Zodiac Sign Shoes: What Shoes Do The Signs Like To Wear?

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We’ve covered zodiac signs and their characteristics countless times already, and it still brings us joy to compare the signs in a variety of ways. If you head on over to our entertainment section you’ll come across a bunch of comparison lists. However, we never covered shoes. And yes, it’s about time we change that.

Certain personality traits have their influence on how people dress, how they do their hair, the jokes they come up with..the list is almost endless. Shoes are a big part of modern fashion and can tell quite a bit about someone’s life philosophy. That’s exactly what we’ll be doing in this article. Let’s discover the patterns and preferences when it comes to zodiac sign shoes.

What Shoes Do The Signs Prefer?

Even though there is no set rule, and because tastes differ even within a specific zodiac sign, there definitely is a certain trend to be aware of. We’re not saying that every sign wears the same shoes or sneakers. However, if we do a little research and pay attention to everyday life, we can reach some interesting conclusions.

1. Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

Courageous And Competitive

Aries people are often courageous and competitive. Their energy supports their ambition, which results in the job getting done. No boring shoes for this sign, that’s for sure.


Receiving a good amount of attention fits an Aries just fine. They enjoy it and don’t mind being in the spotlights. Fashion contributes to their successful appearance, which is what they’re usually after. Going with the newest trend will do the trick for them.


An Aries will often go for shoes that express their life energy. Something powerful and sometimes even a little “bossy”. High quality shoes that will last for quite a while will match their “unstoppable” characteristic.

Favorite Color

The favorite color for an Aries is red. Dark red is often a man’s choice whilst women could opt for a lighter version.

Men Versus Women

For men we’d definitely pick a trendy and robust sneaker. A comfortable shoe that expresses both courage and energy is a common choice. Comfort is also important to keep on going without getting distracted. One example would be these Puma sneakers.

For women we’d pick “bossy” pumps. Not too extreme, but stylish and appealing. Something that represents their “Let me show you how it’s done” attitude. It’s important to express that power without going over the top. One example would be these Dream Pair pumps.

aries shoes

2. Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)


Just like an Aries, a Taurus can be ambitious. They like to follow their dreams and work hard to reach their goals. However, in comparison, a Taurus has a more pragmatic approach.


As a result of ambition, a Taurus can be quite stubborn. They like to follow their own path, which almost gave us the idea to opt for “walking shoes”. However, in our opinion, their stubbornness isn’t that bad. Still, a “tough” shoe could be their number one pick.

Practical And Comfortable

Whilst heading for their goal, a Taurus puts a lot of thoughts into taking the next steps. Things should be as practical as possible, because this makes their approach both efficient and stable. Not only practical fits a Taurus, but comfort matches their criteria as well. Even though they can enjoy beautiful and stylish shoes, a little comfort should come with them to say the least.

Favorite Color

Green is the favorite color of a Taurus, or should we call it it’s power source. When selecting the ideal sneakers or heels, let’s try to find something both beautiful and practical..with just the right amount of green.

Men Versus Women

In our opinion, a good amount of Taurus men could go for the sneakers below. Their memory fit should allow for a good fit and comfort whilst they walk towards their goal. These ones are called the Skechers sneakers.

A woman could fall for these loafers. The green is not too bright and the heels are everything but high. They should allow for a stable and comfortable walk. These ones are the YDN loafers.

taurus shoes

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Curious And Clever

A Gemini is often curious and clever. They are perfectly fine with talking to other people; they actually enjoy it. Not only do they listen, they are seriously interested in what someone has to say. An open mind towards shoes doesn’t sound like a surprise.

Outgoing And Flirty

There shouldn’t be too many boundaries for a Gemini. They like to sometimes be outgoing or even flirtatious. Life should be a little adventure from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Let’s be ourselves and show our excitement.

Impulsive And Playful

Impulsive is a thing to take into consideration. They could decide to buy almost any kind of shoes. But a little playful usually does the trick for them. Something out of the box, something that shows they’re not afraid of a little chit-chat about new sneakers or heels.

Favorite Color

Even though opinions differ, yellow is often associated with a Gemini. Some say that green is their powerful color of choice. Let’s stick with the yellow without exaggerating. We need to be both playful and flirty!

Men Versus Women

If you’re looking for shoes that match a Gemini man, or if you wonder what they might be wearing, here’s an example. These stylish sneakers could be their first choice. Not exactly flirtatious, but both playful and “something different”. The ones we show below are the Ralph Lauren Thorton sneakers.

When it comes to women, flirtation and playfulness are your best bet. In our opinion they dare to wear something that will grab a good amount of attention. But it should still express their intelligence. Below we show you the Richealnana stiletto heels.

gemini shoes

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Protective And Caring

A Cancer is usually very protective and trustworthy. It’s not uncommon for people to feel at ease when talking to a Cancer and telling them what’s on their mind. Their listing ear, combined with their wisdom, could result in shoes that express calm vibes.


