Aries Bingo

If you follow astrology blogs or social media, chances are you’ve come across these bingo cards. They are a creation by Miranda Feneberger and there’s one for every zodiac sign. On this page we show you Aries but you can find all the others here.

aries bingo

What Is It All About?

In a nutshell you could say that this bingo card is a fun and easy tool to find out how much of an aries you really are. At least at this point in your life. It’s purpose is to self reflect on your personality and to what extent it relates to your horoscope. Unlike the typical game this is fun to do by yourself. Simply print the picture we provide below and you’re ready to go.

aries picture

How Does It Work?

Each box on the card contains a word or a phrase. If you feel related to what is says you simply cross it off. The one in the middle is free so you should mark that one as well. After you’ve gone through all of them it’s time to calculate your score. Just like in bingo you must look for completed rows. They can go horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Here’s a picture of what we mean by that:

In this case the ticked squares (marked in black) make up for 5 rows (marked in blue). The maximum amount of rows is 12 so in this example that would be a total score of about 42%.

Is This For Real?

Well, that depends on how serious you take it yourself. Think of it more as a way to combine astrology with entertainment. We’re all different so the bingo will show various results. Besides, there are similar cards out there that try to do the exact same thing. However when reading a few comments here and there we can conclude that this version seems to be the winner. In the end it’s still more of an amusement thing so don’t get too attached. In our opinion it’s an interesting way to introduce people to the aries zodiac sign, especially if they’re unfamiliar. They could also promise for a good laugh at birthdays, bachelor parties or the occasional hangout with friends.

aries bingo card

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Miranda for letting us share her aries bingo cards on our website. All credits go towards her. Find her @mirandafen and @mirandasmemecult.

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