Taurus Bingo

taurus bingo

Zodiac bingo cards have been around for a while but over the past couple of years they’ve become widely popular. Today we’re taking a look at the taurus bingo card and provide you an example to get started right away!

What’s The Purpose?

Let’s start by saying that all these cards are meant to provide amusement. Outcomes differ and therefore opinions will be diverse as well. So viewing them from an entertaining angle is a good way to get started. Sure enough though there’s definitely something to them. Especially the ones created by Miranda Feneberger (@mirandafen and @mirandasmemecult) score really well amongst astrology lovers. The bingo gives you a variety of characteristics you can either relate to or not. How much of a taurus are you? Well, that’s what you’re going to find out.

taurus picture

Getting started

First of all you need to get your hands on one of the cards. Choose one that grabs your attention by simply using Google or scroll down for our personal favorite. There aren’t many rules and it’s pretty simple. You can do it by yourself and there’s no additional equipment needed (besides a pen). Since all cards work the same we don’t feel like explaining the details over and over again. We already covered everything in the aries cards so go ahead and check that out. You can go there by clicking the image. It will open in a new window so you can come back to this page anytime you like.

taurus bingo how it works

Our Thoughts

In our honest opinion we believe that the taurus bingo is for everyone. Whether you’re an astrology enthousiast or not. Don’t expect to get a 100% of the lines done, but if you have please let us know in the comments below! Complete a few of the other horoscopes and compare how you performed. Maybe that will bring more value to your test. In the end we just hope you have a little fun!

taurus bingo sheet

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