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zodiac sign bracelets

With thousands of bracelets to choose from we decided to give you a little inspiration. We based our picks on price, reviews and durability. And to be totally honest our personal taste as well. Who knows this is of help to some of you or maybe even a good place to begin your search. We link to the sellers pages so you can read more if you wish.

Alloy And Leather Bracelet

This Zodiac inspired bracelet is available for every horoscope. Taurus is shown in the example below but you’ll get the option to choose. The exact measurements are explained in the picture as well. Some customers claim that it fits pretty tight, especially on men. But you can read the reviews yourself if you wish. Overall very happy customers and with the majority voting 5 out of 5 stars probably worth it’s price.

zodiac sign alloy bracelet
alloy bracelet information

Braided Rope Bracelet

This item has some similarity to the one we mentioned above. It’s a little wider which adds to the “eye-catcher” effect. Again, there’s one for all of the 12 signs out there. Most of the feedback is good and it seems to be a popular birthday gift for both men and women. Make sure to take it off before having a shower (or any water contact) in order to enjoy it as long as possible. Comes with a cute gift bag.

rope bracelet
rope information

Black Metallic Bracelet

Compared to the first two options this one is a little bigger. It measures 8.3 inches but make sure to always measure your wrist size before ordering. The clasp seems more secure but we couldn’t find any information on how to adjust it. All together a very stylish bracelet that will fit many different clothes and occasions. At this moment there are only 4 reviews, which is a little low if you ask us, but over time this may increase.

black white adjustable clasp

Rose Gold Bracelet

Totally different than the ones we already showed you, however very stylish. It’s lead and nickel free in order to avoid allergies. The Zodiac “coin” measures 12mm in diameter and the bracelet itself is 60mm. You put it on by bending it a little bit and it comes with a gift package. There are a good amount of customer comments, usually very promising. Also available in silver by the way.

rose gold bracelet
gold information

Wire Bangle Bracelet

A Best Seller with over 3000 ratings to check out if you wish. It’s available in both gold and silver. If you don’t want to depend on the fit too much this could be your solution. Since it’s expandable it should stay comfortable around your wrist. A nice fact is that it’s handmade from recycled goods. On the contrary it’s a little more expensive than the previous illustrations.

wire bangle


Everyone’s taste is different so please make sure to do your own research. We found a few “popular” Zodiac bracelets to give you an idea of what to expect within the 10-20 dollar price range. Usually they’re available for all the signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces). The fit seems to be an issue for some so pay attention to that if you can. We hope we inspired you and wish you good luck on your astrology journey!

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