Most of us will have an account on either one or a whole bunch. However, running out of cute usernames could be a result. You tried all kinds of usernames, and when you finally found one, it’s already taken. That’s why we decided to create a list of Zodiac Sign usernames, mainly to inspire you. If they’re already taken, they should at least point you in a certain direction.

Aries Usernames

Astrology based:

  • the_ram_on_cam
  • cheer_is_near
  • aries_hilarious
  • follow_that_ram
  • today_is_ok

Rhyme based:

  • aries_diaries
  • aries_necessaries
  • aries_cherries
  • aries_fairies
  • aries_varies

Taurus Usernames

Astrology based:

  • joyful_bull
  • peace_with_ease
  • create_and_wait
  • practical_tactical
  • new_year_new_gear

Rhyme based:

  • taurus_florous
  • taurus_porous
  • taurus_tyrannosaurus
  • taurus_for_us
  • taurus_chorus

Gemini Usernames

Astrology based:

  • pin_twin
  • mercury_anniversary
  • the_chat_cat
  • sun_and_fun
  • humor_boomer

Rhyme based:

  • gemini_sky
  • gemini_eye
  • gemini_guy
  • gemini_spy
  • gemini_shy

Cancer Usernames

Astrology based:

  • moon_in_june
  • the_fab_crab
  • food_for_mood
  • dream_beam
  • the_care_bear

Rhyme based:

  • cancerian_vegetarian
  • cancerian_disciplinarian
  • cancerian_agrarian
  • cancerian_librerian
  • cancerian_antiquarian

Leo Usernames

Astrology based:

  • roar_for_more
  • orion_lion
  • pack_attack
  • share_and_care
  • practical_tactical

Rhyme based:

  • leo_neo
  • leo_geo
  • leo_depot
  • leo_mio
  • leo_we_go

Virgo Usernames

Astrology based:

  • me_and_we
  • caught_a_thought
  • hello_virgo
  • calm_under_the_palm
  • the_empathic_maided

Rhyme based:

  • virgo_turbo
  • virgo_workflow
  • virgo_nervo
  • virgo_thermo
  • virgo_lets_go

Libra Usernames

Astrology based:

  • scales_and_tales
  • the_kind_mind
  • venus_between_us
  • peace_police
  • air_aware

Rhyme based:

  • libra_zebra
  • libra_viva
  • libra_arena
  • libra_signora
  • libra_prima

Scorpio Usernames

Astrology based:

  • armour_charmer
  • spirit_ticket
  • scorpio_oreo
  • how_to_pluto
  • free_degree

Rhyme based:

  • scorpio_show
  • scorpio_flow
  • scorpio_pro
  • scorpio_glow
  • scorpio_snow

Sagittarius Usernames

Astrology based:

  • follow_the_arrow
  • respect_and_connect
  • dare_with_care
  • archer_marcher
  • jupiter_astronaut

Rhyme based:

  • sagittarius_victorious
  • sagittarius_glorious
  • sagittarius_discuss
  • sagittarius_fuss
  • sagittarius_plus

Capricorn Usernames

Astrology based:

  • quote_the_goat
  • saturn_tavern
  • time-to_climb
  • the_real_deal
  • the-demon_chaser

Rhyme based:

  • capricorn_born
  • capricorn_horn
  • capricorn_unicorn
  • capricorn_sworn
  • capricorn_adorn

Aquarius Usernames

Astrology based:

  • hilarious_aquarius
  • dream_extreme
  • luminous_uranus
  • rainbow_licious
  • smile_in_style

Rhyme based:

  • aquarius_carious
  • aquarius_contrarious
  • aquarius_aerious
  • aquarius_various
  • aquarius_scarious

Pisces Usernames

Astrology based:

  • fishful_thinking
  • soon_to_neptune
  • devotion_in_motion
  • water_dreams
  • intuition_exhibition

Rhyme based:

  • pisces_advices
  • pisces_spices
  • pisces_devices
  • pisces_crisis
  • pisces_precises

Coming Up With Ideas

Use A Rhyme Website

The list above literally took us 30 minutes to come up with. In other words, it’s not hard to find any unique usernames yourself. One tool we found very helpful was a website that helps you to rhyme, like Rhymezone for example. You simply type in a word and they provide a whole lot of inspiration.

Think About The Symbol

The next thing you can do is think about the symbol. Often, this is an animal, so think about the characteristics of let’s say a fish. It swims, it likes water, it travels, all that kind of stuff. Definitely helped us out a lot.

Use The Ruling Planet

Planets can be of great help as well. Sometimes they rhyme, sometimes they just sound interesting. People with an interest in Zodiac signs will often already know the deeper meaning behind any planet. Just google your element, take a look at a few pictures, and be creative. Does the planet have any moons? Any typical colors? That kind of stuff.

Use The Element

Whether your element is fire, earth, air or water, they all have something to think about. Let’s say your name is “Claire”, who knows your new username is ready to go when you add “air” one way or the other. We’re just saying, take a few minutes and you should be fine.

Use Your Date Of Birth

Every sign corresponds to a certain time, so maybe your birthday is somewhere in may. So what rhymes to may? Well, who knows your name. Or what about bay, pray, ok, etc. Which brings us to the next point.

Make It Personal

It’s often fun to combine your Zodiac sign username with something personal. Maybe you have a Youtube channel. Your friends are probably aware of that. So, surprise them with the coolest username combined with astrology. “The vlogging bull” would be an example.

More Tips

Use Synonyms

Thesaurus offers a great synonym creator. Sometimes that word you want to add just doesn’t fit in that well. This simple tool allows you to instantly choose a whole bunch of related words. Maybe they rhyme as well. And if not, maybe it just fits your theme perfectly.

Listen To Music

A lot of songs are packed with both creativity and literature. Maybe listening to a couple will be of great help for you. Remember, you only need a few words in order to have that awesome username. And besides, we guess a lot of us like to listen to music anyways.

Look At Photographs

Maybe you have a good collection of photographs to go through. We often have a few favorites that we save in a certain map. Just take a look and who knows what can happen. Maybe you went on a hiking adventure with a friend, and you enjoyed the nature a whole lot. Was there anything in particular that you’ll remember for the rest of your life? Well, maybe use that.

Combine It With Your profile Picture

Most social networks allow you to have a profile picture. Is there anything in that picture that stands out? Is it possible to somehow use that for a username? People will recognize your effort and it may even make them smile, which is always a good thing, right?

Ask Your Friends

If you really can’t come up with anything, simply ask your friends. Maybe one of them is very creative and wouldn’t mind helping you out. Good friends often know you pretty well, and if you allow them to use a little bit of fantasy, you never know what can happen.


Coming up with a unique Zodiac Sign Username may be hard if you just can’t find the inspiration. Using a couple of helpful websites can already do the trick and may just take a couple of minutes.

Think about the traits of your zodiac sign and how they could fit in. Wat’s your symbol? What’s your element? What’s your ruler? Every little piece of information is welcome. And if you like to rhyme, having a good list of words will definitely be of help.

We wish you a whole lot of luck (and fun) on your username journey. There has to be something for you, right? Don’t give up and stay awesome!

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