This being said, it doesn’t just end there. A Cancer can also be very sensitive with a lot of feelings running through their body. They won’t just open up like that. Since people don’t always know what’s hidden behind their door, a Cancer could come across as a little mysterious or even insecure. Therefore, we wouldn’t go for shoes that grab all the attention in the room.


Another common trait is their imagination. Yes, they can think about many things from their own perspective. This results in original ideas or even solutions to a specific problem. Let’s not choose a shoe that’s too boring!

Favorite Color

Since a Cancer is represented by the crab, any color that matches the sea will fit their personalities just fine. We chose blue because that’s how tropical water often looks like, but you could just as well go for a white or beige sand color.

Men Versus Women

For men we’d pick these London Fog boots. They look friendly which matches their empathy. Whenever they are a little sensitive or even insecure, these boots won’t stand out from the crowd too much.

Women should feel comfortable wearing these Dream Pairs boots. They express a little creativity without going into any extremes. Even though they can be insecure, these boots will definitely work as a confidence booster.

cancer shoes

5. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Brave And Passionate

A Leo doesn’t mind a challenge and they won’t give up like that either. They are brave and natural born leaders. Their passion for life contributes to the power they express. No boring shoes for this sign, that’s for sure!

Friendly And Social

If you have a Leo friend, you’re probably aware of how social and empathic they can be. Sure, they can be a little dominant from time to time, but they usually don’t mean it in a bad way. In other words, let’s find them some power-expressing shoes that have a friendly apparel as well.

Creative And Cheerful

We appreciate the cheerfulness of our Leo friend. They can really make you feel better with their humor or creative outbursts. Sneakers or heels shouldn’t be exactly playful, but a little creativity will do the trick.

Favorite Color

Orange is a favorite color among many Leo’s. Think about that evening sun that shines upon us after a hard day of work. It’s energy is most welcome for this sign. Let’s go for something orange.

Men Versus Women

Just to be on the same page, we didn’t select these Nike Alphadunk sneakers for men simply because they somewhat express a Leo’s appearance. These shoes match a leader and represent a cheerful goal-chaser.

For women, these Cape Robbin boots have “follow the leader” all over them. They express creativity, fun, passion and definitely power. The boss lady is in the house!

leo shoes

6. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

Hard Working

A Virgo is one of the hardest working signs out there. They are both dedicated and professional. A good organization makes them come across as trustworthy and focused. Even though they can be creative, we wouldn’t go for a shoe that’s too “funny”.


For a professional approach to work, you need to be critical. However, critical in a realistic way. This adds to their trustworthiness as well. Their eye for detail should also be represented by the clothes they wear.


Virgo’s are often very kind and appreciate their friends and family. If you need a helping hand or if you feel the urge to talk to someone, a Virgo is usually there for you. Let’s find that “friendly” pair of shoes for them.

Favorite Color

This sign favors pale shades, nothing too extreme is best. White is a safe bet, which is what we’ll be focusing on. Or a little beige should be just fine as well.

Men Versus Women

A typical Virgo man could go for these Lacoste loafers. They have that professional touch to them, whilst still expressing friendliness and little details.

Women will most likely appreciate these Dream Pairs open toe heels. They’ll make them look dedicated at work, but also kind and open-minded towards friends and loved ones. You can’t go wrong with these ones in our opinion.

virgo shoes

7. Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 21)


A Libra strives for a balanced and fair life. Everyone should be treated equally in a peaceful world. This being said, a conflict isn’t always a comfortable situation for them to be in. World peace and a tranquil vibe suits them very well.


We all have dreams, and so does a Libra. This is somewhat tied to the harmony we just mentioned. We’re not saying they all live by a “flower power” personality, but when it comes to shoes they should express a friendly and happy lifestyle.


Their idealistic personality can also be seen in friendships. They are loyal and prefer something for the long run. Being alone is something they don’t like. They also appreciate a partner for life. Enjoying nature and all it’s beauty is highly appreciated.

Favorite Color

A Libra’s favorite color is light blue, just like clear blue skies. It calms them down and adds to their self-esteem. It also connects them to the outdoors which they enjoy to it’s fullest.

Men Versus Women

These low top Converse sneakers for men match most of the criteria we talked about. Nothing too fancy, a perfect fit with nature, you could call them “neutral” in a way. High top versions are fine too.

For the ladies we would recommend these sandals by Getmorebeauty. An open mind, a free spirit, an ideal world filled with love and peace. In our opinion these shoes have it all.

libra shoes

8. Scorpio (Oct. 22 – Nov. 21)


The goal a Scorpio sets for him or herself can be quite ambitious. But they are passionate and brave and don’t just back away. They stand their ground and don’t mind showing off their skills. You probably want to get them a pair of shoes that express this braveness.


Keeping their secrets safe and respecting the secrets of others is important for a Scorpio. Since they are very loyal you can usually tell them what’s on your mind without the whole world knowing about it. Being secretive can come across as a little mysterious too.


This sign is usually very active with a good amount of intelligence. Teasing someone adds to their excitement, even in an erotic way. In other words, let’s find these folks some “interesting” new shoes.

Favorite Color

Colors like dark red or dark purple, even combined with some black, will be a good match.

