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For many of us, the term “soulmates” has entered our lexicon before. Perhaps you have even daydreamed about finding a soulmate of your own. You also may have dismissed the concept entirely, thinking that it is nothing but an implausible fantasy.

Not only do soulmates exist, but it is actually possible to form an even deeper connection than that. Certain experts call these sorts of matches twin flames. Twin flame lovers still face challenges in their relationships and they do not necessarily have relationships that last forever. They do, however, represent a very important chance at growth and happiness.

When looking for twin flame signs and twin flame stages, it is important to understand the distinct things to be mindful of. This guide will explain exactly what a twin flame is and what the most common signs are so that you can have this kind of bond in your own life.

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What Is a Twin Flame?

When looking for the twin flame meaning, you might be looking for a “soul connection” or a “mirror soul.” Essentially, a twin flame is the other half of your completed soul. It has been theorized that a soul can split into two after it ascends to a high frequency. This means that the soul then lands in two different bodies.

If you make a comparison of a twin flame versus a soulmate, it is important to note that soulmates are believed to carry the same energy levels. However, they have never “really” existed in precise fusion with one another before. This means that even though soulmate connections are considered to be highly significant, they are completely different from a twin flame encounter.

If you do have a twin flame, you are drawn by fate to meet this person at some point during the journey of your life. It is essentially similar to being pulled together like magnets. Once you connected with this person you will sense the recognition between the two of you.

The Description of Meeting a Twin Flame

Most people describe it as “having had an uncanny sense of knowing their twin flame their entire lives”. When you have an encounter with someone who essentially carries the other half of your soul, it can create a life-altering and profound sense of wholeness in your life.

Since twin flames are mirrors of one another, the relationship will naturally be quite intense. That person will provide a sense of wholeness to you and will also help to elevate your sense of self- knowledge. This includes a deeper understanding of your flaws.

Because of this extreme closeness and sense of knowledge, there is a chance for conflict as well. It is possible for you to have a healthy and happy relationship. However, this is only possible if you can learn to love yourself as your twin flame is an extension of you.

The Most Common Signs of Twin Flames

There are some specific indications you should know about in order to notice a possible twin flame. These are the most common signs:

  • Feeling a strong physical pull. This means that whenever you are close to this person or physically touch them, you feel a strong platonic or romantic pull towards them. There is a desire to be closer both physically and spiritually.
  • Intuitively knowing what that person is feeling, thinking, or doing. Not only that, but you find that this person is able to perceive these things about you as well. It is almost a spiritual understanding of one another.
  • Having shared interests. These can be hobbies, certain preferences, shared values, or a number of different similarities. This can be something as simple as sharing the same favorite genre in books or gravitating towards the same kind of food.
  • Having the same dreams at night. This can include frequently appearing in one another’s dreams as well. These dreams will be similar not only in theme, but the feeling and core message could also match closely.
  • Having the same emotions or thoughts at the same time. This can happen even if you are in different places. When you are together in the same place, you might wind up saying the same thing at the same time as your twin flame.
  • A feeling that you can easily communicate without actually speaking. Twin flames are often able to share a simple glance and understand exactly what the other person is thinking or feeling.
  • Understanding hidden or complex parts of one another. While this can be somewhat uncomfortable and confronting, it can also be very validating and deeply liberating.
  • Feeling as though it is natural and safe to be your true self. If you are a normally shy person, your twin flame will make you feel comfortable and allow you to just “be you”.
  • Sharing the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities. You might see some of the same faults in your twin flame, which allows you to feel vulnerable and comfortable at the same time.

Twin Flame Stages

While meeting a twin flame can certainly be a thrilling experience, it is only the beginning of that exciting time for the both of you. This kick-starts a new part of your life that is dynamic, inspirational and challenging.

There are certain stages that most twin flames go through at one time or another. It is important to note that you might go through them at a slower or faster rate than others tend to do.

The Search

This stage involves a strong sense of awareness that there was something missing or lacking in your life. Even if you have never really thought about twin flames or soul mates before, this is the stage where you start to believe in that perfect match.

You might doubt the feeling at first and be unsure whether you should continue down this path. But you will eventually find that it is nearly impossible to shake off that feeling about “the one” in your life.

This stage is also about preparing for the arrival of someone special. It could include engaging in therapy, starting a journal, or maybe working to find closure on past relationships. Things like these could be necessary to welcome that magical person into your life.

The “Awakening”

This is when you begin to know that you have encountered your twin flame. This is where you physically meet that person and the awareness of your compatibility to that person becomes obvious. There are signs that this meeting was destined.

Things can happen even if you aren’t near that person very long. It could be a brief contact that makes you feel as if something special is taking place. This awakening can also happen in a dream. In other words, you could meet your twin flame before you even cross paths in real life. This intense bond will shake you and may grab your attention like never before.

The Test

This is where you attempt to develop an understanding of the relationship that you have just begun. It’s is about testing your limitations, pushing boundaries, and moving past the initial experience. You can expect the feeling of falling in love.

You can view this as the “honeymoon” stage. By this we don’t actually mean getting married, but the feeling of wanting nobody else. You start to think about making this relationship work in the long run.

Small obstacles could also start to appear. If you are destined to remain with one another, you will engage in these conflicts and find a way to resolve them.

The Crisis

Even if new love feels a bit euphoric, it will no doubt involve a crisis stage at some point. Rarely pleasant, but it can help to be the catalyst for a deeper relationship in the long term. This is also known as the twin flame separation.

This stage can involve worries and anxieties about your bond. The crisis can be just about anything under the sun. It may involve betrayal, grief, struggles with loving yourself or a number of different things.

This is the point where working together is the key to establishing that stronger bond in order to reach longer-term results.

The Chasing or Running Stage

This is where you and your flame may alternate roles, switching back and forth between the runner and the chaser. You can find yourself in either role. It involves one person to distance himself or herself from an intimate point of view.

The fearful twin will feel defensive and resistant, often finding himself or herself in pain. The other twin will then become the chaser, believing that the bond is worth working and fighting for. This stage can only end when the twin who is running stops doing so. The chasing twin should not push.

The Surrender

This is about understanding that there’s no need to control the relationship. It’s not about giving up the connection, but rather having an understanding that you cannot escape your destiny. You could call it a positive realization that helps you understand past anxieties and to focus on the moment.

This is only possible if both of you work on the issues that ultimately led to the previous two stages. The core issue here is that twin flames are mirrors. Any negativities you experience are often reflections of what you see in yourself.

The Joining and Reunion

When this stage enters you’ll feel a sense of relief that things are finally balanced. Everything has been restored in life. When you are going through the previous stages, it’s all about finding out more about yourselves. You are learning the potential that is attached to the unique love that you have stumbled upon.

For some this can be a physical reunion. This means sharing a home, meeting in a similar place or any other physical bond. Wherever this form of reunion takes place, it carries a sense of acceptance, peace, and reciprocal understanding.

Maintaining these challenges is not guaranteed. They require work in both a spiritual and emotional way. Working hard and remaining attentive can make the difference between a successful relationship and one that ends.

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Final Thoughts

Whether or not you believe in the power of these kinds of romances, it’s always important to stick to yourself. You don’t have to be worried that any relationship that doesn’t follow these guidelines would not be a good match. In fact, it could be a brilliant one as well and you both could experience the best feelings ever! So please, always trust your inner voice.

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