The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs (And Why)

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Your zodiac sign tells a lot about your personality traits, whether you wish to accept this or not. Each zodiac sign is associated with a certain planet, sometimes even more than one planet. Each of these planets is responsible for certain characteristics in our personality. Because of this, if you want to know which zodiac signs are the most possessive, the funniest, or the most self-confident, you can discover a lot by doing a little research. Even people who don’t believe in astrology can’t deny that the individual traits often seem to prove a certain pattern. If you’re curious about which signs are the most possessive and jealous, here’s our list to know about. (Spoiler: In our opinion Scorpios win this one).

Our Top 5 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Competition And Opportunities

Part of the reason why an Aries is so jealous, is because these people are extremely competitive and always work hard to accomplish their goals. They hate it when other people get ahead of them in any way, mostly because one of their main goals is to be the first in line. From coming up with a new recipe to developing a cure for a serious disease, they want to be first at everything they do. Whenever they don’t get what they want, jealousy could be the consequence. In fact, an Aries always feels as if the clock is ticking. They will do anything to get on board in order to never miss an opportunity.

Winning The Game

Aries is a fire sign, and Aries people definitely have fiery personalities. Their restless energy is one of the reasons why they are so competitive. Their never-ending desire to win at everything causes a lot of jealousy. They are, in fact, used to these feelings of jealousy because it’s a part of their lives. However, if they turn this passion into activities to help others, there is no limit to the work they can get done, both personally and professionally.

2. Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Insecurity And Worrying

Cancer is a water sign, and these people tend to develop strong relationships with others. They also tend to be a little insecure, but often seem to hide this insecurity. If you’re friends with a Cancer and start hanging out with someone else, even just occasionally, your Cancer friend could become jealous. Even if you’re not be aware of it. Cancers worry about anything that might break the bond they have with someone else, especially after putting a lot of effort into it. They can be jealous with lovers but also with someone who is just a friend.

Sensitivity And Security

Just like a real crab, Cancers have tough outer shells. However, they are very sensitive on the inside. They absolutely love security and stability. Therefore, in case anything doesn’t feel right to them, they start to analyze the situation carefully. And yes, that could result in a certain amount of jealousy.

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3. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Craving Attention

Leo’s are known to be one of the most passionate and lovable zodiac signs out there. However, if a friend or lover pays more attention to someone else than they should, they will certainly show their jealousy. This is partly because a Leo always craves attention and when they don’t get it, jealousy occurs. The more the spotlight shines on a Leo, the happier they are, so they get jealous whenever the spotlight is on someone else. Of course, if you show Leos appreciation and let them express themselves, jealousy might not be their first reaction.

Uncomfortable Surroundings

Leos need validation. Think of it as actors on a stage. Actors have egos and when they are outperformed by anyone, they tend to get jealous. Leos are the same way in life. They think of themselves as always being on a stage, and they hate it when someone grabs more attention than they do. If they are around people who they love and feel close to, jealousy disappears to the background because they are in comfortable surroundings.

4. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Suspicious Thinking

Of all the jealous astrological signs, Scorpios are the most jealous. They tend to be distrustful of people in general. If a Scorpio is jealous, you and everyone around will know about it because they don’t keep their feelings to themselves. Scorpios also tend to see things that aren’t there. Did that waiter just wink at my girlfriend? Did that woman just sneak her phone number on the back of her business card? Scorpios are often jealous when they don’t need to be.

Worst-Case Scenario

Scorpios also often look at the worst-case scenario in any situation, and act accordingly. This can have a disastrous ending and often results in unnecessary jealousy. Their sense of planning tends to be better than most because of this, but when it comes to being jealous (in their personal or even their professional life) they are often guilty.

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5. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Critical And Competitive

Virgos can be extremely jealous, but usually this jealousy isn’t directed towards relationships with lovers. They tend to be very critical of themselves. Therefore, if someone else accomplishes something that they were unable to achieve, the hidden monster starts to show. They also often look at life as being a huge competition. So, if you get ahead of them in any way, they could get jealous. Not only is jealousy a basic struggle for them, but most situations bring out their competitive spirit and their natural tendency to be pessimistic and critical of themselves.

Making Others Jealous Too

Virgos tend to be kind-hearted and patient but have been known to try and make people jealous on purpose, which is something to watch out for. They do this especially when they feel as if they have lost control over a certain situation.


Even though (like we mentioned) we ourselves consider a Scorpio to be the most jealous zodiac sign, this does not mean that they’re all equally jealous. Maybe you know a Scorpio that isn’t jealous at all, or just in a natural way. However, based on their traits and overall behavior, in our opinion they have the biggest chance of being jealous.

Any sign out there could show the same result, just remember that we’re giving you our opinion. We should also distinguish between jealousy towards friends and towards lovers. We focused on any given person. However, if you’re looking for information towards lovers, we’d suggest this article.

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Final Words And Related Articles

There are a lot of characteristics, habits and patterns to find within each zodiac sign. Even though astrology isn’t considered to be a science (but a pseudoscience instead – read the difference here), we still enjoy to come up with these lists. As long as you go through them with a little caution, everything should be just fine.

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We’ll be adding more to this list whenever possible so feel free to come back at any time!

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