Cancerian: The Zodiac Sign, Traits And Compatibility

Cancerians carry the horoscope cancer which is the 4th sign of the zodiac. It’s element is water and it’s ruler is the moon. The sun crosses it’s constellation between june 22nd and july 22nd which therefore marks the birth dates for all “crabs” out there.

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Why The Crab Sign?

One could go all the way back to Greek mythology and read how the hero Heracles was fighting a giant watermonster (Hydra) and how a huge crab played a part in it. But let’s don’t dive into that and focus on a few basic characteristics of this animal and why it represents this horoscope.

Walking Sideways

One of the most obvious traits of a cancerian are their mood swings. A joyful moment can suddenly change into being annoyed or bothered. It’s pretty hard to forecast their behavior. Let’s say you ask them to help you organise your birthday party. Chances are they’ll decline on the invitation at first, then start to consider helping, then maybe not, and so on. But in the end they’ll usually be there for you because of their empathetic personality. The crab stands symbolic for this variation of “going left” and “going right”.

The Protecting Shell

Continuing on the example mentioned above it may sound a bit cruel to turn down a friend that asks for support. But be assured they don’t mean it that way. At the time being they just felt a little emotional with the urge to be left alone for a moment. As soon as this feeling starts to vanish you can expect their sympathy to be as strong as ever! Yes, they’re there for you no doubt whatsoever. You just have to be a little patient before they come out of their shell as it’s their protecting layer. Recognize the crab in this? We hope you do!


With their empathetic and loving character it’s no surprise that the cancerian prefers to be surrounded with family and friends. A safe and happy home is what they absolutely crave for. Don’t fool or betray them because they will see right through you in a second. By monitoring and studying your every move, conscious or unconscious, they’ll soon discover your true nature. A lack of safety and security will quickly drive them back into their shell.

Cancerian Life

We hope that by now you have a better understanding of this zodiac sign. Let’s also take a look at their day to day lifestyle. Cancerians tend to often show their passion for art and sometimes have a hobby related to it. Most of their hobbies can be done from the comfort of their own house.

Just like the crab they appreciate water so a day at the beach or a lake is not uncommon. A good dinner afterwards makes their day just perfect. Towards people they love they are very helpful and patient. They’re not particularly interested in people they don’t know but there are exceptions in case they trust someone. If you’re hurting or if you’re feeling down they are one of the best people to prove their empathy, but you sometimes need to be a little patient.

Who’s A Good Match?

In astrological perspective all Water and Earth zodiac signs can be a good match for a cancerian. The best ones however are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. And, maybe most important, their own sign of Cancer as well! Yes, they are a good match because they’re both very sensitive and nurturing. If you both take control of insecurities and leave some room for personal hobbies then go ahead and give it a go! And don’t forget how easy it must be to choose a holiday destination together…We guess it will involve a beach!

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