Men Versus Women

These Stacy Adams loafers are our number one pick for a Scorpio man. They’re brave enough to wear them and express that ambitious mentality. A little mysterious even?

In our opinion, these Mila Lady stilettos should be teasing enough for a woman. It’s as if they’re saying “Don’t mess with me”, but in a friendly manner. The dark pink that converts into black is a safe bet when it comes to colors.

scorpio shoes

9. Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Freedom And Fun

A Sagittarius enjoys and appreciates freedom. Going for a walk in the outdoors or enjoying a holiday is what they love to do. Things become even better whenever there is some fun involved. No boring footwear for them!

Optimism And Humor

Always look on the bright side of life, right? Well, a Sagittarius tries to live by these words. They don’t mind an adventure or trying something new, who know’s it’ll be a lot of fun?

Friends And Conversations

Having a nice chat with friends and family is what these people adore. They have an open mind and can be very spontaneous. Let’s enjoy this word and be ourselves.

Favorite Color

A Sagittarius usually loves the color yellow. To them it’s the color of happiness, hope and freedom.

Men Versus Women

We can definitely see a Sagittarius man wearing these Toms casual shoes on their next holiday. Their optimism speaks for itself. These shoes give them a lot of flexibility on whatever adventure they’re about to start (well, probably not for hiking but you get the point).

For women we’d go for something more elegant. However, not the extreme high heels. These Dream Pairs sandals will allow for a nice walk, enjoy that beach club or even a fun afternoon with friends.

sagittarius shoes

10. Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)


A Capricorn is often ambitious. Their discipline helps them to achieve their goals, even if they seem unreachable at first. You probably won’t satisfy them with any random shoe. They want the real deal.


Their ambition makes them prefer good quality products. A famous brand that stood the test of time could be a safe choice. Their love for tradition adds to this approach.


This sign is capable to make proper plans in order to follow their dreams. They are good leaders, so something appealing will match their feet. Their confidence can not be ignored.

Favorite Color

The black and white combination is your safest bet. No surprise why they love the vintage black and white posters or movies so much.

Men Versus Women

These black and white Lacoste sneakers should be a great match for a Capricorn man. The brand has been around for a long time and they produce high quality shoes.

Scorpio women should be able to express their leadership brilliantly with these Show Story high heels. Not only because of their colors, but also because they express confidence big time!

capricorn shoes

11. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Original And Unique

A Sagittarius likes to be original and unique. They have a fine taste for art and can be very creative when in the right mood. We wouldn’t get ordinary shoes for them. Try to be creative and you’ll find that perfect match.


These people love their share of fun. Either with friends or when they are alone. They usually don’t lack energy and can come up with intelligent ideas. This motivates them to keep their creativity going.


Even though an Aquarius needs some time to relax and to be alone, they see possibilities wherever they go. Life is full of opportunities, so why not explore as much as possible? This works the same way with shoes. “Let’s try these ones for a change”.

Favorite Color

Just like a tropical beach, an Aquarius prefers the colors blue and turquoise. However, they like a combination of different colors a whole lot as well.

Men Versus Women

These colorful Sperry boat shoes for men contain different colors, as well as their favorite blue. They are fun, unique and have that “art feeling” to them.

A colorful version for women would be these Jessica Simpson sandals. They are definitely something different and original. If you’re looking for a shoe that expresses motivation, this is a great option.

aquarius shoes

12. Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

Creative And Artistic

If you have a Pisces friend or relative, you’re probably aware of their creative side. They can come up with the most amazing ideas, sometimes even filled with fantasy. You probably guessed it…no dull shoes for these fellas!

Escaping Reality

Just being in another world for a moment can really set them free. In fantasy world you can wear anything you want, so why not translate that into everyday life?

Social And Empathetic

A Pisces enjoys a balances social life. They appreciate friends and like to hang out together. They are really nice people with a good heart towards others. Let’s find this friendliness in a pair of shoes.

Favorite Color

Even though this can slightly differ, many Pisces prefer the colors lilac, purple and (marine) blue.

Men Versus Women

These marine-blue Skechers slip-on loafers for men were an easy pick for us. They are “something different” and meant to feel extremely comfortable. Fantasy land, here we come.

Pisces women could fall in love with these Getmorebeauty ankle boots. They’re appealing and elegant, which will most likely speak to their imagination.

pisces shoes

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Quite obviously, tastes differ. Even within each and every zodiac sign. This article is meant to provide helpful information about picking the right shoes for the right sign. We focus on traits and personal preferences like colors. Together with our own experience we came up with this list.

Zodiac sign shoes are a fun and educational way to learn more about the signs. The shoes they wear often match their traits, but exceptions are not uncommon.

If you head on over to our entertainment section you’ll soon notice that we share a whole lot of these lists. It sometimes helps to understand the signs better. For example, we share some favorite zodiac songs. But it doesn’t just end there. We keep adding these kinds of articles on a regular basis.

To finish this story, we’d like to give you one last idea. If you enjoyed reading you’ll probably like this website as well. They cover party shoes.

Feel free to visit us again or to share our information with your friends.

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