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Welcome to the Astro Cafe! A little coffee corner on our website where everybody is free to share thoughts and questions about astrology. We love new members so come on in and join us. Anything can be discussed here but we have one rule: Please be nice!

Ask Your Questions

Are you new to astrology? Or maybe you’re looking for something specific online and need a few tips? Are you searching for a product you just can’t find anywhere? Well, ask your questions down below. We’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Or even better, feel free to help out others in case you enjoy commenting yourself. We hope some of you will come back here every now and then while you enjoy your morning coffee 🙂

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Share Your Stories

Sometimes it can be exciting to share an idea or an experience with the rest of the world. Maybe your horoscope changed things for the better? Or maybe you found your soulmate through an astrology forum? Whatever it may be, inspiring others can be fun!

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Meet Likeminded People

Do you feel like making new friends? Looking for someone in your area to grab a real cup of coffee with? Or are you going to an event and you’d like to know who else will be attending? Simply post your idea below and who knows what’ll happen. Probably it’s not a good thing to share your e-mail address or other contact details. Instead try to share a social media account that comes with a chat option like facebook or pinterest for example. Always good to be cautious.

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Join Our WhatsApp Group

We have recently started a WhatsApp group called “My Astro Cafe“. It is a private group for those who prefer to chat from their phone. Send us an e-mail if you would like to be added to the group.

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Share Your Favorite Books

New books are being released one after the other. Which one did or didn’t you enjoy? Or are you about to buy a book yourself and the reviews just aren’t quite to your satisfaction? Well just ask here in the cafe! We’d love to help you out even though we haven’t read all of them ourselves. A few are listed in our shop section but that’s just a tiny portion of what’s out there.

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If you have any suggestions please let us know. It would be fun to expand this page based on your input.

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