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The sign Leo is the 5th constellation in the zodiac after Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. Between July 23rd and August 22nd the sun takes it’s course through this constellation. In other words, if you’re born between these dates your horoscope is the one with the Lion symbol. It’s ruler is the sun and it’s element is fire. Let’s first take a quick look at celebrities and then cover the most important Leo traits.

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Top 16 Eminent Personalities

Roger Federer, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, Daniel Radcliffe, Carl Jung, Alfred Hitchcock, Viola Davis, Pete Sampras, Sergey Brin, Melinda Gates, Aldous Huxley, Roberto Clemente and Alton Brown.

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Not only does the lion represent a powerful animal, it also expresses courage and toughness. Personalities you will often find in people that match this horoscope. If a Leo wants something done then you can expect them to “go all in”. They believe in themselves and in their abilities to achieve great things in life. Furthermore it’s in their nature to be helpful and tolerant which makes them feel comfortable to exist in groups. Caring for others and being devoted makes them good and trustworthy leaders. Let’s get the job done together!

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Leo’s like to have their share of fun. Having a good laugh with friends and sharing their humorous thoughts make them very beloved people. Their creativity goes a long way which helps to come up with some funny or entertaining comments. They can really cheer you up and make you feel comfortable. Love life and life will love you back!

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Achieving great things in life, be it alone or in a group, can lead to great results. On the contrary this could have an impact on someone’s ego. A Leo might start to believe in him- or herself so much that things get out of hand. Therefore arrogance and selfish behavior is not uncommon. All the way to the point where other people’s wishes dissolve to the background. Unconsciously of course..like we already mentioned they have a good heart! They don’t mean it that way, and besides, nobody’s perfect right?

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Time To Rest

Some call it lazy and some call it recharging your batteries. Fighting for your goals and leading a pact requires a lot of energy. Just like in nature the hunting is compensated by a long sleep. It can be therapeutic to do this on your own in order to leave everything behind you for a second. However these moments shouldn’t last too long. There is work to do!

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Leo Personalities In Daily Life

Besides enjoying a gig with friends a Leo likes his share of luxury. Overpriced or valuable items are no exception for this hard working individual. Receiving a good amount of attention is a big pleasure. One of the best ways to really relax is taking a holiday which they tend to do whenever possible.

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Matching Signs For A Leo

Sagittarius: They both enjoy life to it’s fullest whilst trying to get the best out of it. They can really stimulate each other to reach their goals. New adventures combined with enough moments to rest are in common too.

Aries: Possibly the best match when it comes to romance. Besides that they understand each other very well. Both can be egoistic but they accept that to a certain extent.

Gemini: Excitement and fun conversations are found in both. They find a good balance to keep each other on track. A trip here and there is definitely possible.

Remember that anyone could be a great match for a Leo. The list above approaches romance from an astrological point of view. For anyone interested, feel free to also read our Leo dating article.

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