Scorpio Bingo

scorpio bingo card

Are you curious about your Scorpio life? Do you resonate with the traits your zodiac sign represents? Well, it may be fun to try this bingo for once and find out! Who know if you agree to some of the most popular personalities your horoscope stands for. Or maybe you’re one of a kind and don’t really resonate with the common characteristics. Don’t forget this card is meant for your amusement, it’s up to you to decide it’s relevance.

Scorpio Basics

It’s very likely that you already did some research on your Scorpio features. If not feel free to find them in our horoscope section. Are you really the dedicated and emotional person? Do you tend to remain a little mysterious from time to time? Or is it your suspicious mind that dominates? All of these attributes have been combined in this bingo card and are represented by daily habits. Wanna try?

scorpio bingo rules explained

Almost There…

Now that you understand the rules it’s time to get your hands on the card. We have one listed below. It was created by Miranda Feneberger and it’s our number one pick. If you wish you can find her here:



Want More?

Some of the best astrology matches for a Scorpio are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. If it adds to the excitement feel free to grab one of those as well. We have all the examples listed on our bingo page.

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