Leo Bingo

To continue our bingo collection it’s time for Leo! All the cards we share on here are designed by Miranda Feneberger. Her personal and astrology instagram accounts can be found under @mirandafen and @mirandasmemecult. Want to explore the Leo in you? Well this could be one way to go and find out.

Just For Leo’s?

Off course not! This could in fact be a fun way to compare yourself with all of the zodiac signs out there. Or how about completing one that resonates with your partner? Try to view it as a fun way to approach astrology without that serious face. Besides the Leo bingo card you can find one for each zodiac sign on our website by clicking here.

leo bingo zodiac card


Here’s an image to begin with. You could use a piece of software and do it on your computer or print it out if that’s easier. Share it with your friends or use it as a conversation starter whenever someone is totally new to horoscopes. Who knows it will inspire them!

leo bingo document

Any Thoughts?

Feel free to leave them in the comments. Since we enjoy the cards ourselves we decided to add them to our website. Just don’t credit us for them as we aren’t the developers. We want to be an inspiration for anyone who is interested and add some joy to astrology!

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