Constellation Dresses

constellation dresses inspiration

If you’re searching for a constellation dress you may have already found a few cute ones online. Or maybe you’re just starting and you need some inspiration to get going. Whatever the reason we’re here to help you out big time. For your convenience we added a good amount of possibilities to make your search as easy as possible. You gotta love ’em!

Flared Midi Dress

constellation midi dresses

Tank Dresses

tank dress constellations

Two Piece Tops And Skirts

top and skirt constellation dresses

Skater Dresses

constellation skater dress

Hoodie Dresses

hoodie dress galaxy

Constellation Dresses Information

As you have probably noticed they usually come in a variety of colors. Some of them give you the option to choose a size whilst others are stretchy enough for most of us. In case you decide to check them out please make sure that you read through the product descriptions. We ourselves prefer our dresses to be made from an opaque material which won’t allow people to see through. Another advise is to hand wash with cold water and to avoid dryer machines.

hang dry advise

Dress Fabrics

When doing some research you’ll soon find out that most of these clothes are made from both polyester and spandex. The good thing about spandex is that it allows for great elasticity. Even though length, bust and waist measurements are sometimes provided it’s always good to be able to stretch without discomfort. So go ahead and dance the night away in your new galaxy apparel!

constellation dresses fabrics spandex

Dress To Impress

Expressing the universe and all it’s secrets is something that never gets old. Your dress will definitely grab the eye of others and maybe even provoke a few questions here and there. So you better come prepared with some basic knowledge. The sky is filled with stars and on a clear night we can often see about 2000 of them at once. A constellation is another word for a group of stars that seem close to each other. They form a team so to speak. Sometimes they even serve as a reference for astrologers or astronomers (read the difference here). Some famous constellations have been given a name like for example the 12 horoscopes.

constellations and stars explained

Related Gear

If you want to take things one step further and really stand out from the crowd here are some ideas. We’re not saying that you need all of these because a dress is already impressive enough. But for anyone who’s interested this could be of help. Maybe you’re going to a party that requires a Zodiac sign dress code? Or who knows you’d like to show off at a birthday or cocktail party? Whatever the reason feel free to also visit our ideas on outfits, bracelets and necklaces.

related gear


By showing you a few appealing ideas we hope we got you all excited about space fashion. The advantages of spandex will provide a little flexibility to the size that fits you best. Often they run from (extra) small to (extra) large or they’re a “one size fits all” version. Stay away from machine washing or drying and you’ll be able to wear your constellation dress for years to come.

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