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Finding a Zodiac outfit can be hard if you’re looking to get totally dressed on halloween. If however you are looking for anything to wear we’ll help you out. After adding a few accessories like necklaces and bracelets to our shop section, we did some research on what’s available when it comes to costumes. In this article we’ll give you a list of items that we think could be of help. There’s so much to choose from!

Aries Outfits

If you want to dress like a ram the most prominent gear we’ve found are the appealing horns. There are a good amount to choose from however some are more detailed than others. Another popular item seems to be the Aries mask that will partially cover your face. Most of these products are somewhere in the $10 – $30 range.

aries zodiac costume

Taurus Outfits

For the bull your choices are a little more diverse. It’s not just horns and masks but also full head covers and even costumes. A few examples are displayed in the picture below but there’s definitely more to find out. They cost anywhere between only a few bucks all the way up to $60. There’s even an option for your dog!

taurus zodiac costume

Gemini Outfits

Now this is a tough one when it comes to costumes. It’s probably best to just dress exactly the same as your friend. However, that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for right now. What we came across were a bunch of Gemini shirts. We already showed some jewelry so we won’t focus on that again. Anyways, if you’re interested here are some of the examples you could find on the link we provide.

gemini zodiac outfits

Cancer Outfits

Most of the clothes we discovered were shirts, baby onesies and socks. If there’s nothing you like on this list it may be a good idea to use the search term “crab costume”. There are a good amount of those actually but it’s not really inspired by astrology or horoscopes. Feel free to scroll around a bit and who knows you’ll find something that you like.

cancer zodiac outfits

Leo Outfits

Lots of cool merchandise for this sign! Here are just a few examples you’ll come across. The kitchen bib and the kids collection seem really nice. With over 700 results just take a moment to explore your options and who knows you’re in luck. Maybe the bag is a cool idea for your next summer holiday?

leo zodiac outfits

Virgo Costumes (And Bags)

When researching this topic we found these amazing bags that we just had to add to the picture below. We know, they’re not exactly clothes, but how cute are they! We guess that by now you get the point of all the apparel that’s available. Anyways, let’s continue to inspire you!

virgo zodiac costumes

Libra Costumes

Lots of kids stuff to be found for this sign. Bags, hats and more ideas will show up as well. Not all the clothes seem to be available at this moment so let’s hope that changes soon.

libra zodiac costumes

Scorpio Costumes

One of the first things that appeared to us were the pretty socks so we added a few of those. There are shirts, pullovers and tank tops as well. You’ll also be shown some accessories like keychains and wall decorations even though that’s probably not what you need right now. Have fun!

scorpio zodiac outfits

Sagittarius Costumes

In this category there are some cool hoodies and t-shirts. The school bag is also worth to mention even though there should be more of those. Rings and earrings are also featured on this page. Make sure to click the “next” button at the bottom to get a glimpse at all the 7000 results.

sagittarius zodiac costumes

Capricorn Costumes

Just like Sagittarius there are some awesome hoodies for this zodiac sign as well. We even came across these sneakers that are available in different styles. Lots of toddler stuff to find and some long sleeves with scripts. With 6000 products on offer the Capricorn is definitely one of the most favorite horoscopes in the clothing world.

capricorn zodiac costumes

Aquarius Costumes

A few fun things to discover! For example the women’s panties and the belt buckle could be an eye catcher depending on the circumstances. The cap is available in different colors. There are some pins and buttons to check out too. Baby stuff as well but we didn’t feel like showing those again.

aquarius zodiac costumes

Pisces Outfits

Last but not least we have Pisces to showcase. If transforming yourself into a fish is not the goal we hope this helps. A thong for those who want to impress their loved ones or a shoe that expresses this sign in blue and white. Whatever you are looking for, this page has loads to offer besides the things we gathered for you already.

pisces zodiac costumes

Our Thoughts

Finding a Zodiac Sign outfit isn’t an easy job if you want to fully appear like an animal. There are some horns and masks but if you want to have a bodysuit you should specify your search towards that animal. We believe there are some great clothes to wear if that’s good enough for you. Especially if you want to express your horoscope and the traits it represents. Whatever happens we hope we helped you a little and we wish you good luck!

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