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In Chinese astrology, each year is associated with one of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs (animals). This differs from Western astrology, where each sign gets to rule for about a month. Every 12 years, it’s time for a specific animal to have it’s year once again (starting at Chinese New Year). For instance, 2021 is the Year of the Ox, but so was 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961 and so on. Future dates will be 2033, 2045, 2057, 2069 etc. In this article we’re going to explain all the traits, compatibility, predictions, and much more about the Ox.

year of the ox chart

In this article:

  • Why The Ox?
  • Common Traits
  • Common Traits In More Detail
  • Traits By Their Element
  • Traits By Their Blood Type
  • Lucky/Unlucky Numbers, Colors, Flowers, Directions
  • Compatibility
  • Relationships
  • Predictions

Why The Ox?

In Chinese culture, the ox is associated with being a loyal friend and someone who contributes a lot to society. Likewise, people born in the year of the ox tend to be industrious and productive, as well as a little bit cautious. These people hold firmly to their faith. If you need help, they’re always willing to provide it to you. They’re also very sympathetic people who tend to be good leaders, because they can manage both people and situations very well. Furthermore, these people never give up and often get what they want. Let’s list their characteristics:


  • Strengths: honest, responsible, loyal, logical, hard-working
  • Weaknesses: stubborn, conservative, less talkative, overly cautious
  • Men born under this sign: mature, logical thoughts, diligent, strong sense of accountability
  • Women born under this sign: tolerant, diligent, somewhat quiet, ethical, loyal

Just like any other Chinese sign, people born in the year of the ox have strengths and weaknesses. The specific year and even their blood type can affect more-specific characteristics and traits. When it comes to other correlations, people born in the year of the ox are associated with:

  • The earthly branch
  • The hours of 1:00 to 3:00 in the morning
  • Yang (in the yin and yang category)

Recent years of the ox include 2021, 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949, and 1937. The elements branch, hours, and yin/yang association vary depending on what year it is, even though years of the ox always happen every 12 years.

most common ox traits in more detail

Common Ox Traits In More Detail

What do people born in the year of the Ox usually have in common? We touched on their traits slightly already, but let’s dive into the details.

Honest And Hard-Working

The ox is the second of all Chinese zodiac symbols. Like other animals in the Chinese zodiac, people born under this sign have certain characteristics and traits. It’s worth to mention that most people are surprised by how accurate these descriptions are. If you know someone who was born in the year of the ox, you’ve likely already noticed that they’re both serious and honest. They’re not ones to appreciate being the center of attention, because they tend to be low-key people who aren’t looking for praise. Rather, they consider the results of their hard work to be enough to prove how honest and hard-working they really are.

ox hard working

Leadership And Equality

People born in the year of the ox tend to be great leaders because they believe in equality, are patient, and they rarely lose their temper. They believe in justice and that everybody should do what is asked of them so that the workload isn’t spread out unevenly. While they tend to have the same traits among one another, there are still some gender-specific traits attached to this sign, which include:

  • Men born under this sign are trustworthy and reliable. They truly care about their family, and when they take on a project (personal or professional) they put their entire heart and soul into it. They have a lot of confidence, bordering on arrogance, and sometimes this plays out by being tough on their children. From time to time, the things they expect out of their children and even others are a bit unrealistic. But truth be told, these men usually don’t expect any more out of other people than they do out of themselves.
  • Women born under the sign are very gentle and calm. Still, they tend to be a bit stubborn, especially concerning decisions they’ve made for themselves. They follow the road they’ve chosen, even if it looks like they’ve made a mistake. This can cause them to have a lot of struggles throughout their lifetime. They tend to think and react to things quickly, instead of taking their time and thinking things through. Maybe that’s the reason why these things happen to them in the first place.
year of the ox characteristics

Routines And Traditional Ideas

Faithful and persistent, people born in the year of the ox are great at managing, even though they can also be a little strict. In fact, they seem to be natural-born leaders who insist on being fair to everyone. Because of these and many other traits, friends and family members can trust people born under this sign. They are rarely let down. Oxen also prefer routines and traditional ideas. They love to take things step by step and in the right order. They don’t like to stray from the norm and never hinder others’ progress, goals, or work ethic.

Stubborn And Moody

Cautious, patient, and very honest, people born in the year of the ox also tend to be a bit fractious and stubborn, as well as tardy. They can also be a bit moody and even irritable. They love keeping the peace but tend to be unromantic and sometimes a bit awkward with members of the opposite sex.

