Virgo Bingo

virgo bingo card

Are you a Virgo? Do you want to play a quick game of bingo? For over a year now these cards have been trend setting on various platforms. Time for us to add them to our website in case you’re looking for some amusement. On this page you find the Virgo Bingo card but for other zodiac signs you can go here.

Giving Credits

Thanks to Miranda Feneberger, the founder of this specific version, we’re able to share them with you. We therefore want to thank her and share her social media accounts in case anyone is interested:

Personal Instagram: @mirandafen

Astro Instagram: @mirandasmemecult

We believe there even is a follow up series, or at least they’re in the making. So if you like this edition make sure to follow her to stay notified.

So Let’s Get Started

Further down below you’ll find the Virgo Bingo card. Select the expressions you relate to and find that bingo line. If you got one that’s awesome, if you have multiples then wow! You must be a true Virgo 😉 Or maybe that’s a bit too enthusiastic. Who knows how far astrology and games can be a good mix. We leave this decision up to you. If you’re uncertain about the guidelines please click the image below for further instructions.

virgo bingo description

Here You Go

Save the card to your computer or make a screenshot and give it a try!

We hope this was helpful to you. Don’t get us wrong, there are dozens of card examples out there. This is one way to get started and who know’s you’ll do some more research yourself. In the end it’s a horoscope joyride some love and some don’t. You can leave a response if you want to share your ideas. Take care and good luck!

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