Top 20 Affirmations For Love

What Love Affirmations Are And How They Can Impact Your Life

Love is a powerful aspect in all of our lives. In addition to being a heavy factor in our relationships, it is also one of the major keys to success. With love, you can accomplish wonderful things.

Similar to “I AM affirmations“, love affirmations are a powerful tool. They are essentially positive reinforcements of the love that we feel inside. These love affirmations can keep us strong in times of doubt.

What are some of these love affirmations that can lead to positive things in life, as well as helping us accomplish our dreams? Here are 20 love affirmations to guide you throughout the day.

Love Affirmations:

1. I am surrounded by love every day in every single way

Remind yourself constantly that you have love in your life. You are able to succeed, through ventures or your personal life. Love can carry you a long way. It’s something we all need, and it feels great to experience it over and over again. Sometimes love waits just around the corner. However, it’s up to you to recognize it.

love affirmation 1

2. All I see is love

When you see nothing but love in your life, you see nothing but positivity. These strong, positive feelings can propel you to greater successes in your life than you ever expected. Remember, everyone carries love, you just need to find the door to gain access. For instance, do your colleagues annoy you? Or do you only focus on their behavior? Did you actually try to find their loving talents as well?

love affirmation 2

3. My heart is open to love

Be open to positivity and love, and you will see it enter your life to positive effects. When your heart and mind are open, you stand a much better chance of success. It all starts within yourself. Waiting is not the best way to go around this, take action and start within yourself.

love affirmation 3

4. I love myself

No one can expect successful love if they do not love themselves first. Take time to appreciate and accept yourself before trying to show love to others. Think of your qualities, your talents, and understand how much you matter. It’s often circumstances that push you in a certain direction, and not always you that chooses to do so. However, in the end, you are yourself and you are a beautiful loving individual.

love affirmation 4

5. In life, I always get what I give in love

Don’t just be willing to accept love, be willing to dish it out when it is most appropriate and appreciated. Love will propel you to new situations that you never expected. It’s a game of give and take. People sometimes tend to not express their feelings, which in return triggers others to behave likewise. Be the one to disrupt this circle, show your love and wonderful things will happen.

love affirmation 5

6. I attract love in abundance

When you have a positive outlook and are open to love in all of its varieties, you will attract other positive people. These positive relationships will power you to great things in life. Sure, we all need our share of quality time alone. Just don’t underestimate the love you will receive if you maintain that positive mindset.

love affirmation 6

7. Everywhere I go, I find love

This doesn’t mean romantically speaking, at least not necessarily. This means finding positivity and joy wherever you go and having a great outlook on life in general. Love can be a non-verbal way of communication, you’re able to express it without saying a thing. People are sensitive for these vibes, just wait and see.

love affirmation 7

8. I radiate love

When you carry love in your heart and transmit it wherever you go, you become someone who others are drawn to in a positive manner. Don’t be afraid to show the love you carry with you at all times. Instead, share it with the world in order to be recognized for the talent that you have. People will notice, and you’ll receive so much in return.

love affirmation 8

9. Love flows through me

When you have love with you at all times, you begin to see every aspect of life in a positive way. This makes those trials in life far easier to take on. Feel the love running through your body, enjoy it, be proud and make the best out of your day. It’s one of the best medicines we all possess naturally.

love affirmation 9

10. I am attracted to love

You find yourself drawn towards those with love and happiness in their lives. Positive thoughts beget positive company which leads to success and excitement. If you open your heart and if you don’t scare away, love will find it’s way to you. It’s a beautiful thing, when love gives you wings.

love affirmation 10

11. Love shines from within

This means that if you are to have love in your life, and success based upon that love, it has to begin deep within yourself. Let your love shine and be that attractive person you truly are. You’ll notice that smile on your face, and so will others.

love affirmation 11

12. My business allows me to have a life I love

This might sound as if it’s a financial venture and it could very well be that, but it refers to all of your ventures in life. Every avenue in life should allow for love in order to be a success. Appreciate what you have, make the best out of it and enjoy the little things. Sure, work can be tough, but it provides for a whole lot of loving things too.

love affirmation 12

13. I am grateful for the love around me

We need to be appreciative of the positive things, because those positive things are not a given. We work hard mentally to ensure that those positive things remain and should be thankful for them. Don’t take love for granted, instead, embrace it, and recognize it’s value.

love affirmation 13

14. Love wants me

This is about loving yourself and having self-confidence. You can’t hope to receive love if there is no love for yourself. Be confident, be proud, and be yourself. Love always finds it’s way to those who truly believe in it’s power.

love affirmation 14

15. I am worthy of great love

Again, having love for yourself is paramount to accepting love from others. We are all worthy of life, we just need to be able to see that. Every human being matters, and everyone deserves a loving field of energy wherever they go. You are not an exception.

love affirmation 15

16. I am attuned to the frequency of abundance and love

Being able to accept love also means being able to notice it. If you keep your eyes and heart open, you will be able to see and accept the love that is all around you in its various forms. Love is there, always, you just need to find the right frequency. You’re able to do that by understanding it’s presence. Open your door and love will find you.

love affirmation 16

17. My vibration is love

Our vibration is what we put out into the universe. Those who are persistently negative will put out negative vibrations. If you put out love as your vibration, you will no doubt receive love back. Project love to get love.

love affirmation 17

18. I spread love with my deeds, words, and life

Believing in love is great, but living love is another thing. Be positive and spread love through all avenues of your life: with your actions, through your words, and by living your life in a positive and loving manner. When you do this, others will follow to create lives of love for themselves.

love affirmation 18

19. I am cocooned in the loving energy of the universe

This means that you not only accept the love that the universe has to give, but that you use it to propel your life. Being insulated in the love that you project, as well as the love that you receive, can be more than enough to power you. Achieving great things and helping others are examples of what we mean by that.

love affirmation 19

20. I am love

This means more than believing in love. This means living love, projecting love, looking for love, and simply letting love into the fiber of your being. When you do this, you find yourself naturally looking for and projecting love to those around you. This makes you a person to be desired, both personally and in business. This kind of love can make your life transcendent.

love affirmation 20

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