Typical Jobs

  • Doctor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Lawyer
  • Office assistant
  • Socialist
  • Teacher
  • Writer

Health And Diet

Being born in the year of the ox can also have a direct effect on a person’s health and diet. They often have an obsessive desire for food and therefore can be a bit overweight. They can also have stomach problems from fried and greasy foods. For this reason, it’s recommended that they stick to a light, healthy diet that consists mostly of fruits and vegetables.

ox traits by element

The Five Elements: How Do They Affect the Ox?

As already mentioned, the year of the ox comes every 12 years, but certain associations can change depending on which year you’re looking at. For instance, the elements associated with each of the years look like this:

  • 1937: fire
  • 1949: earth
  • 1961: metal
  • 1973: water
  • 1985: wood
  • 1997: fire
  • 2009: earth
  • 2021: metal
  • 2033: water
  • 2045: wood
chinese elements

As far as how each of these elements affects the personalities of the people born in the year of the ox, here’s what they look like:

  • Wood Ox: These people are upright, unselfish, brave, and resourceful, not to mention a little on the outspoken side.
  • Fire Ox: They are versatile and clever, even though they can also be a bit unsympathetic.
  • Earth Ox: These people are smart and confident, as well as a bit on the conservative side.
  • Metal Ox: Usually very active and busy people, and they have great interpersonal skills.
  • Water Ox: These people are diligent and hardworking, not to mention realistic.
ox and elements

Wood Ox

If you’re a wood ox because you were born in 1985 for example, you always do what’s right and you’re a bit restless. You are straightforward and may offend people occasionally with the things you say. But this is not really a bad trait. In addition, you can always be counted on by friends who are in trouble. You are proud to defend people who are helpless and weak, which is always a good characteristic. Some tips that can make your life a little easier include: Never lend money to anyone, never gamble, and try to buy something more practical the next time you go shopping.

Fire Ox

For a fire ox born in 1997 for example, your traits include being impersonal, a little selfish, narrow-minded, as well as very practical. You may also lack decision-making skills, which can affect your marriage and even cause you to get divorced more than once. Nevertheless, you are lively and outgoing. If you’re looking for a romantic partner for a lifetime, choose one born in the year of the rat and under the water element to increase the odds. 

Earth Ox

When it comes to earth ox people born in 2009 for example, you are incredibly honest and have a strong sense of responsibility. You’re also honest when it comes to recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, you manage your work very well, in part because you are not one to shy away from hard work or a difficult situation. You also love to keep your promises and are therefore very dependable. Others recognize this trait. You are very honest and love to see everyone treated with the same respect, and you tend to work toward that goal in almost everything.

Metal Ox

If you’re a metal ox born in 1961 for example, you love staying busy and active, which is why you get a lot done in your daily life. You tend to have good relationships with other people, and you may have even been rich when you were still young. Your middle-age years were likely steady and consistent, and you can count on your golden years being happy and comfortable. If you’re seeking any advice, here is what you should do: Avoid deep friendships with members of the opposite sex because this could lead to a love triangle, which usually benefits no one.

Water Ox

For a water ox born in 1973 for example, you’re often very organized and don’t mind to work hard. You set goals for yourself and stick to them. Your motivation allows you to be surrounded by a good amount of friends, which could result in working hard together. Because you’re so disciplined and focused, it’s not uncommon to achieve great goals. On the contrary, you can also be a little quiet with a lot of thoughts running through your head. This however is necessary to think about the next steps that should be taken.

ox types
ox traits by blood type

Traits Of The Ox By Blood Type

Just like many other aspects, the traits of someone born in the year of the ox can also be broken down by blood type (who knew?). Following is a breakdown of these blood types and the traits associated with them.

Blood type A

Because these people are so cautious, every decision they make comes only after thinking everything through very thoroughly. One of the reasons they are trusted by others is because of this thoroughness. They never give up but see everything through to the very end, whether it’s a personal or a professional endeavor.

Blood type B

These people are known for their cleverness, which often results in ideas that are absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, their shyness often keeps them from sharing those great ideas with others. Still, their brilliance will show through once the idea comes to fruition. After that, everyone will see the results for themselves and be impressed by them.

Blood type AB

This category shows strong personalities but always stick with their principles. They are totally selfless people who will gladly change their views on a topic once they’re confronted with the right information. In other words, oxen with the AB blood type are flexible and never insist to be right about everything.

Blood type O

Blood type O people usually prefer to work alone on a project. When they’re at the office, they typically don’t ask for help until they are completely stressed out and have nowhere else to go. Furthermore, they’re also extremely loyal and can always be counted on for help.

chinese ox year
year of the ox signs

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers, Colors, Flowers, Directions

For each zodiac sign, there are lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, flowers, and even directions. People born in the year of the ox should consider that the following knowledge applies to them.

