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zodiac constellation coffee mug

Whilst searching for a birthday gift we came across this cute zodiac coffee mug. We didn’t end up buying one because the guy isn’t exactly into astrology, but it seemed fun for us to add it to our shop section as a reminder. Maybe it’ll inspire some of our readers or maybe we’ll end up grabbing one ourselves in the future.

In A Nutshell

This mug is available at Amazon for almost 20 bucks. There’s one for each horoscope which you get to select yourself. It’s a 15oz porcelain cup that comes with a golden spoon and a bamboo lid. Wrapped in a nice gift box this could be a fun present for your loved ones.

Zodiac coffee mug details


The image below probably explains it all but this mug measures 3.74 inches in width and 3.54 inches in height (without the cupholder). The spoon is 5.90 inches long and the lid 3.74 inches in diameter. The whole package measures 7.9 x 7.2 x 3.9 inches and weighs around 1.7 pounds.

mug information

Other Possibilities

Obviously this is not the only Zodiac coffee mug out there. In fact there are over 250 mugs to choose from and they come in different styles. If you don’t like the black design you’ll find all sorts of color variations. Some are even heat sensitive which means they change their appearance once filled with warm coffee. We ourselves really adore how some of them feature a lovely impression of constellations and galaxies. Anyways, tastes differ, we’re just saying…

more zodiac mugs

Advantages Of Porcelain

Ceramics like porcelain are often used to fabric coffee mugs. The material provides thermal insulation which means that heat transfer is reduced to a minimum. Your beverage will therefore keep it’s temperature for an acceptable time in order to enjoy it to it’s fullest. No wonder why in restaurants your coffee, latte or expresso is served that way. Another advantage is the ease of cleaning. Whether by hand or by dishwasher these mugs are simple to maintain. Without much hassle you’ll be able to keep them shiny for years to come.

porcelain coffee mug

Choosing The Right Mug

First and foremost there’s no argue about personal preferences when it comes to the design. That’s simply up to you. However there are some things to pay attention to. It may sound obvious but make sure your mug is securely shipped. People who purchased one do sometimes complain about the shipping method or their products being broken. Scroll down on the sellers page and read some of the reviews, there are usually comments on this topic including pictures. You’d also want to read about warranty and customer service which is often provided by the manufacturer. Quality of the constellation print can be another issue. You wouldn’t want your Zodiac sign to fade away, so again, please read some of the experiences people had with the mug you like. Finally, if it’s a gift, a cute and pretty package would come in handy like the one we showed at the top of this page.

choosing the right mug

New To Astrology?

In case you’re a newbie but you want to surprise someone with a coffee mug according to their Zodiac sign here’s some basic information. We assume you know the birthday of the lucky one. Well, every birthday is associated with one of the twelve horoscopes. Click this Wikipedia link to check them all out. Now that you know their sign you know exactly which mug you need. To understand even more feel free to visit our articles here: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.


Whatever beverage you’re having we hope it’ll taste delicious with your new Zodiac coffee mug! Astrology gadgets have already made loads of people happy so feel free to research some of the other gear that’s available online. Maybe it’s fun to discover some of our personal favorites like bracelets, necklaces, outfits or lamps. We wish you all of the best and finish by saying cheers!

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