Gemini Symbol, Traits And Compatibility

gemini symbol

As some of you may already know, Gemini is the 3rd sign within the zodiac constellation. Between may 21st and june 21st the sun passes the gemini which reflects on people born during these 31 days. Your horoscope symbol is represented by the twins which we’ll get back to in just a second. Each horoscope also carries a sign which in this case would be the Roman number II. The image below gives you a nice overview.

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The Gemini Horoscope

One of the most important facts about the Gemini horoscope is the big variety of personalities and characteristics they can express. There’s not one overall or dominating trait to mark them with. You could say for instance that Aries are very lively and that Taurus focus on life quality. However with Gemini you’ll find it’s not that easy to just mention one description to sum thing up. One day they’re chatty and amusing whilst the next moment they can be hesitant or intrusive. Sometimes they crave for attention and sometimes just stay in the background. One trait that seems to pretty much work on a constant basis is their relaxed way of life.

relaxed way of life

Typical Traits

Gemini seem to acclimate pretty easily and get along with a lot of people. They are exciting and interested in all sorts of topics. Not often will you find yourself bored when having them around. On the contrary they might also be fearful or even doubtful which can make them change their minds just like that. You could be having one of the funniest conversations ever and then suddenly seriousness starts to kick in. Like we said before, there is a good amount of fluctuation in their behavior.

Personal interests vary from reading, listening to music, extensive talks about just anything and even a road trip here and there. What they don’t like is to be alone, being restricted or living a “routine” life. There must be some fun thing to do, right? Let’s discover before it’s too late!

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Gemini Symbol

The Roman number II fits the twins like a glove. What it represents is the constantly changing state of mind they are in. The two sides of the Gemini are a duo that is inseparable. Their inconsistent point of view could give the idea of 2 personalities alone together. Hence the symbol as shown below.

gemini symbol roman two


The three best matches for Gemini are Libra, Aquarius and Aries. With Libra they share their social and communication skills. Both like to have fun. In a relationship their intimacy flows naturally with little room to be jealous. Aquarius matches as well but be prepared for a more surprisingly day to day life since both don’t like the rat race at all. Aries is the most energetic combination that will lead to loads of new adventures. For anyone who’s falling in love with this sign, consider to scroll through our Gemini dating tips.

gemini compatibility

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