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Do you recognize that moment when your friend raises a red flag whenever you talk about astrology? Did your horoscope amaze you today but it’s hard to share your story with uninterested colleagues? Maybe it’s time to carefully give them a feel of why this topic is important to you. You don’t need to go overt the top or convince them in any way. When the moment is right you could consider to play this game of bingo with them. It will only take a few minutes and who knows what will happen. On this page we show the Libra bingo card but we have all of them listed here. Just give everyone a copy associated with their zodiac sign and let the fun begin.

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What To Expect

It’s probably best to not expect anything at all. However chances are that some people will score extremely well on their card. If one of them is Libra for example and the bingo confirms that, you may just opened a door for discussion. How does this game seem to know me so well? Is there more to astrology than I thought? Just a few questions you could respond to. In the worst case you won’t get any “big winners” so to speak, but still there must be a smile on their faces. And that’s important too.

libra bingo how it works

Is This The Only Card?

No, it’s not. In fact you’ll find a whole bunch of them on the web. This set of cards simply is one of our favorites. Miranda Feneberger came up with them and they received good feedback. If you’re curious about her feel free to visit her instagram: @mirandafen (personal account) and @mirandasmemecult (astrology account).

libra bingo card ready to print

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