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There is a lot of controversy around Astro hotlines if we read through the different forums or other online groups that discuss this topic. Are they trustworthy or will we end up paying too much to someone we don’t even know? We hope you understand that we respect each and every astrologer and that it goes without saying that it’s not up to us to decide who to turn to.

Our Personal Thoughts

Let’s just start by saying that we believe it’s best to do your own research. Take your time to go through different websites and try to find the reviews section if they have one. Or maybe you have friends and family that can give advise based on their own experiences.

Still stuck? Well in that case let’s talk about a good alternative. You see, we don’t want to recommend anyone that charges money up front. Let’s say you would be disappointed then we’d feel sad big time!

An Astro Hotline you may like can be found here. Please note this is a podcast so you won’t be on the phone with someone. You can send your questions or thoughts by either voice message or e-mail. On a regular basis new episodes are being released on this channel which include viewer inquiries. You’ll find a link to Spotify in case you prefer to use that program. The e-mail form can be found here.

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Another nice feature of this website is the fact that you can listen to recordings from the past. Maybe you’ll find some good information in those while you wait for newer entries. There is an option to donate to the channel in case you would like to show your love and support.


In case you have any tips for an Astro Hotline you personally enjoy feel free to comment down below. Make sure to also visit our cafe or return to the homepage by clicking here.

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