Cancer Zodiac Bingo

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If your horoscope is Cancer you may like to give this bingo card a chance. The one we display here is designed by Miranda (click here for her personal and here for her business instagram account). Even though many variations can be found on the internet this one in particular scores really well amongst cancerians. Looking for another zodiac sign bingo card? We have them all for you on this page.

What To Expect

It’s probably best to approach these cards with an open mind. You get to choose between 24 characteristics that may or may not represent yourself. Obviously, the more you acknowledge the higher your score. But does it tell you how much your horoscope mirrors your personality? We guess you’ll have to decide that for yourself.

cancer horoscope bingo

A Quick Guide

If you need an example of how this all works please visit the Aries card by following the picture below. It will just take a minute of your time.

bingo card instructions

Do We Have A Bingo?

Well, we hope you do. But if you don’t it’s totally fine. Like we mentioned it’s all about what you want the Cancer bingo card to be. There’s a line between astrology and games. For some the line crosses the borders and for some it simply doesn’t. Just like some folks enjoy the zodiac memes and others can’t stand them. It’s totally up to you. If however you managed to shout “bingo” that’s always good to hear!

do we have a winner

Want To Try?

Here’s the sheet for a new adventure.

cancer bingo get started

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