Zodiac Sign DIY Charms

Zodiac sign charms are literally everywhere these days. Whenever we meet someone wearing something really cute, chances are they say “I made it myself”. So we got some in order to make a few necklaces and bracelets. Not only for ourselves, but also for our friends.

A Cheap Option

You know, the thing is that besides having our own zodiac sign, we still differ in personality. Add someone’s moon sign and you’ll end up with a whole lot of individual characteristics.

Creating a personalized gift, either for yourself or for someone else, can really make your necklace or bracelet stand out from the crowd. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it definitely doesn’t need to be expensive.

You can order 30 silver plated necklaces for only 12 bucks at Amazon. Add a zodiac charms set that contains over 100 separate pieces for around 10 bucks and you’re ready to go. That’s not even a dollar for each necklace.

If you’re interested, these are the necklaces and these are the charms. But you can choose a totally different combination if you refer. And hey, you could do the same for bracelets.

Sterling Silver Quality

If your budget allows you to spend a little extra, check out some of the Sterling Silver charms. They come in a variety of prices. These ones are around 13 bucks and could look lovely on both a necklace or a bracelet.

You could also opt for a different necklace. We guess it’s best to do your own research about that as we don’t run a jewelry shop in the end. We’re just trying to inform you about some of the possibilities. Always make sure to read about the quality of a product. It would be a shame if you buy an expensive charm that you end up losing because the cheap necklace broke.

Combining multiple charms can look very pretty, especially if it’s not over the top. Some bracelets allow you to attach a whole bunch. You could get one based on someone’s horoscope, one about their hobby and another one about their partner. Just to mention a few ideas.

Rose Gold Charms

They don’t necessarily need to be expensive, but they can really make some people happy. If you or your friend prefers the rose gold collections, well, here’s an option for you.

This one in particular is around 18 bucks and available at Amazon here. It’s specially made for the so called “add a bead charm” bracelets. Maybe you already have one or who knows your friend does. They are not included, just so you know.

A whole lot of similar products can be found online, so don’t think this is your only option. Again, it all depends on your personal taste. We like this one, but maybe you prefer something else.

Gold Coins

We talked about gold coin jewelry in the past since they can be very appealing. If gold is your thing, well, who knows you like these coins yourself.

It’s probably a good idea to get a golden chain as well. They should be listed on the sellers page, or simply do a little search. The set we show you below is around 17 bucks, but they have another set that includes the golden chains as well. More details can be found here.

Who knows you have a couple of friends that are really into golden jewelry. Getting a set just for yourself might not be a logical thing to do. Get something separate instead if that’s what you are after.

Constellation Charms

In case you prefer the shape of the actual constellation, this could be nice. Another set is shown below, it’s silver plated and costs around 9 bucks. If you want to read more, check it out here.

They come in different sizes, which probably is fine for most of us. Again, if you want to surprise some friends, these sets can really help you out big time. Add a silver necklace and you should be done in a matter of minutes.

The little rhinestones make it pretty as well. Some have a bunch, some just a few. But well, sometimes less is more, right? There’s an option to combine this set with another one for a discounted price (at least, at this moment).


Zodiac sign charms are available in a whole lot of different models. They can be amazing for DIY, especially if you like to be a little creative. There are some cheap options to create a whole bunch, or you could just create one for yourself according to your own taste.

Attaching a whole bunch to your necklace or bracelet can look awesome, however, it’s probably best to find a “base” product that’s already made for that. We think most people wear a single charm around their neck and multiple around their wrist. But hey, tastes differ. And that’s a good thing in the end.

We hope we were of some help. There are hundreds if not thousands of charms to choose from, so please scroll through them at your own pace. We just wanted to give you a start in the right direction. If not, try to do some research on Etsy. Lots to discover there as well.

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