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aquarius zodiac bingo

So you heard about the Zodiac bingo cards but you’re wondering where to start? Or maybe you’ve already found a few but you want more? Whatever the reason, we hope we can be of help. The bingo we show you here belongs to Miranda Feneberger. You can find her personal instagram here and her business one here. On this page we show you her Aquarius example but if you like you can find all versions here.

If You’re A Newbie

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. We covered the instructions already in one of our older posts which you can find by clicking the image below. It will take you to the Aries card where we tell you how it all works. It will open in a new window so this one stays in the background.

aquarius bingo explained

Are You Ready?

As you may already know Aquarius are intelligent thinkers, they have a free spirit and are considered team players. So did you find those characteristics in this “test”? Even one line of bingo is already a win! However let’s also face the fact that every person is different and the few squares you need to cross off simply can’t express everyone of us. So if you didn’t make it, that’s not your fault. Or maybe it’s just the time of your life where the bingo isn’t exactly representative. Try again in a few months or a year and who knows what happens.

Grab It!

Grab your copy of the card if you’re interested. In case you share it somewhere please refer to Miranda and not to us. She came up with them so she deserves the credits. We’re just here to help. We hope you have some fun and maybe even compare your results over time. Just remember that this is kind of a “game” and not a life roadmap. You’re one of a kind and it’s good to be that way!

aquarius bingo card

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