Constellation Lamp Inspiration: Our Top 3

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Let the fun begin! Finding an impressive constellation lamp for yourself or as a present can be overwhelming. That’s why on this page we listed our Top 3 picks to make it easier for you. We tell you the most important details, the specifications and the price. If one of them interests you we provide a link to the sellers page where you can read even more. This includes reviews and pictures.

Our Top 3 Picks

Based upon price, performance and constellation quality this is our number one pick. A 360 degrees LED rotation of multiple colors will turn your room into a fascinating galaxy. The lamp mode allows for warm white, red, blue, green or multi-color appearances. You have the option to use the timer which will assist kids to fall into a deep sleep. Connect the charger or use the USB cable to get started immediately. With 5 out of 5 star ratings and regular discounts this could be a good choice for almost every household.

constellation lamp 1

Another impressive lamp is shown in the pictures below. The design fits modern interiors a little better than the previous one. Features are quite comparable but this one comes with 5 optional films so you can select between constellations, the universe or even planets. A very fun option if you ask us. You can use USB or batteries.

Number 3 is this egg shaped constellation lamp. Besides great reviews it’s also one of our favorite designs so we had to add it to this list. It provides the option for a night light, color conversion, a timer and rotary control. The hanging strap could be of help to some as well.

constellation lamp 3

Before Buying A Constellation Lamp

With over 400 lamps to choose from it’s certainly a good idea to pay attention to a couple of things. First of all, if you are specifically looking for a constellation reflection, make sure to browse through the available pictures. Some items are “only” meant to create a space atmosphere without actually showing you any stars. Also make sure to go through a couple of customer comments in order to find out if everything is working as promised. Furthermore you probably don’t want the lamp to make any noises whilst it rotates or your kid won’t fall asleep quickly. Some sellers pay attention to this in the description. Whether or not to get a remote depends on where and when you’re using it. If it’s meant to put your kid to sleep then it may be a good idea. A good alternative is to grab one that comes with a timer. Price wise we can conclude that most of the popular lamps are somewhere within the 20 dollar price range.

before buying a constellation lamp

Alternative To A Lamp

If for some reason the constellation lamps aren’t your thing then maybe you like the “glow in the dark” alternative. Probably not as impressive as a rotating universe but it could do the trick for some. We found a couple of cool stickers that will come to life when it turns dark. They are available as stars, moons, planets, shooting stars and constellations. Some of these packages contain hundreds of pieces to go as crazy as you wish. The picture below shows you what we mean by that.

constellation lamp alternative

Professional Gear

For those who prefer high quality it may be an idea to do some research on constellation laser projectors. They cost a little more but they’re a good fit for game rooms or home theatre ambiance. One example is the Sky Lite which we illustrate in the image. Nebula clouds and drifting stars will provide an impressive view of the galaxy. User friendly setting will allow you to change effects and brightness. In case you don’t want the rotation you can switch this option off.

constellation laser

Still Here?

Maybe the constellation lamps and alternatives we mentioned didn’t help you out and you’re still confused. That ‘s completely fine because it may just have been curiosity that lead you here in the first place. Giving you some information and examples is what we tried to do in order to assist you on your journey. Feel free to do some more research on all the available lamps and who knows you’ll find something that suits you best. Being astrology and horoscope lovers doesn’t make us the expert but we do love our share of fun when it comes to merchandise. We started to add some interesting gadgets to our shop for inspirational purposes. Whatever happens we hope you enjoyed our content.

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