What Is The Meaning of Angel Number 5555?

There are several angel numbers that have been shown to include substantial meaning for our lives. But that doesn’t stop with the number 4444, which we previously covered in this series. No, the angel number 5555 also has a significant meaning in case it keeps on showing up.

Numbers such as these can appear in random sequences that are meant not only to catch your attention, but to deliver a message as well. Seeing these numbers is no coincidence. Knowing the meaning of 5555, and other numbers similar to it, can involve substantial clues to improve your existence.

Before we can dive further into the impact of this angel number, it is important that we know the meaning of 5555 (and the number 5) as well.

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Meaning Of The Number 5

The vibration and significance behind the number five include imagination, knowledge, motivation, individualism, transformation, idealism, freedom, adventure, and change. The number five also signifies that there is a need for change in your life, or that a significant change is coming your way. The changes are of a positive nature.

Not only that, the number five is about moving forward as well. Remove old beliefs and thoughts from your life and let go of the past. Allow those positive changes to occur and to help you move forward.

Meaning Of The Number 55

There is significance in the number 55 that indicates there will be a change from “old ways” towards something new and positive. There’s also an added influence from the number one (5+5 = 10, 1+0 = 1) that suggests a path will be opening. It also tells that a new beginning is about to unfold.

It should be noted that for the new things to enter your life, there must come an end to the old. If you see the recurring appearance of the number 55, it suggests that changing your old habits could lead to starting something both newer and better.

This number is a powerful message from the universe around you. The universe works by removing the old as well as creating new pathways. If you are feeling uncertain, try connecting with your higher self and be aware of the emotions that you feel.

Meaning Of The Number 555

The meaning behind the number 555 is all about balance and changing your current situation. You need to find balance within yourself. When you have that balance, you can achieve the things that you have set out to accomplish.

There is an additional vibrational impact when adding in the number six (5+5+5 = 15, 1+5 = 6), which suggests that you need to balance both the physical and spiritual work in order to create harmony. When you have peace in your life, you are then creating a balance within yourself.

Meaning Of The Number 5555

Come To Fruition

Now, we move on to the number 5555. This number suggests that with a bit of harmony, patience, and balance, these desired improvements that you are working on can be manifested. You can even add in the number two (5+5+5+5 = 20, 2+0 = 2), which ultimately signifies peace, patience, and harmony. This means that all of your intentions are coming to reality. However, it requires a bit of patience on your part before they really come to fruition.

Patience And Discipline

It is also about creating a balance in your life. Don’t get complacent. Continue to work, be patient, and you should see your goals become a reality. Achieving your goals also requires a level of warrior-like discipline in your life.

Have No Doubts

The changes that you work towards will be there and you need a firm belief without any doubt involved. If you can accomplish these things, you will have all that you desire.

Free Yourself From Negativity

Having a clear head as well as a light heart, can make you see things far more clearly. It can also help you to come to the best decisions in your life. This means being free from drama and negativity. When you leave these things behind, you can fully concentrate on making your life the best. Things will be going forward.

Not only that, but you can better see which areas need the most improvement. This can also give you the opportunity to realize which people or things you need to let go of. That way you can move forward most effectively.

Stay Determined

Somewhat ironically, trying to have that peaceful life can also be turbulent and dramatic at times. But that is to be expected. Make sure that you stay determined and positive. That peace you desire will come to be.

One Day At A Time

It is important to remember that a peaceful life does not happen overnight. Still, you can make the decision to begin living a life of peace and harmony at any moment. Take this way of living one day at a time. You will soon be able to achieve the kind of harmony you have always wanted.

Keep Working On Yourself

The angel number 5555 wants you to be open to these energies in the universe. However, don’t get complacent either. Just because the universe is trying to help you to achieve better things, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop working yourself.

It’s All Up To You

Be strong and be unyielding when it comes to your dreams. Be strong and disciplined when it comes to accomplishing the goals you have set forth for yourself. No one else out there can make them come true other than you.


The angel number 5555 can help you to achieve your goals and dreams through reminding you of the need to be determined. You need to strive to work for your goals. When you keep this positive and determined outlook in your existence, you will see changes for the better.

Numerology comes with a whole lot of number combinations. As we tried to explain, adding up the single numbers can open up another message for you to understand.

Guardian angels try to communicate with us more often than we might think. They are here to help and support us. If you’d like to know more it could be of help to read this wikipedia page.

The universe is not just about planets and their positions, it’s also filled with energy. It’s up to us to feel and take notice of that in order to take any message seriously. We’re able to reach so much more here on earth if we really want to.

Stay strong and try to find that balance. Take the time to listen to your inner voice, your feelings, and your intuition. Meditate if that’s your thing, or pray in silence if that helps you better. Whatever you do, consistency is key to your success.

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