The Most Hated Zodiac Signs (And Why)

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From all the lists we published, this is definitely the hardest one. The thing is, we all have our good and bad sides. Hate itself isn’t exactly a positive vibe, neither is it worth paying too much attention to. But well, you asked, so let’s give you our personal Top 3 (plus who made it 4th and 5th). Keep in mind that our opinion doesn’t represent every person out there. Based on both traits and personal experience we decided to share our insights with our readers.

The Top 3 Most Hated Zodiac Signs

hated zodiac signs explained

1. Scorpio (Oct. 22 – Nov. 21)

Anger Issues

We’re not saying that every Scorpio is unable to manage their anger. However, in our opinion it’s something they don’t always seem to have under control. Some people say that a Scorpio can be quite “explosive” when it comes to certain feelings. For example, if you do them wrong, don’t be surprised if they try to find a way to punish you. Yes, this makes people hate them.


If you want clarity or if you prefer someone with a stable behavior, a Scorpio might not be your best pick. It’s as if you’re not able to figure out their thoughts, or even their mood. Moody or unpredictable people can be a hassle to deal with and add to someone’s mysterious character. If you don’t know what to expect, chances are you’ll be disappointed. Of course we shouldn’t immediately hate someone because of this, but well, many people do.

The “Love And Hate” Dilemma

Don’t get us wrong, a Scorpio can love deeply. But they can also feel extreme hate. When they are your lover or best friend, chances are you’ll have the time of your life. If however you managed to awaken their anger, they could decide to put you on their “hate list” and leave it with that. They often don’t just forgive someone which makes it hard to regain their trust.

Possessive And Stubborn

A Scorpio can be both possessive and stubborn. You might find it hard to change their mind or to convince them about something. It’s as if they’re not listening. Jealousy is another reason why some people hate them. They can be extremely possessive towards a parter or a friend, which sometimes results in heavy break-ups.

scorpio hate

2. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Two Faced

Even though Gemini’s are usually very cheerful, their two sided face can lead to hate. It’s not uncommon to ask yourself if a Gemini is being him- or herself. Is this reality or fantasy? To some, this behavior makes a Gemini come across as unreliable. Even though that’s not necessarily the case. But for many it’s enough to judge and hate them.


A Gemini can be all over the place. One moment they are extremely enthusiastic about something, until they suddenly change their mind. This inconsistency can annoy other people. It can also lead to disappointment. Some of us don’t mind restless people, but many just can’t deal with them. They feel offended and could decide to step away, leaving only hate as they go.


Gemini’s often find it hard to make a decision and prefer to leave that to others. But what if you don’t want to make that decision? Especially if you don’t know what’s going on in their head. They can be anxious which contributes to their indecisiveness. If all (or most) decisions are left to you, yeah, at some point you’ll start to snap. Maybe hate is not the exact outcome, but at least a good amount of irritation.


Showing emotions can be very hard for a Gemini. At lest, their real emotions. Chances are they’ll imitate and make people believe they are expressing their emotions, whilst in reality they aren’t. This “make believe” strategy can be fun and people definitely could adore a Gemini for being so friendly or polite. However, once they figure out this strategy, prepare for a possible hate-scenario.

gemini hate

3. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)


A Virgo can sometimes overthink a situation or discussion. It’s not uncommon that they worry too much about something that’s going on in their lives. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with analyzing stuff, but once things get out of hand that’s a different story. Whenever they become too critical of someone else, or the way someone behaves, there’s a problem. Judging other people can be easy, but it’s not always appropriate. They can also be critical about themselves, even into the extremes, which could drive people nuts.


The critical self-reflection we just mentioned could go a step further. Because a Virgo can be a perfectionist, they have this picture-perfect idea about their lives in their heads. Let’s say you start on a new project with your Virgo friend. Now, once things start to show a few cracks, they might pull out the plug and reconsider the whole idea. Even though you both were so excited about it in the first place. This frustration about not achieving their ideal goal can definitely make people hate them in the end.

Know It All

Sometimes people believe that a Virgo acts like a “know it all” kind of personality. Yes, they overthink like we already mentioned, but they often come across as if they believe that someone else isn’t doing their best. People could get the idea as if a teacher is speaking to them. They can be very serious about certain topics and won’t just take a “no” for a “no”. Since it’s hard to convince them, you’ll probably end up with disappointment. Who knows anger or even hate will follow.

