Capricorn Dating: Tips For First Dates And Relationships

dating a capricorn

Born between December 22nd and January 20th, Capricorns fall under the Earth Sign. This makes them self-reliant, very ambitious, and practical. If you know someone who is a workaholic, chances are they’re a Capricorn.

The thing is: Capricorns work hard and play hard. The thing they love most is to get ahead in life. If you’re a Virgo or a Taurus, you’re probably quite compatible with a Capricorn. However, if you fall under another sign, don’t worry! As long as you learn some of the ins and outs of dating a Capricorn, you should be just fine.

Things To Know About


Capricorns are represented by a sea goat, and one of the things you’ll notice first is their wit and sarcasm. Be prepared for dark jokes when you date a Capricorn. These jokes will probably make you laugh, even if they are on the limit.

If you love funny venting about various things and even naughty jokes, dating a Capricorn will be a lot of fun! But these are just a few of the things to remember when you’re in a relationship with someone born under the Capricorn sign.


If your date includes a nice dinner, keep in mind that Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of antiquity and structure. For that reason, you should suggest a restaurant that has been around for a while, such as one that is historic or one with a rich history (like those attached to a museum or park).


When steering the conversation, just remember that Capricorns are goal- and work-oriented. They like (expect) the same from their dates. If you’re right in the middle of a challenging project at work, especially if you’re doing well with it, make sure to share this with your Capricorn date.


Dressing is a major component of impressing a Capricorn. Try to look good, fancy, modern, and don’t be shy to express your taste for fashion. If you’re not sure what to wear, stay on the side of being overly dressy instead of the other way around.

If possible, try to avoid clothes that are too casual or aren’t in good shape. Of course, casual is ok, just not too boring for this excited sign. You’ll want to look nice for your date whether you’re planning on meeting them for drinks, a nice dinner, or a casual walk in the park.

The Way Capricorns Flirt

Acting Silly

People like to flirt with each other when they’re in a relationship, especially in the beginning. However, the way a Capricorn flirts can be a little different. If they really like you, a Capricorn may turn very silly when flirting. Yes, it’s still flirting!  They’ll even throw in a few crazy jokes. And yes, again, this can still be flirting!

This third-grade humor might confuse you at first, but the bottom line is this: The more a Capricorn likes you, the sillier the joking and flirting will get. They tell jokes because they like to make you laugh and bring you joy. And if you have witty comebacks to their joking, a Capricorn will like you even more!

In The Bedroom

Capricorns are infamous for their strong work ethic, but keep in mind that they play just as hard as they work. If a Capricorn opens up to you about their hidden sexual fantasies, don’t be surprised if those fantasies don’t adhere to societal norms.

In fact, when it comes to sex, this is one of the few areas where Capricorns feel comfortable letting their hair down, so to speak. So once you do make it into the bedroom with your Capricorn, you should be prepared for just about anything! You certainly can’t be a prude when you’re dating a Capricorn.

Ruled By Saturn

If you’re wondering: Why the contrasts between work and play? Remember, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, which is often associated with rule-obsessed people. But remember one thing: In ancient Rome, people would often celebrate Saturn with a celebration that was all about reversing roles and breaking rules. When the Saturnalia festival took place, the Roman people got the freedom to do and say whatever they liked. Well, there you have your Capricorn.

Serious Relationships


Capricorns tend to give their all when you’re in a relationship with them. If you start spending the night frequently, they’ll buy you your own toothbrush. They’ll even do chores with you and if you need career advice, they’ll be there for you.

In other words, dating a Capricorn means dating someone that gives their all in every aspect of the relationship. They’ll work just as hard for the things you want in life as they do for themselves. They are persistent and never give up when it comes to making the relationship work, which goes a long way.


Of course, there is an opposite side to the coin. One of the difficult parts of dating a Capricorn is making them realize that being a taskmaster is not the only thing that makes for a good romantic relationship.

Remember that Saturn is the planet of rules and responsibility, and this can sometimes be difficult for a Capricorn. Sometimes, instead of showing compassion in a certain situation, a Capricorn will tell you to “ just deal with it”, which can come across in a way that they didn’t intend it to be. In short, many Capricorns haven’t learned to simply reassure a partner and try to relate to the situation instead of saying something that turns out gruff.

What If You Want To Break Up With A Capricorn?

Breaking up with a Capricorn can be a challenge. Why? Because instead of taking responsibility for the things they did to contribute to the breakup, they’ll blame it on a laundry list of things that they think aren’t their fault.

Maybe they’ll say that work is stressful and they just don’t have the energy at the end of the day to meet your needs. They’ll do anything to take the blame off of themselves and put it on someone or something else’s shoulders. This is just their way. They may not even realize that they are doing these things, but that won’t matter when you’ve had enough of this type of behavior and wish to call it quits.

Final Thoughts

Dating a Capricorn has its good sides and its bad sides, but in both cases, just be prepared for an adventure. Capricorns work hard and play hard and are generally very loyal to the one they’re dating. When in a relationship, they’ll give it their all, even if they stray into unintended territory at times.

One thing’s for sure: They often plunge ahead when a lot of other people would’ve quit in the same situation. Furthermore, they won’t give up on your relationship until it’s obvious you need to call it quits. They are loyal and a lot of fun to be with, so be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re curious about your astrological chances with a Capricorn, one idea is to check out this compatibility chart. Of course, anyone is able to successfully date this funny sign. However, from an astrological point of view, there could be some helpful information to know about.

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