The Meaning Of 1010 In Numerology

meaning of 1010


Whenever numbers present themselves to us in daily life we usually don’t think about it that much. However if they start to show up more frequently we may start to realize that “something is going on”. We covered a good amount of number combinations in the past and in this article we will focus on 1010. Maybe this morning you woke up at 10:10, you did some shopping for 10 dollars and 10 cents and the evening football match ended 10-10. Coincidence? We let you decide about that. But chances are that you’ve been given an important message from your guardian angel that you don’t want to miss out on.

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Stay Motivated

Life can be tough right? There’s so much going on in our lives that we tend to lose focus on the things we love the most. We get distracted by our to-do-lists and future plans therefore seem to vanish into the background. Chances are however that lately you’ve been getting a hold on all these things. You’ve set some new goals for yourself or you’ve been thinking about a certain topic more than you normally would. Something has triggered you and it seems like you’re on a new exciting mission. If this is you please understand that continuously seeing the number 1010 means that you’re doing just great. Maybe you need a little push here and there to stay motivated and that’s exactly what your angels are doing right now. They want you to follow this path because you’re doing the right thing and they definitely don’t want you to give up.

1010 meaning motivation

Your Spiritual Journey

Whether conscious or unconscious you’re evolving massively in regards to spirituality. Maybe your future plans aren’t solely focused on yourself but also towards others. Who knows you’re embracing nature more than you have ever done before and you start to really love the earth. Thinking about the purpose of life and how to get the best out of it could be realistic thoughts at this moment in time. This could also involve learning from mistakes or appreciating new lessons learnt. Whatever it is, you’re evolving as a human being and you’re establishing a deeper connection towards spirit. They reason why they communicate with you is because you have established this open mind. However they also understand this may be a whole new experience for you with doubts or hesitation. The angel number 1010 therefore is a sign to let you know you’re establishing a deeper connection with spirit. Your “rebirth” so to speak is highly appreciated.

spiritual journey with angels

Follow Your Intuition

Let your mind speak to you and try to listen as good as possible. Don’t we all have these moments when we’re facing a challenge and all of a sudden an idea comes to our minds? Maybe we just found our solution or should we continue thinking in order to come up with other ideas? Try to trust your inner voice and give these first moments of intuition some serious thought. We’re not saying you should just go ahead and follow any advise your imagination can come up with, especially if it’s silly or nonsense. However from time to time we all experience a first thought on something in a matter of seconds. Your angels want you to know that your intuition is not something to take for granted. Every now and then it could just be a brilliant idea that can be ignored quite easily. Just take a moment to hang on to these thoughts and put them in perspective. Who knows you almost missed out on your own intelligence.

numerology 1010 intuition

Take Your Feelings Serious

Just like your intuition it’s never a bad idea to take your feelings seriously. Maybe you have been experiencing a lot of feelings lately in comparison to your past. Seeing the number 1010 could therefore mean that it’s a good thing to have them. Don’t be scared but trust yourself. Your brain is evolving as you’re progressing towards your life purpose. Spirit wants you to accept these feelings as they will guide you towards your next steps. Stay confident, motivated and brave. Feelings can make people indecisive but you’re capable to learn from them. Don’t ignore these sensations because your state of awareness is heading into the right direction. The universe has your back and wants you to have faith in yourself. Every new beginning is a challenge, especially if you want to step out of your comfort zone. Your feelings are here to help.

feelings and spirit

Be Optimistic

Look at the bright side of life. Sure that’s easier said than done but it’s an encouraging thing to do. On this new journey you have to stay optimistic whenever you can or you may fall back into old habits. And even if you do that’s perfectly fine, we’re all humans. But try to climb back up and stay confident whenever you can. This way you’ll be able to maintain your connection with higher powers and go forward in life. Optimism attracts positivity and that’s exactly what your angels think you deserve. Positive vibes, experiences and friendships are like winds blowing you in the right direction. It’s time to get excited!

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Sharing love with others and making them feel good is often highly appreciated. However don’t forget to love yourself too. We’re all one of a kind and you deserve to feel good about yourself. Once you do you’ll notice how much easier it has become to also better yourself in different ways. It’s one of the most important basics we often forget about or just don’t pay enough attention to. So love yourself and be proud of who you are. Nobody is perfect.


By understanding all the things we already mentioned it’s probably no surprise that your creative mind will have more space to evolve as well. We all have our share of creativity even though they can be on totally different topics. Let your mind speak and listen to all the great ideas you can come up with. It’s not always someone else who has to inspire you, no, you are capable of doing that too. Great ideas come from great minds right? So grab your newest creative thoughts and consider implementing one or two whenever they surprise you the most. By that we mean in a good way off course.

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You are on the right path in your life when you see these numbers. The spiritual journey you’re ging through is highly appreciated by your guardian angel and you’re establishing a deeper bond with spirit. By focusing on your intuition, feelings, optimism, self love and creativity you’re about to enter a new stage in your life. A stage where you’ll be able to achieve more than you may think as you’re growing as a person. The meaning of 1010 is to keep you on this track and to not give up. It’s a beautiful journey that’s absolutely worth it.

In numerology there’s still a lot to learn. People tend to often read books in order to understand all of the details. Just like astrology and horoscopes there is no exact science behind it which makes it a topic of discussion.

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