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A horoscope globe can be an entertaining way to educate your kids (of even yourself) about constellations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just a beginner because having the Zodiac signs mapped out is a very helpful tool. Even if you have no interest in astrology it can still be an appealing addition to your home decoration. In this article we will showcase a few possibilities and who knows one of them will interest you.

Some Basic Information

After doing a little research we ourselves believe that there aren’t that many globes to choose from in this category. We added a couple of possibilities for you down below to go and check out. Some are more of a stylish product whilst others are mainly focused on the stars and galaxies. Whatever you’re looking for, we hope this helps!

Brass And Wood Horoscope Globe

vintage zodiac globe

This vintage style globe is a favorite choice when it comes to decoration. The Zodiac isn’t exactly represented in a 3D image so in our opinion this is more of an atmosphere enhancer. Made from brass and wood this antique looking table top ball will most likely catch everyone’s attention. The center can be moved to your desired orientation. If you prefer to have an overview of the actual constellations please continue reading.

12 Zodiac Signs Globe


Now with this globe you’re actually able to view all the Zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

zodiac close up

It measures 12 inches in diameter which equals to about 30 centimeters. Besides the signs you’ll also get a good glimpse at stars, nebulae and Stella Nova. Switch on the light and enhance your experience like shown below.

stars nebulae

100 Constellations Globe

If just having the horoscope signs isn’t enough for you then this could be a globe to consider. Pay attention that this one is smaller as it measures 5.3 inches in height. However it’s still pretty interesting because you’re able to turn the graphics in any direction you desire. With approximately 100 groups of stars this could be a fun way to explore the universe.

MOVA Stargazer Globe

mova stargazer globe

In case you’re willing to spend a little more on high quality acrylic this could be a good fit. We guess it’s best to read all the details yourself and go through some of the reviews that other buyers left. It features 88 constellations and the Milky Way. The diameter is 4.5 inches and the appealing stand is included. In our opinion a really cool gadget for an office desk at work.

stargazer details

Astrology Merchandise

We have to admit that products for this category are almost endless. We already added a few of them to our shop section like for example bracelets, necklaces, outfits, lamps and mugs. But if you do a simple search you’ll find dozens of other related stuff as well. Unfortunately globes aren’t the most favorite one if we may say so. What we’ve noticed is that over the past few days there is an increase in possibilities so who knows what the future will bring. Another popular bestseller are telescopes but that’s a totally different subject. Just make sure to take a minute to experience everything yourself.

About Globes

Globes are a handy tool to understand earth or celestial bodies in accordance to their position and size. A map can sometimes be an issue to use and could even require a good amount of time on your research. The only downside of globes is that in space nothing is as flat as it seems. Sure, we see some stars here and there, but we have no idea about how far away they are. On a ball they all seem next to each other which isn’t necessary the case. In the end it’s all about learning and therefore we think they work just fine.

about globes

Did You Know?

Let’s say you’re really getting interested in astrology and you want to learn more. Well, feel free to read some of our other guides. Maybe you’d like to know more about a possible 13th sign or even a comparison to astronomy? We’re here to teach a whole lot of things to whom it may concern. Always fun to meet new friends in the space!

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