What Is The Meaning Of 666 In Numerology?

the meaning of 666

Perhaps you’ve seen the numbers 666 more often lately and you’re wondering why that is. In this article we will explain exactly what it means and why there’s nothing to worry about.

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Why It’s Not The Devil

You can breathe and relax because there is absolutely no evidence that this personality from hell is involved in any way. In fact there is good reason to prove otherwise. We came across this wikipedia page that explains how this mistake has been made in the past. It’s worth to read if you’re interested or if you need more proof to calm yourself down. The current Christian Bible talks about 666 as representing the beast whereas the oldest Papyrus writings (which form it’s foundation) mention the number 616. So don’t worry, keep calm and chill. The meaning of 666 is all about the good stuff!


Money is not the most important thing in life, if we may say so, but some wealth could be coming your way sooner or later. Or perhaps you’re already doing pretty well financially. Your angels see you as the kind of person that is likely to share with others. Getting people gifts or donating to a good cause reflect on how much you’ve grown individually. Your mind is open to the wellbeing of others more than it has ever been before. Even a little gesture like flowers can already bring you a whole lot of appreciation.

666 wealth


Besides wealth you’re also becoming more aware of sharing your love. Physical gifts are great but in the end love goes a long way. Maybe you haven’t been the loving person lately or who knows the timing just wasn’t right. Well, now it’s time to change that. Because if you express your love you will notice you’ll be getting a lot more yourself as well. Sometimes people just need a little push in order to express their feelings or emotions. You’re at the point in your life to make it happen for everyone you cherish.

666 love


Another important thing that lies beneath the true meaning of the number 666 is being tolerant. You have opened your doors to accepting people the way they are. Maybe you are already aware of it or maybe it’s starting to show just recently. The universe wants you to know you’re doing the right thing. Understanding and accepting other peoples thoughts and behavior is the route you’re taking at this moment. This also includes other cultures or traditions. Keep this open mind and make the best out of it because you have the gift to do so.



Life is turning into a more peaceful experience for you. Having peace with yourself is something you can easily achieve if you take power in your own hands. Towards others you’ll achieve this goal as well because you possess the capabilities mentioned above. Having a peaceful life will relax your mind and make you think clear. New impressions and life experiences are much easier to cope with. A balanced life awaits you!



When seeing 666 you are likely to obtain a more optimistic life philosophy. Look at the bright side of life and you’ll notice how much this contributes to that relaxed state of mind we talked about. Off course we all have our ups and downs, that’s simply how it goes. Staying positive however is one of your strengths and if you take advantage of that it’ll change your life for the better. Good vibes bring good luck! That’s what your angels are telling you.

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Having Kids

If perhaps you’re trying to get pregnant but unfortunately it’s not working out, this could be a sign to not give up on hope. Your body and soul have never been this peaceful before so carrying a baby is not a ship that has sailed. Besides getting pregnant it could just as well mean that you already are. There’s no real timing when it comes to numerology.

meaning 666 pregnant


To make a long story short you could say that the meaning of 666 is all about loving life and being optimistic. If you give love you will receive it back. You’re lucky to see this sign and we honestly hope it will result in a very peaceful life…who knows maybe even a pregnancy 😉


If you’re new to numerology or astrology feel free to browse through our website. Other strong signs that maybe interest you are 111, 222, 333, 444 and 555. Still want to learn more? Maybe a book will be of help in order to gain good knowledge of the fundamentals.


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