The Meaning Of Angel Number 6666


We have all had the same sequence of events take place in our lives: We are going about our everyday routine and all of the sudden a familiar number comes up. You don’t think much of it and then you happen to see that sequence of numbers again.

Why do you see these repeating numbers in your life over and over again? Is it a sign from the universe as a whole? What message could they be sending to you? These numbers all have a substantial impact on your life, whether or not you really have noticed them before.

This includes the angel number 6666. Knowing the meaning of 6666 can change the way how you see this sequence of numbers. It can help you to have a greater appreciation for it’s appearance in daily life. Anyways, the key is to first understand what it means. So let’s explain that to you.

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The Meaning Of This Angel Number

It might be stating the obvious, but the angel number 6666 is full of 6’s. It also culminates in the number 6 (think 6+6+6+6 = 24, which also reduces 2+4 = 6). The number 6 is generally linked with prosperity in the material world and how well we do in a materialistic sense.

Finances And Friends

When it comes to our financial security, professional success, and the home we have built for ourselves, the number 6 has a great impact on all of these things. But it also has a substantial impact on the friends and family that we have gathered and the personal relationships that we build.

Love Yourself

The number 6 is linked with the “lovers card” in the tarot world. This relates to both our relationships with those that we see as most important in our lives, and how we feel about ourselves in general. This number is a reminder that we have to love ourselves first and foremost before we can open up and find happiness in the company of others.

Chasing Goals

The number 6 and the lovers card are all about having choices. They are about choosing who you want to spend time with and who you want to be in life in general. The angel number 6666 is all about making those decisions that are right for you, and never having to feel guilty about chasing dreams.

Why You Might Be Seeing This Number

If you are seeking guidance, the angel number 6666 can help you to do so. Perhaps you are looking to see the potholes in your life before you actually reach them. Seeing the number 6666 more frequently can help to steer you in the right direction.

Making Decisions

It might often feel as if we are going with the flow and letting the forces of the universe push us in the right direction. More often than not, this direction is a good one and we don’t have a lot of reason to complain. Getting dealt a good hand is definitely fortunate. However, it isn’t just about getting dealt a good hand but how you choose to play those hands.

This angel number comes along at a time in life when we need to make a shift. We need to think further than the cards we have been dealt. This can help to supercharge our lives in a way, but we need to decide on the things that we want for ourselves. This means making a decision about what is next for us, both on the personal and professional fronts.

Material Security

We tend to sometimes be very critical of the modern world. We consider it as being something of a materialistic society that is overly concerned with things such as brand-name items or social media attention. And while it’s not healthy to be overly focused on material things, our safety and financial security are definitely worth worrying about.

Having the security to provide these things can give us the confidence to take the risks that we need to take to go to the next level. This is where the angel number 6666 can appear. When we need to think about investing, saving, or making changes in our living situations, this angel number can call attention to these things.

Perhaps we need to start thinking about making serious changes to our material lives to better the way that we live. Or maybe to prepare for our future. The number 6666 wants us to pay attention to these things and not feel guilty for doing so. Wanting materialistic things in our lives does not make us materialistic.

Put Yourself First From Time To Time

The thing to remember is that sometimes it’s okay to put ourselves first, even if it feels as if it might be selfish. For instance, perhaps we have had a particularly rough week and need time to unwind. Or maybe a new job opportunity has come your way, but you feel as though it will take time away from a partner or family.

The number 6666 can then appear from our guardian angels to let us know that it’s okay to put ourselves first at times. It also reminds us that we should not tread on others to get what we want. This is especially the case if we are struggling to figure out what’s best for us personally.

Choose Happiness

It’s ultimately up to us to choose who we spend our time with, how we shape our lives, and to do what we need to in order to be happy. Things such as being in a relationship, making a certain amount of money, or losing some weight are some of the things that lead to this happiness.

Whatever it is, the number 6666 is there to remind you that a focus on yourself is okay. Especially when it leads to the kind of growth that can make life even better.


Just like the number 666, the number 6666 is a very powerful sign to come across. Not only because it contains four 6’es, but also because it culminates in the number 6. It’s a sign to remind you to love yourself and to chase your goals.

Thinking about materialistic things is perfectly fine Maybe you’re struggling with financial decisions. Well, it’s ok to think about what you really want to accomplish. No, you are not a materialistic person when having these thoughts. It’s sometimes necessary to take a closer look at finances and how they can be beneficial.

It’s a natural thing to think about your own desires from time to time. This doesn’t mean that you are a selfish person, it just means that you are allowed to focus on yourself as well. This will finally result in a balanced life where everybody matters, including yourself.

Our angels show us all kinds of signs, but don’t think they need to consist of the same numbers. Sure, numbers like 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444 or 5555 are quite popular. But numbers can be mixed up like for instance 1010 or 1212. Whatever sign you come across repeatedly, there could be a hidden message for you. That’s what numerology is all about.

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