Pisces Traits: What Are They All About?

traits of pisces

At number 12 in the Zodiac we find the sign Pisces. It’s constellation meets the sun between February 19th and March 20th. Illustrated by the fish this horoscope belongs to the element of Water and is rules by both Jupiter and Neptune. In this article we will take a look at it’s sign and symbol after which we will focus on traits, compatibility and eminent personalities.

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Pisces Sign And Symbol

The picture above shows two fish, one swimming up and one swimming down. The exact reason for this will become clear if you continue reading. In a nutshell it illustrates the repetitive “shifting behavior” between imagination and realism.

The symbol is shown below. Symbols are simple drawings that represent a sign but sometimes they need a little explanation. They are popular amongst astrology products like necklaces, bracelets or outfits. In this case the two fish are facing each other, one on the left and one on the right. They are connected by a cord as if they caught each other like you would when fishing. This connection refers to the shifting behavior we talked about before and explains how one can’t go without the other.

pisces symbol

Pisces Traits

pisces zodiac traits

Heres’ a list of the most important characteristics to know about.


If you ever met a Pisces you may have noticed their talent for creativity. They often have a very imaginative mind that can sometimes go into the extremes. They’re able to come up with ideas that many of us would have never though about. In a way that’s big fun because it could bring you on an adventure of a lifetime. However on the other hand it’s sometimes a little “too crazy”. This skill makes them great artists because it allows them to let their imagination speak.

pisces creativity


The “fish people” are one of the most empathetic friends you could have. They are great listeners and don’t mind communicating for hours and hours. You can tell them what’s on your mind without the fear of being judged straight away. Sometimes there’s even a spiritual side to them. Wherever they can they will help and support you without asking for something in return.

pisces empathy


Pisces are definitely not afraid to show their emotions. They are sensitive, compassionate and able to “feel with you”. With feelings running through their veins all the time it’s not uncommon to find them crying or hiding in bed. Towards their loved ones they’re able to bond deeply and sense what’s going on. Even after an argument they’ll understand your side of the story and why you act in a certain way. Forgiving one another is part of life in their opinion.

pisces emotional


It’s a pleasure to have them as your friend. Not only because of the personalities we just mentioned but also because they’re fun! They can easily adapt to people and circumstances so they’ll gladly join you for a trip or an evening drink. It’s ok to ask them for help, even if the situation is challenging. Their imagination makes them great troubleshooters and they’re not afraid to work hard for friends and family.

pisces friends

Escaping Reality

Having fun and being artistic makes life worth living, but is the world that great? Are we living in a place that treats us well? These are thoughts that come to their minds. A reality check is necessary and the outcome isn’t always exciting. Life is hard, bitter and sometimes evil if you ask them. Therefore an escape card is what they’re after which they often find within their creativity. Doing the impossible is a way to keep their distance from fear and day to day life. Together with their wisdom they’re able to achieve big goals and even become famous influencers like Albert Einstein for example.



If it’s up to them the Pisceans prefer a partner for life. They enjoy that special bond with someone they love deeply. A short fling here and there isn’t exactly what most of them are after. Something serious suits them way better even if they have to wait a little while. Some consider them as being old fashioned putting too much focus on the traditional aspects of marriage.

pisces marriage

Personal Favorites

Like we already mentions they adore being artistic. However they can also be extremely talented when it comes to music. Some say they are born with rhythmical ears. This makes them good dancers or even world famous singers like Rihanna or Justin Bieber. To relax they’re attracted to the beach. Swimming or snorkeling sets them free from the hectic world we live in.

beach life

Back To The Fish

We hope that by now you have a better understanding of the Pisces traits. We started this writing by saying that they float somewhere between imagination and reality. Sure, they must face reality and live with it. We’re all part of this world, how chaotic or busy it may be, and we’re all a part of society. But the Pisces likes to put this to the background whenever possible. By letting their creativity speak and by using their imagination they’re able to step out of the rat race. Living in two worlds is why the fish are swimming in opposite directions in both the sign and the symbol. However, always connected to each other.

pisces sign conclusion


So who’s a good match astrologically speaking? Well, there are quite a few to say the least. Besides the fact that everyone could be loved by them deeply let’s compare some traits. Overall we can say that Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer seem to be a good match. Capricorn and (another) Pisces take second place whilst some people state that they’re actually a “better” couple. Others vote for Virgo, especially when it comes to romance.

Top 15 Eminent Personalities

Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Floyd Mayweather, Eva Mendes, George Washington, Daniel Craig, Dr. Seuss, Jack Kerouac, Rupert Murdoch, Alex Kingston, Michael Irvin, Timbaland and Chuck Palahniuk.


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