Quickly Annoyed

Let’s just remind you of the fact that all these “negative” characteristics are simply meant to answer the question who the most hated zodiac sign is. We all get annoyed from time to time, so don’t think that it’s a typical Virgo trait. But yes, the more of a perfectionist someone is, the easier it is to annoy them. We all need our rest and our time to relax, and nobody finds it funny whenever these moments are interrupted. But well, that’s just how it goes. For a Virgo however this could be very annoying. Perfectionists need time to recharge their batteries. Disturbing them in a variety of situations can make them annoyed, even if you don’t mean it that way. And they don’t mean it that way either, it’s just how they react. So either live with it or be prepared for some hateful moments towards them.

virgo hate

So Who Is Number 4 And 5 In Our Opinion?

most hated signs picture

Now that you know our personal Top 3, let’s still focus on 4th and 5th place. There’s something negative about every sign out there, and nobody is perfect obviously. Still we focus on visitor satisfaction and feel the need to go for a second round. Once again, don’t get the wrong impression, we’re not here to put anyone into a negative picture. Consider it interest with a twist.

4. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Limited Empathy

Whenever we have a problem or an issue, it’s always good to get things off our chest. Right? Having someone to talk to can make us feel a little better, especially if that person is able to really understand what’s going on. Well, an Aquarius is often known for his or her limited empathy. Some people even call them antisocial. Since it’s often not their priority to understand someone else, you might be really disappointed or even filled with hate.


We’re not saying that an Aquarius won’t listen to other people, it’s just that they focus too much on their own feelings. The thoughts that are running through their minds seem to be their first priority. When they have a certain goal, they’ll most likely stick with that initial plan. It’s often hard to make them think otherwise, which is why communication could end up in disaster.

All Or Nothing

We’re not saying that every Aquarius is the same, but they tend to have an “all or nothing” mindset. Either they go for something full throttle, or there’s no motivation whatsoever. This somehow connects with their limited empathy we spoke about before. Trying to talk something out of their heads can be hard. This extreme “one way or the other” mentality leaves little room for discussion, which turns people off.


Sure, impulsive people can be a lot of fun to be with. Some people even adore them. However, if you easily get annoyed whenever someone does something out of the blue, that could be a problem. Not being able to tell what they’ll be doing next leaves a lot of uncertainty on the table. If you prefer stability in life, an Aquarius could give you a hard time.

aquarius hate

5. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Big Ego

A lot of people can have a big ego, no matter their zodiac sign. But a Leo seems to possess this trait to quite an extent. One reason to hate them could simply be their egoistic life philosophy. However, another reason could be their reaction whenever this ego gets hurt. If they find it hard to keep up with their ego, a Leo could change into an annoying friend.


People with a big ego tend to behave a little “popular”, or should we call it arrogant. A little arrogance should be ok to deal with, but what if things get out of hand? That’s quite impolite and could result in disappointment or even hate.


It’s not always fun to be around a dominant person. Especially if that person is trying to control or manipulate you. Dominance comes in a variety of graduations, but the extreme ones aren’t always pleasant. They could try to influence you over and over again. If you can’t stand a dominant person, chances are you’ll avoid a Leo.


Revenge can be bitter sweet. Well, a Leo has the capabilities to seek revenge full throttle. When they do, things can be very unpleasant. So let’s say you managed to annoy or hurt a Leo, be cautious. They might just plan their revenge very carefully, leaving you in uncertainty and doubt about your friendship. Hate could be the result.

leo hate

Conclusion And Final Words

Once again we would like to say that every person has good and bad personalities. No matter their zodiac sign. It’s definitely not our intention to hurt anyone. The traits we mentioned in this article could apply to a random person, not only to these 5 signs.

We always enjoy to create these lists, but please don’t feel attacked. For example, we know a few Scorpio’s who don’t tick all the boxes we provided. The same goes for any other zodiac sign. Stay cool, don’t worry, and check out some of our other (more) entertaining lists.

We always believe that every person has good characteristics. In other words, maybe it’s not the best idea to focus on their negative sides. But what are negative sides anyway? Let’s take “impulsive” for example. Some of you could go crazy whenever you’re around an impulsive person. Just remember, other people enjoy this trait. So yes, it’s not that easy to explain hate. In the end, the most hated zodiac signs are often misunderstood without having bad intentions. It’s just the way they are.

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The last question we ask ourselves: Is it really hate we’re thinking about? Or is it more of a “love to hate” kind of situation? We found this interesting article where they explain the difference.

Remember that love provides happy feelings, so try to focus on that.

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