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Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone into a galaxy filled with stars and planets is both easy and fun. Let’s face it, how often do we look at our phones these days? Why not make it look awesome in just a matter of minutes? In this tutorial we will explain to you how to change the background picture on your iPhone and where to get some of the coolest galaxy pictures in HD. The best part is that it’s totally free!

Changing The Wallpaper On Your iPhone

First you want to head on over to your settings. When you scroll down you’ll find the wallpaper option and you click on that. At the top you’ll find a button called “Change Your Wallpaper“. You can select one of the built-in pictures or one from your own library. Once you selected an image you can zoom in and out in order to make it fit according to your taste. Finally you tap “set” and you’re all done.

change your wallpaper

Where To Download The Coolest HD Galaxy Wallpapers

By far our most popular site for this purpose is New Evolutions Design. You can google them or follow this link that will take you directly to their images. They also have a space collection which you can find here. They’re all in HD and feature stars, constellations, planets and much more. If you want them for your Mac or iPad there’s an option for those as well.

download free galaxy wallpapers

How To Save Wallpapers To Your iPhone

Once you found the galaxy wallpaper you like it’s time to save it to your picture library. Click on the image once and you’ll notice it’ll become a little bigger to fill your whole screen. At the bottom you’ll find the “save” button which looks like a box with an arrow pointing up. Select that one and a new window will open where you can click it again (only this time the arrow points down). That’s all. When you return to your camera you’ll notice it’s been added to your list.

how to save galaxy wallpapers

A Few Wallpapers For A Quick Start

In case you don’t feel like heading over to different websites we have your back. Here are 2 wallpapers we found at a website called Pixabay. They offer free to use pictures that you can download. Loads of stuff to find there so we decided to show you a couple of them. Maybe they’re all you need which could save you a lot of time researching. There’s so much to choose from and it also depends if you prefer to have a realistic or a fantasy galaxy. Some artists do an excellent job to create the most colorful and sparkling constellations including the milky way. If you’re interested we have an article about drawing your own galaxy. Nothing more personal and unique than doing it yourself, right?

Where To Find Even More Galaxy Wallpapers

To make your iPhone stand out from the crowd you could do a simple image search online. Another great resource is a website called Pinterest. Just use the search bar and get inspired by all the fantastic wallpapers you’ll discover. Wallpapers Craft has a good amount as well which you can find by clicking here. Head on over to their mobile section and you’re ready to start the adventure. Some of them feature starry skies, glitter star groups, nebula and spirals. Keep in mind that there are many more resources, we just tell you some of our personal favorites.

For Desktops

Just can’t get enough of the universe and all it’s secrets? How about adding a galaxy to your desktop as well. They’re too big for an iPhone but you could select a portion of them to make it fit. Below you’ll find some of our picks but feel free to explore everything yourself. You can use the same resources that we already provided since most of them contain a huge collection. The quality of the images depends on the amount of pixels. They often range anywhere between 640×422 all the way up to 5257×3474. Just try whatever suits your screen best and you’ll understand what we mean by that.


Finding the perfect galaxy wallpaper for your iPhone is a matter of taste. There are thousands of galaxies to choose from which you can often download for free on different websites. We provided a few links on this page in order to get started easily. Save them to your iPhone, select a new image in your wallpaper section and you’re done. We have a lot of different pictures all across our website which you are free to use if you wish. Besides a mobile phone there are a lot of ways to enjoy astronomical and astrological pictures for either serious or funny purposes. Check out our zodiac sign pictures, zodiac sign memes or even horrorscope images if that’s what you’re after. We wish you good luck on your space journey!

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