  • Lucky numbers: 1, 9 (along with any number containing these numbers; for example, 19, 91, and so on)
  • Unlucky numbers: 3, 4 (along with any number containing these numbers; for example, 34, 43, and so on)
  • Lucky colors: red, blue, purple
  • Unlucky colors: white, green
  • Lucky flowers: tulips, pink blossoms
  • Lucky directions: north, south, southeast
  • Unlucky directions: northwest
  • Direction of love: south
  • Direction of wealth: northwest
  • Directions of auspiciousness: east, southeast
ox lucky and unlucky signs

Compatibility Of The Ox With Other Signs

When it comes to love, it’s natural for everyone to wonder who they’re most compatible with and who they should avoid. Each zodiac sign has it’s own characteristics and traits, so there’s an easy way to tell which signs could match together. Here’s a list of who you should stay away from and who you should look for when it comes to romance:

  • Signs that complement the ox: rabbit, snake
  • Most compatible with the ox: rat, snake, rooster
  • Average chance of doing well with the ox: rabbit, dog
  • Signs that the ox should definitely avoid: horse, dragon, goat


People born in the year of the ox aren’t extremely talented when it comes to communicating. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for them to prefer being alone over being with other people. While they tend to treasure their family members, they don’t always place a lot of emphasis on their love life. That being said, when they find themselves in a romantic relationship, it could last for a lifetime if they put in the effort.

year of the ox predictions

Predictions For The Ox In 2021


Your career will likely be very stable throughout the year 2021, but stable isn’t always a clear path. This year, you may have problems breaking into a new career or even going further in your current career. Even if you work hard and make more efforts than other people. When it comes to work, you need to be careful throughout this year because there are negative people who may try something evil. Since they can interfere with your success, make sure to stay alert.


You could have some illness and discomfort coming your way, even though it may not be dire. You may find yourself getting sick more easily and more frequently than you usually do, although it won’t be life-threatening. Fortunately, you can reduce these negative health effects by taking better care of yourself and paying more attention to your overall health. This includes stepping up on the exercise regimen and making sure you eat healthy on a regular basis.


If You’re Single

If you were born in the year of the ox and you’re currently unattached, you might find that your romantic relationship is picking up speed. It’s going a bit faster than you were expecting, and you might want to be conscious of this. Even if you meet someone in 2021 that you are convinced is Mr./Ms. Right, taking it slow is going to increase the odds that this won’t be a mistake. That being said, you don’t have to completely ignore potential romantic relationships either. Try to relax the perfectionist part of your personality so that you don’t expect too much out of a would-be partner. This will enable the relationship to develop slowly but at the right pace throughout the year.

If You’re Taken

If you’re an ox and you’re currently in a relationship, 2021 is a good year to work on any conflicts the two of you may be having. You can get rid of any setbacks that have developed over time. Just like the “7-year itch,” this can be a good or a bad year for you when it comes to your current relationship. Try working on something together. For example, a household project or a vacation designed to spice up the relationship and kick it up a notch. Improved teamwork is always good for a relationship. The year 2021 may even make or break your relationship, depending on how you approach it.


When it comes to money matters, 2021 won’t be great for you, although it won’t be disastrous either. You may come into a windfall, which is good, but your overall financial situation is likely to be medium at best. It’s good to play it safe when it comes to your finances because this may be the only way to keep things stable.

Final Words

Of course, many of these things are directly affected by your personality. Even though the traits mentioned above are often accurate, some oxen may have traits that are a bit stronger or weaker than other people. Because of this, your personality traits and the strength of those traits are going to affect what happens to you in the end. In other words, you do have some control over how the year 2021 will turn out, regardless of any horoscope you read. As someone born in the year of the ox, your willingness to work hard and be persistent are your best traits. They are also the reasons why 2021 will likely all work out for you when everything is said and done.

As far as your love life is concerned, 2021 may not be the best year you’ve ever seen, but it’s unlikely to be the worst either. In fact, many people born in the year of the ox end up finding the right mate while they’re still very young, not to mention staying with that mate for a very long time. So, when it comes to love, just relax and the rest should fall into place.


There are 12 zodiac signs in Chinese astrology. Each one of them gets to rule for an entire year. This is different from Western astrology where we often stick to a month. Chinese New Year sets the start for a new zodiac sign year.

There are a lot of common traits for people born in the year of the ox. However, their traits can slightly differ. It’s not just the birth year that plays it’s role, but other factors come to play as well. The five elements and different blood types are good examples of this.

Lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, flowers and even directions can have their influence on Ox people. Certain Chinese zodiac signs are a good match for the Ox, whilst others could not work at all.

There are some predictions for the year 2021. We talked about the ones that apply to the Ox. But predictions can be made for each Chinese zodiac sign within the year of the ox. If you’re curious, we’d advise you to read this article.

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