Gemini Bingo

gemini bingo

Looking for a fun way to explore your gemini compatibility? In that case the bingo cards could be just what you need. They are available for every horoscope but for now let’s stick with the twins sign. We guess that’s why you’re here in the first place!

Some Info

Further down below you will find one of the many gemini bingo cards. We’re not saying that it’s your only option but it performs really well according to other users. If you’re on instagram you can find the creator under her nickname @mirandafen. She shares an astrology collection @mirandasmemecult.

gemini picture

Give It A Go!

Nobody will be announcing numbers in this game, just so you know. All you need to do is select the expressions you identify with and you’re already halfway done. Do they add up to a whole row of five? That’s one bingo combination so congratulations. Did you score more than one then that’s even better. Please take notice that the centre square is yours to use as well.

bingo card instructions

Compare Your Results

Once you completed the gemini bingo card it may be a fun idea to save it somewhere. In a years time you may decide to do it again and the result could differ quite a bit. Are you becoming more of a gemini over time? What has changed and what does it tell you? Have new doors been opened in your life for the better?

future doors

Sharing Is Caring

In case you enjoyed the game feel free to tell your friends about it. There are a few share options on the left in case that helps. We hope you have fun!

gemini bingo card blue

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